One Step/Stage
One Step
Song One Step
Idol Type Pop
Stage Type Dance
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 3
Anime Fly, SKY-GIRL!


A city scape stage that takes place from the view above several tall, colorful buildings. The buildings very in color and have things on them, from billboards, screens with hero images or movies, and even a pair of orange, heart-shaped glasses with LOVELY! written above them. The audience stand on the several buildings while the Idols perform in the very middle.

Where the idols stand are colorful, comic style speech bubbles surrounding a large colorful burst with a winking face and Love & Peace wrote next to it. Before the idols are four hot pink speakers, while four pink light beams sit behind them.

As the stage is used it will darken with the lights turning on to display several, various sized rainbow stars on everything.

Anime Appearances