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Koharu Nanakura
Kanji 七倉小春
Romaji Nanakura Koharu
Gender Female
Age 12-13 (S1)
13-14 (S2)
Birthday April 15
Occupation Student
Affiliation Four Star Academy (formerly)
Venus Ark
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Anime The Beginning of a Dream
Seiyū Megumi Yamaguchi

Koharu Nanakura (七倉小春) is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She was a former Moon Beauty Class student at Four Star Academy, and is now a student at Venus Ark. She was also Yume Nijino's former roommate. Koharu is a sexy type idol whose preferred brand is Romance Kiss.



Koharu has short lilac hair worn in a loose bob with a cream-colored flower worn on the right side of her head. She has dual-toned eyes, bearing shades of purple and lilac, and wears a pair of dark pink half-rimmed glasses. She is described as having pretty skin by Yozora Kasumi.


Koharu is delicate and quiet in nature with a gentle disposition. She always remains hopeful that things will work out in the end and will do her best to help others. She idolizes Yozora and has shown to have an alluring side at times. She is easy to fluster.


Koharu's childhood friend who she applied to Four Star with. Despite being in different classes, the two appear to be very close and were roommates. She cares deeply for Yume and often encourages her, believing that she could truly go far as an Idol.
Koharu was quickly taken in by her elegance and beauty after Yozora helped her when her glasses fell off. Since meeting her, she has began to idolize Yozora, which encouraged her to join the Moon Beauty class so that she could learn more from her.
Koharu met Laura through Yume. The two quickly became good friends.
She is a part of the Moon Beauty class with Koharu. They first met when Koharu had offered Mahiru some cough drops to help with her cough.
The two are good friends and partnered up for the Legendary Dress Audition.


Nanakura (七倉) Nana () means seven and Kura () means Storehouse.

Koharu (小春) Ko () means small or little and Haru () means spring.


"At least we’re roommates, so we’ll see each other all the time."

– Koharu to Yume/herself

"That’s amazing, Yume-chan. That’s not true. Your performance was outstanding, Yume-chan."

– Koharu to Yume

"I’ll never forget. I was so nervous it all fell to pieces. Putting me aside, there were plenty of others who didn’t do well despite being really good. You know, they say luck’s a skill too."

– Koharu to Yume/flashback

"You're amazing, Yume-chan. You've given me the courage to chase my own dream once more. Thank you, Yume-chan. Thank you for always making me smile."

– Koharu to Yume


  • She is 159cm tall.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries.
  • She likes flowers.
  • Her favorite food is Japanese sweets.
  • Her specialty is collecting information about idols.
  • Her hobbies are sewing and making sweets (with Yume).
  • She is the third main character in the Aikatsu! franchise that wears glasses, following Yurika Tōdō and Kī Saegusa from the original Aikatsu! series (although Yurika does not wear hers in public).
    • Notably, Koharu keeps her glasses on even while on stage.
  • She shares her given name with Koharu Ōzora, Akari Ozora's mother from the original Aikatsu! franchise.
  • Episode 07 reveals she is a talented artist.
  • Koharu and her parents' names are taken from the four seasons, with her father representing autumn, her mother representing summer, and Koharu representing spring.
  • She is the first character in the Aikatsu! franchise to permanently switch schools.
  • The second idol in the Aikatsu! franchise to temporarily go overseas, the first one being Ichigo.
    • She is also the first Aikatsu Stars! character to switch schools.


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