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Tsubasa Kisaragi
S4 Uniform | Star Coord | Movie

Chara tsubasa

Kanji 如月ツバサ
Romaji Kisaragi Tsubasa
Gender Female
Age 14-15 (S1)
15 (S2)
Birthday July 25
Occupation Student
Student Council President (formerly)
Affiliation Four Star Academy
S4 (formerly)
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Beginning of a Dream
Seiyū Sumire Morohoshi
Singer Nanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Tsubasa Kisaragi (如月ツバサ) is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is a student at Four Star Academy, belonging to the Bird Theatre Class and was a former member of S4 as well as student council president. Tsubasa is a cool type idol whose preferred brand is Spice Chord.



Tsubasa is a tan skinned girl with golden eyes. She has long, indigo hair with a single purple streak tied into a ponytail by a golden band. Her bangs are swept off to the left with two purple locks pulled back into a braid on the right. Tsubasa also has two golden diamond-shaped earrings, one on each ear. As a Four Star Academy student and a member of S4, she wears the specialized uniform for S4 members.


She is described as being a reliable person. Although she has a cool personality and a strong outer appearance, she is very kind deep inside, and is popular amongst the juniors.


Tsubasa is an actress with great popularity. When she first got into Four Star Academy, she was in the Song class with Hime. After a while, she switched into the Theater Class. She was lonely during her first year at the school and befriended an owl.  


Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member.
Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member. She later forms a temporary unit with her and Mahiru called SKY-GIRL.
Tsubasa's fellow S4 unit member.
Tsubasa's fellow member in the temporary unit SKY-GIRL.


Kisaragi (如月) is the traditional Japanese name for the month of February.

Tsubasa (ツバサ) means wings.


"Tsubasa Kisaragi, holding nothing back!"

– Tsubasa before her performance

"The world is vast and countless roads await. And from where I stand today, I can soar to unseen heights with you. With my irreplaceable friends."

– Tsubasa

"You may run into hardship somewhere along your path, but it is those times especially you must believe in yourself. Even in the wake of a bitter defeat, remember that people can change. You can grow. So long as you have the will... One day, you will find the place you are destined to illuminate."

– Tsubasa at S4 Crowning


  • She is 164cm tall, tied with Yozora as the tallest main character.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her favourite things are watching movies and drinking Soda Pops.
  • Her specialities are sky diving and bird watching.
  • Her hobby is running.
  • Her weakness is when she is being praised.
  • She shares her speaking voice actress with Ichigo Hoshimiya from the original Aikatsu! Series and Kyouka Izumi from Bungou Stray Dogs series.
  • She shares her singer with Lilie Shirogane, and Rin Kurosawa and Lisa Shirakaba from the original Aikatsu! Series.
  • She shares her first and last name with two different top designers from the original series.
  • She is the first known student council president in the entire Aikatsu! franchise.
  • She is the first main character in the entire Aikatsu! franchise who wears earrings.
  • She is the sixth character overall in the Aikatsu! franchise to have dual colored hair, following Sora KazesawaMikuru NatsukiRin KurosawaNina Dōjima, Yume Nijino, followed by Yozora Kasumi, Lilie Shirogane, Elza Forte, and Kirara Hanazono.
  • In Episode 3, it is revealed that she was originally in the Flower Song Class before switching to the Bird Theatre Class.
    • This makes her the first idol to ever switch classes.
  • It is shown in the movie that she can play the flute.


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