Lock On You/Stage
The You Lock-on
Song Lock On You
Idol Type Cool
Stage Type Drama
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 4


A large ball room with the ceiling made of stained glass panels, each with a blue diamond surrounded by a silver frame, depicting the evening sky. The floor is made of dull, pale blue and dark blue checkerboard tiles, while the wall is split into two portions, the top half is red and dark plum striped, the bottom and center is made of blue bricks to match the floor. The floor is decorated with a mauve carpet lined in gold, while magenta carpet lines the stairs. The walls are adorned with several paintings and portraits, while the floor has several statues and potted plants. Large pale blue and gold columns rest in the room, each wrapped with chains and decorated with a set of candlesticks to match the large chandelier.