Live | Dance


Idol Type Cute
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Wings of Stars - Part 1 (Live)
Wings of Stars - Part 3 (Dance)
Anime The Targeted Idol!? (Live)



A large opened stage with most of the scenery reminiscent of the outside evening sky with sparkles, glowing blue and white lights, and glowing pink hearts. Four floating monitors rest in the background with a white frilly border and the default screen pink check to match the floor, which has large spheres sitting around. The stage the Idol performs on is pink, held up with hot pink beams to match the four on top of it that have ribbon tied around them and connect into a giant bow on the top. Colorful spheres and lights hang from the top piece. The top of the stage has a pale pink and blue pattern with gold lining, including a pink spot the idol starts on.


The dance version takes place in a large void-like room with colors of blue and purple, along with several scattered stars. The stage is a three-layered platform of pink with dark pink carpeting lined in gold and a large ornate star in the center. Surrounding the stage are five blue glowing beams, each with a large crystal between them hanging from a star gem coming in pink, blue, purple, and orange. Glowing pink chains hang from the "ceiling" of the room. The audience members stand on pearl pink circled rows lined in gold.

Anime Appearances



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