TSU・BO・MI ~To The Vivid Future~/Stage
Song TSU・BO・MI ~To The Vivid Future~
Idol Type Sexy
Stage Type Fashion Show
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 4
Anime Stylish Girl Lesson


The room starts out fairly dark, with small amounts of light in various sections. The walls are dark blue, made to resemble a gem with a dull purple border lined in gold to accent the designs in the middle. Thick columns line the wall, each with pearl chains on them. A single gold and white door rests on the side of the wall. The audience stand on purple and gold stands. The runway is dark blue with a glowing crystal design surrounded by white accent, snowflakes, and pink gems. The lining is done in gold, with the border made of diamond. Lining the runway are small poles with gradient pieces of pale blue, white, and pink cloth.

The idol starts at a purple and gold throne resting on dark blue stairs and makes her way down from it. The wall behind her is indigo with a purple gem border.

As the performance goes on, the entire room lights up to reveal nearly everything made of gem.

Anime Appearances