Leader Subaru Yūki
Type Multi-Typed
Status Active

M4 is an idol unit comprised of the top four students of Four Star Academy's male division.


Unit Information


Unit Dress Cards



  • This is the first male idol-focused unit (formed in an idol academy) in the entire Aikatsu! franchise.
    • This is the second male unit formed in an idol academy in the entire Aikatsu! franchise, with the first being the dance unit formed by Johnny Bepp and Sunny from the original franchise.
    • This is the third male group overall in the entire Aikatsu! franchise, following the band More Than True and the dance unit of Sunny & Johnny.
  • It can be assumed from their self-introductions in Episode 17 that their classes are as follows:
    • Subaru - Flower Song Class
    • Nozomu - Moon Beauty Class
    • Kanata - Wind Dance Class
    • Asahi - Bird Theatre Class
  • The members of M4 are the only idols in the entire Aikatsu! franchise to have the same voice actor for speaking and singing.
  • Unlike S4, their line-up of members is permanent.


Official Art

Anime Screenshots


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