Sexy Charm
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Japanese Name セクシーチャーム
Romanized Name Sekushī Chyāmu
Type Sexy
Notable Performer/s
Elza Forte

Sexy Charm (セクシーチャーム) is a basic sexy-type Special Appeal.


Normal Appeal


Star Appeal

The performer performer twirls in place, letting one hand trail behind them. As this hand follows the performer, a purple trail forms behind it. The performer then strikes a pose with one arm pointed up, above their head, one arm at a 90 degree angle, behind them, one leg straight beneath them, on tiptoe, and one leg out behind them at an angle. Then, a large purple spade symbol appears, and they sit down on it. The spade takes them around in a circle to face the audience, then stops. Here, the performer looks out at the audience and blows a kiss with both hands, causing spade symbols to circle out around them. After this, they sit back and throw their arms out.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
55 Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.20.09 PM Elza Forte


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