Idol Type Sexy
Stage Type Fashion Show
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Wings of Stars - Part 2
Anime Wish Upon a Star


The performance takes place in a gradient, shining purple room with light aurora waves and large gems floating within it. Surrounding the stage are large, gradient glittering beams accent in gold with a large violet gem on top, connected by glittering violet and gold pieces of fabric. The idol performs on a golden stage with the screen surrounded by a gold ornate frame that has a large sun on top, adorned by a single gem. On the ground, the screen is surrounded by large cosmetics. The design where the idol starts at consists of a large gem covered sun surrounded by a border of violet gems and glowing spheres of light. The idol dances down a pink, blue, and purple gem covered cat walk with pale blue light beams surrounding it. At the final portion of stage is a round circular section is pink carpeting covered in gems in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Anime Appearances