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Lilie Shirogane
Admin Uniform | Star Coord | Marching Coord

Chara 10

Kanji 白銀リリィ
Romaji Shirogane Riri
Gender Female
Age 13-14 (S1)
14 (S2)
Birthday January 22
Occupation Student
Top Designer
Affiliation Four Star Academy
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 3
Anime Midsummer's Top Dancer☆ (cameo)
Descent of the Tundra Songstress! (official)
Seiyū Reina Ueda
Singer Nanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Lilie Shirogane (白銀リリィ Shirogane Riri) (officially Lily Shirogane) is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is a student and admin at Four Star Academy and a senior of the Flower Song Class. Lilie is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is her self-created brand Gothic Victoria.



Lilie is a tall girl with a pale complexion and sharp, dual-colored magenta and red eyes. She has curly, silver to pale blue ombre hair styled into four curled ringlets that fall down to her legs, along with a straight cut bang. Pinned into her hair is a dark indigo corsage, adorned by a single purple gemstone and two small black feathers in the center.


She has a strong, self-composed personality and isn't easily influenced by others. She is poetic and often uses poetic quotes while speaking.


Lilie is childhood friends with Yuzu Nikaidō.

Due to her body being weak, Lilie has spent her time in a rehabilitation facility in the highlands during spring and summer, and has been training harder than anyone at home.

Having a good and strong fashion sense, Lilie has always had the thought in mind of creating her own brand, becoming its designer.


Lilie's childhood friend. Yuzu is the only one allowed to call her "Lilienne" (リリエンヌ).
They get to know each other when they end up in the infirmary, where they discuss overcoming personal limitations in order to achieve their dreams. As they both aim to become a part of S4, Lilie acknowledges Yume as both a friend and a rival and hopes that they can push each other to greater heights.
Lilie's fellow admin member. They are good friends with each other, having enrolled in the same year. Lilie respects Yuri as a friend and rival, and the feeling is very much reciprocal.
Lilie's fellow admin member.
When Laura was feeling lost after losing to Yume over again, it was Lilie who helped her to realize the importance of going in her own way rather than just aiming to win.


Shirogane (白銀) is the Japanese word for the metal, silver.

Lilie (リリィ) is a given name directly derived from the lily flower, which represents innocence, purity, and beauty.


"Isn't it good just to be alive on a day like this?"

– Lilie

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up."

– Lilie

"Only scant glass remains in the hourglass. Even the most beautiful jewels can scarcely glimmer when encrusted in earth. It is only with time to polish that they shine brilliantly in the eyes of people."

– Lilie

"Lilie Shirogane, pouring my soul into this moment!"

– Lilie before her performance

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

– Lilie to Yuzu

"Idols must face all who cross their path with grace and honor, never thinking to run away."

– Lilie to Yume and Laura



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