Leader Tsubasa Kisaragi
Type Sexy
Status Active
"SKY-GIRL, fly together!"

– SKY-GIRL's group catchphrase

SKY-GIRL is an idol unit consisting of Tsubasa Kisaragi, Yozora Kasumi, and Mahiru Kasumi. The unit was formed in Episode 31.


Hoping to win the Autumn Festival, Tsubasa recalls how impressive Yozora and Mahiru's performance was during the Summer Festival and initiates the formation of a unit as part of Mahiru's "punishment" for sleeping in. Yozora thanks Tsubasa, believing this will be a good opportunity for her sister to learn how fun unit activities can be. During their first unit meeting, they decide their unit concept to be "maturely cute".

Mahiru comes up with the unit name SKY-GIRL in relation to their names, stating that it represents their desire to fly high and shine. She then offers to be in charge of the group's coords. Throughout their training sessions, Tsubasa and Yozora have the group wear "Lun Lun Body Makers" in order to build muscle for an ideal body, having been trained to use them since early S4 days. Mahiru struggles at first but is soon able to wear it effortlessly.

With one day to the Autumn Festival, Mahiru promises to create perfect dresses for their performance. She states they're not quite ready yet, but Tsubasa and Yozora assure that they have complete faith in her. While preparing their coords in the Dress Make Room, Mahiru receives an invitation to a training camp from Yozora, but Mahiru soon realizes that it's just simple sleepover. Yozora tells her that it's still a part of their training, as the most important thing for a unit is for their hearts to shine as one. With Tsubasa and Yozora asleep, Mahiru contemplates over her sister's words and leaves.

The day of the Autumn Festival, SKY-GIRL is the first to perform. They are to be interviewed beforehand while they are on standby, but only Tsubasa and Yozora are present in the waiting room. With one member absent, the group is almost forced to cancel their entry, but Mahiru bursts into the room just in time, requesting to change their dresses to more complimentary ones.

The three pull off a successful stage of One Step, with many of the teachers praising Mahiru's performance. Mahiru thanks Tsubasa and Yozora, who are also thankful for having been able to show her the joy of being a unit. Despite this, they only take third place in the Festival, falling short behind Yuzukoshō. Mahiru is visibly disappointed by the result, with Yozora and Tsubasa consoling her.

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  • This is the first three-person unit in the Aikatsu Stars! franchise.
  • This is the first trio unit in which two of its official members have the same idol type.
  • They share their singers with Vanilla Chili Pepper from the original Aikatsu! series.
  • This is the first three-person unit in which the center is not the leader.


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