Hello, fellow wiki users of the Aikatsu Stars! wiki community, what's up? I haven't had the chance to write an blog post that's not related to my usual line of work (my weekly episodic reviews) for some time now, but I figured that now is the perfect time to do so before I continue with my posting of the review for Episode 8. Anyway, here's what I wanted to ask you people today; what's your impression of Kasumi Mahiru?

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When Mahiru first made a cameo appearance way back in Episode 1, there were two defining features of hers that stood out. The first one was that her physical appearance almost completely resembled Natsuki Mikuru from the previous series. From the dual-colour purple eyes to the similarly styled blonded hair and of course their names ("ha" replaces "ku), it was obvious that she was based off Mikuru's external self.

Minus Mikuru's cheerful and optimistic personality, that is. The second feature was even far more interesting; she was starring daggers at the S4, and not just any S4 member, she was glaring (like a king cobra does when it's cornered by a larger predator) directly at Kasumi Yozora.

Now, these two defining features, especially the latter, were the subject of many debate over the past few weeks. Various attempts were made to correctly guess her name ( courtesy of the efforts of Azkaamalia22), and plenty of theories were also made regarding why she specifically chose to glare at Yozora. Those theories ranged from her looking up to Yozora and wanting to succeed her position as the Moon Beauty Class representative to her actually being Yozora's younger sister who had a inferiority complex due to the popularity of her elder sister.

Well, when Episode 8 first aired, all the mysteries and speculation surrounding her completely vanished. Not only did a certain leak stating that her name was Mahiru turn out to be true, the second theory about her being Yozora's younger sister was true as well (although their relationship hasn't been officially confirmed yet).
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This is what I actually think of Mahiru-san (Personal opinion only)

With all that exposition above finished, I would like to put forward my personal impressions of Mahiru-san. 

The thing is, I was pretty excited for Episode 8. Not only would that episode be centered around Koharu, thus giving her a bit more character development as well, the fact that the mysterious blonde haired girl would finally make an appearance since her cameo debut was just too tantalizing of a prospect to miss. 

Well, let's just say that this episode is proof of that BNP does at least do a superb job of introducing surprising and shocking plot twists at out of the blue moments. Honestly, I was sceptical of the claim that Mahiru was Yozora's younger sister at first. But, when her surname was announced, here's a rundown on my reaction at that time:

Yozora: Next is entry number 17, Kasumi Mahiru-san.

Me: Oh, so that's her full name! Yeah, that's nice, not bad at all.

One second later...


Yeah, as stated above, it took me one second to realize the significance of her surname. Still can't deny that even now I'm still mindblown by the relevation.

So, in my opinion, Mahiru-san seems to be the type of person who is serious about what she always does. It's obvious that just like her elder sister, modelling is her forte; she's can hoist and balance a two-litter water bottle on her name and pose without any difficulties at all. And she's just only a first-year student. That alone is pretty impressive. 

But what really interests me about her is the fact that she's Yozora's younger sister. This fact alone is enough to confirm that there will be a very interesting and eye-opening side plot involving her struggles to surpass and succeed her elder sister. The thing is, this story element is something that never has been completely utilized by the previous series; the only similar example worth mentioning is Juri's own inner conflict with her mother and even that was settled in just one episode. In contrast, it looks like this sibling rivalry saga between Miharu and Yozora will play out throughout this series, thus allowing for more opportunities to expand on both of their character development.


Also, one thing that I really love about Mahiru is that she almost completely resembles Mashiro Rima from the Shugo Chara series, in both physical and personality aspects. Rima, to those who might not yet know, just happens to be my favourite Shugo Chara character. Those two are like two peas in a pod, especially considering the fact that they act cold and ojou-sama like torwards other characters. Man, Mahiru reminds me so much of Rima, I miss those bala-balance antics of hers.

Well, that's all I can write for now due to time constraints. I will elaborate more on her during my review for Episode 8, hope you people can find some time to read it and comment down below then! Also, feel free to write down below on what you actually think of Mahiru-chan as well.

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