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  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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  • There's a user who is interested in reading my blog post you deleted and I was wondering if there was a way you could bring it back for them or find the text for it and give it to me?

    I didn't really understand why the blog post couldn't just sit there but I'm sure that's not my judgement to make. Thank you for your correspondence.

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  • I don't know if this is the right place to do so but please can you ask XOsha to leave me alone and also to refrain from claiming that I was being rude to LauraSakuraba0 by harassing and intimidating her/him on my comment thread in Aikatsu Stars! episode 93? If you need more info you can check on my wall where she personally came to address me about my disgusting behavior as she puts it

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  • The guy's back.

    His new username is AdrianPerez3.

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  • There's a member harressing Hibiki on her wall

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  • Hey Jo, somebody keeps undoing an edit involving adding a new pic of the 26th Generation of S4 doing the appeal.

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    • But unit or not it doesn't actually concern anything. People who've watched aikatsu stars should already have a concept of what a unit appeal is, considering the fact that they should've looked into aikatsu already. 

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    • For who watched the original series, the anime share the same unit appeal scenes with the DCD part so problems occured. Just for this time the S4 unit appeal only make appearances in the anime version, and at this point there's no installment of unit appeal system in DCD Stars..The S4 CG live firstly appeared in the movie from Season 1, so it's unlikely that BANDAI did have made the unit appeal system during that time.

      Well, I think this is the thing you said before that I focus more on the DCD part. I'm not happy with DCD lacking of unit appeal since this series was supposed to highlight S4 and they should not just skipped that. I'm just mad as I like S4 as well.....

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  • Hi Jo-san! I saw a mistake in your info box here it is:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 18.48.52

    It should be: Me of course

    That's all and Good Day to you ^^
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  • Good morning/afternoon/whatever,

    as admins of the original Aikatsu Friends! Wiki, we'd like to actually negotiate with you about unifying with Aikatsu Wiki, as well as Aikatsu Stars! Wiki.

    We're highly concerned about how uncomfortable the use of the wikis we want to unify with has become, we would like our teams to cooperate in order to provide our readers enough comfort.

    First of all, we'd like to change 2 hardly significant from the coder's POV, however noticeable to normal users, things.

    1. To begin with, many of the color coded lyrics are really hard to read with such light backgrounds. Thus, we've got a suggestion about inserting black backgrounds to the romaji lyrics tabs.

    2. There are some lyrics that got unofficial lines (noticeably Pirouette of the Forest Light), however those lines are often very significant to the readers. Our minor suggestion is to bring those unofficial lines with underlining and a disclaimer above the lyrics tab: 'Note: These lyrics contain unofficial lines (shown underlined). [Wiki name] does not guarantee perfect credibility of those lines.'

    We're also highly disappointed about lack of respect towards canon names (cough cough Lilie cough cough). Regarding that every wikia should properly stick to canon, we'd like to see the pages properly named (with, eventually, alternate name writings mentioned).

    Finally, we'll be delighted to give you the admin/bureau rights (We must remind you that there is no 'ownership rights'; the admin/bureau status is the peak of ranks) as long as we can retain our rights as those who first took interest in AiFure. We also leave to ourselves the ownership rights of our AiFure Wiki's Discord server .

    We're open to further negotiations with Aikatsu Wiki and Aikatsu Stars! Wiki on the aforementioned server. 

    - Otaku0910, on behalf of AiFure! wiki []

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  • Jo. I having some really bad news! The spammer is back, and his username is AdrianPerez12.

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  • Hello, hopefully I am not being rude, but may I ask you to remove the English translations from Our Miracle? It seems like they were taken off my video, and the video was a reupload (It's kinda old.) Some of the translations may also be inaccurate. Thank you.

    My video's translations if you would like proof:

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  • Hello, Chrismh-dono!

    I was just roaming around the wiki images when I saw Bort. Then I clicked the link and I ended up in your page. Then I saw that one of your favorite wikis is Houseki no Kuni.

    Sorry for the out-of-topic thread.

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