Leader Yuzu Nikaidō
Type Pop
Status Inactive
"I'm still feeling unsure, but now I know I'm not alone. I have partners who will pull me forward."

Yume about Yuzu and Ako

Yuzukoshō is an idol unit consisting of Yuzu Nikaidō, Yume Nijino, and Ako Saotome. The unit was formed in Episode 32.


When the Autumn Festival is announced, Yuzu learns of SKY-GIRL and believes it's unfair for a unit to have two members of S4. She decides to pair up with Hime in order to counter Tsubasa and Yozora, but is quickly shot down when the two remind her that Hime is unavailable at the time. The day of the Festival, Ako, having intended on forming a unit with Yume, is contemplating what she should do after learning that Yume isn't interested in participating. A gust of wind blows Ako's entry sheet away from her, which is caught by Yuzu.

A while later, Yuzu then catches Yume jogging, proposing that she form a unit with her and Ako. Ako then shows up, stating that Yume can't refuse their proposal, for they've already submitted their entry. Yume questions the unit name Yuzukoshō, and Ako explains that it's from the syllables in their names combined with the word "show". She looks to Yuzu for agreement, who instead replies that it just came to her and doesn't really mean anything. Yuzu affirms their goal of defeating SKY-GIRL, the favorite to win the Festival, but Yume is doubtful because she hasn't practiced. Yuzu reassures her, saying that they don't perform until the end.

With their coords complete, the group moves on to practicing the choreography. Although Yuzu states that they're good to go, Yume is worried and wishes to practice more. Ako warns her that if she does so, she'll overwork herself and collapse again. Deciding to go get snacks, Ako attempts to comfort Yume by emulating Koharu, but Yume still refuses to eat, scared that if she fails and loses her voice again, her friends and the people that support her will leave. Ako becomes angry, stating that Koharu wouldn't be happy seeing Yume in such a state.

Yume apologizes for making Ako worry, but Ako states that she's doing this for another reason - information about Subaru. Yuzu decides to let her ask Subaru directly and calls him, causing Ako to get scared and hide behind Yume. When talking to Yume, Subaru notices that she's not acting like herself. Ako notes that's exactly what she's been trying to say and becomes intensely motivated as a result of her and Subaru sharing the same thoughts. Yuzu then shows Yume messages her fans have left for her, showing that she still has many people that support her, leading Yume to regain her appetite.

During their backstage interview, Yume reveals that she initially wished to skip out on the Autumn Festival, but her fears have been alleviated thanks to Yuzu and Ako. After performing One Step, Yuzukoshō is announced as having taken second place. Yuzu is happy, having beaten SKY-GIRL, but Ako is dissatisfied, having thought they wanted to win.

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  • This is the second trio unit in which two of its official members have the same idol type, following SKY-GIRL.
  • This is the first trio unit not to have a Cool-typed Idol member.


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