Idol Type Cute and Cool
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 2
Anime Aikatsu Stars! The Movie


A stage designed as a living room and set up with a cute and cool theme. The floor is made of white, indigo, and fuchsia check, while the wall features two alternate designs, the cute side has stripes while the left has diamond tile. In the back corner are curtains to match, along with large ornaments to fit the types, with cute having present boxes, shopping bag, heart ornaments, and a giant teddy bear. The cool side has CDs, magazines or albums, diamond ornaments, and a large guitar. Clothing and pictures also adorn the walls, while located in the middle of the room is a pale pink carpet with colorful butterflies and white flowers to match the frill trim. On the carpet is a yellow couch surrounded by a speaker on each side matching the idol type. In the front are also objects for the types, with the Cool idol having a laptop and music devices, while the Cute idol has a small table with items on it.

The idols name is displayed on the screen located on the back wall, which is cut in the shape of a butterfly.

Anime Appearances