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An Idol Aura (アイドルオーラ) is the "trademark" or "scent" of an idol. Each idol has a different aura depending on their type, theme, and personality.



List of Idol Auras

Four Star Academy Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Yume Nijino 螢幕快照 2016-04-07 下午09.46.13螢幕快照 2016-04-21 下午11.03.30螢幕快照 2016-08-12 下午12.03.12AS43150

Her original Progression Aura is made of three rainbow arches of various sizes, coming in a gradient of white, pink, green, yellow, and sky-blue. Circling Yume's lower half are lines coming in a variety of pink, blue, or green. Each with a pink or blue heart, or gold star on the end. A white glow surrounds Yume, while on the floor are simplified blue flower shapes circling her feet.

From Episode 2 onwards, her aura is a glowing pale pink lace arch surrounding her with pink glitter and speckles of pale yellow, purple, and sky blue. Beneath her was a large, pink circle that is transparent. A second arch made of faint and sparkling confetti can be seen.

In Episode 10, Yume regains her Progression Aura from Episode 1, but this time with four rainbow arches and is surrounded by a yellow glow.

In Episode 16, Yume's aura is shown to be fuchsia and semi-translucent with a floral lace design in the middle. Yellow daisies can also be seen floating around the lace. A second arch is visible, made of small glowing bits of sky blue, white, pink, gold, and purple, reminiscent of confetti. Surrounding her is a fuchsia glow.

In Episode 21, Yume once again regains her rainbow Progression aura with four arches but is instead surrounded by a fuchsia glow.

In Episode 43, Yume's Progression Aura changes. Upon activating her aura, there is an explosion of small color-changing stars and glitter that slowly fades. Still covered in a fuchsia glow and surrounded by glitter of that same color, translucent rainbow gradient stars and pink spheres form a circle around her. Six pointed blue stars fly above Yume in ascending semi-circles as they spin and leave trails of blue dust, then go away in explosions of blue sparks. Simplified blue flower shapes continue to radiate out from her feet.

Laura Sakuraba 螢幕快照 2016-05-19 下午11.45.30Stage3817Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.35.01 PM

An arch that is made of a blue music trail with glowing yellow musical notes. The other arch is a thin, rippled purple with a white chain-like segment going through the middle. A few pale faded indigo ornaments with pink flower bouquets adorn it as well. Laura is covered in a magenta glitter, with glitter of that same color and small, spinning golden colored hearts surrounding her.

In Episode 21, her aura becomes semi-translucent, and she is now covered in a blue glow.

In Episode 48, Laura gains a progression aura. When activated, there is a small explosion of magenta glitter as a circle of curved, blue line segments with beads of the same color separated by purple bows surrounds her. Golden music notes can be seen on the outward-facing parts of the purple bows. Floating around her body are a series of cherry blossoms accompanied by purple sparkles. A blue glow surrounds her body, along with a translucent pink circle on the ground beneath her feet.

Hime Shiratori 螢幕快照 2016-04-07 下午07.16.33螢幕快照 2016-04-07 下午07.24.41

A large, pink glittering glow with gold sparkles forms around Hime, along with falling pink tourmaline gems, hearts, and translucent butterflies that fly around her body. Over her is an arch of various sized pink and pale yellow translucent spheres stretches above her, along with pink petals.

Beneath her is a large, translucent light pink circle.

Upon activating her Progression Aura, pink gemstones explode out from her body and become silvery-white. The arch turns into an ornate pink flowery vine with glowing pale yellow and pale blue spheres. While white roses bloom on their stems around her body, feathers are now added amongst her falling pink tourmaline gems as her butterflies continue to fly around her. Beneath her is a large, pink circle with a lace design.

Tsubasa Kisaragi Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.12.13 pm

Over her is an arch that is made of a glowing red "fleur-de-lis"-like vintage vine pattern, evocative of fire. The other is made up of individual magenta, blue, and purple-colored stripes. Tsubasa is covered in a sky blue glow, with amethyst gems and glitter of the same color circling around her. Beneath her is a large, translucent teal circle.

Yuzu Nikaidō 螢幕快照 2016-08-20 上午11.39.48

Two arches perpendicular to each other. One arch has a red and white swirl design, reminiscent of a candy cane. The other is made up of green and blue spheres with tiny bubbles. Yuzu is covered in a bright yellow glow, with bubbles, topaz gems and green glitter circling around her. Beneath her is a large, blue circle.

Yozora Kasumi 螢幕快照 2016-05-26 下午11.20.14

Half of a large, flowery, jewelry-like design composed of pale beads in gold, silver, and white, along with crystals, topaz gems, and red gems. A violet ribbon arch with a bow on the corner and several tails is also visible, along with crystal gems, white pearls, and violet glitter. A violet glow surrounds her body. Beneath her is a large, translucent violet circle.

Mahiru Kasumi

螢幕快照 2016-07-08 上午12.22.05Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.49.29 PM

An arch that is made of a glowing fuchsia ribbon, with a strand flowing from a bow that's on the side. Mahiru is covered in a fuchsia glow with glitter of that same color and small, purple bows surrounding her. Several sweets, along with pink spheres form a second arch. The sweets consist of chocolate hearts, mame-daifuku, and white chocolates covered in chocolate drizzle.

In Episode 47, she gains a Progression Aura. When activated, there is an explosion of fuchsia glitter that becomes five jewelry-like segments composed of metal circles, each with their own individual designs. Above her are two crossing arches, both with round, translucent beads. While one arch features jewels in the shape of magenta bows, the other arch has metal designs that appear similar to flowers. Mahiru is surrounded by a fuchsia glow, along with a translucent purple circle beneath her feet.

Ako Saotome Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.46.05 pm

An arch that is made of white lines, adorned with pearls and bouquets of red, fuchsia, and pale pink flowers. The other arch is made of translucent large blue, gold, and green spheres. Ako is covered in a yellow glow and is surrounded by fuchsia glitter, with flowers that loosely float around her.

Lilie Shirogane Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 11.01.44 pmScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.15.54 PM

Two different chains making one arch. One is thick and purple, while the other is thin and dark blue. The other arch is made of two indigo segments knotted together with light blue spheres and sparkles decorating it. Purple glitter and fleur-de-lis symbols surround Lilie, along with an ice blue glow.

In Episode 53, she gains a Progression Aura. When activated, her aura consists of blue flames and golden birdcage-like chandeliers. Her aura also includes light green sparkles or balls of light that floats all around her, and she is surrounded with an ice blue glow.

Venus Ark Idols

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Elza Forte Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 8.53.55 PM

Upon activating her aura, there is a large explosion of magenta teacup roses, their petals, gold and white sparkles, and indivual rings of blue and white pearls.

Elza is surrounded by a lavender glow, along with golden glitter. Rings of blue pearls that turn white before they disappear surround her body, while magenta teacup roses that break into loose petals accompany them.

Kirara Hanazono AS54129 Upon activating her aura, there is a rainbow that spirals around her body, followed by an explosion of multi-colored glitter, stars and crescent moons.

Kirara is surrounded by a pale yellow glow, along with pink glitter. Translucent pink spheres, rainbow gradient stars and crescent moons can also be seen floating around as they fade away. Blue clouds with white diagonal stripe and polka dot designs form a circle around her body. In addition to the clouds are two, translucent rainbow arches.

List of Unit Auras

Idols Aura Picture Summary
Yume Nijino, Laura Sakuraba, Mahiru Kasumi, and Ako Saotome 2016-09-23 124832

Each idol is covered in a glow fitting her idol type. Yume's being pink. Laura's being blue . Mahiru's being purple, and Ako's being yellow, accompanied by glitter of those four colors.

Also surrounding them are Yume's confetti-like sparkles, with Laura's large, sky blue curving lace design circling the edge of the stage, reminiscent of a musical staff with glowing gold music notes, with Mahiru's purple bows in between each section. An arch of Ako's blue, gold and green spheres floats above them. Beneath each idol is a large, translucent pink circle.

Yume Nijino and Laura Sakuraba ASM444

Both idols are covered in a glow fitting their idol type. Yume's being pink, and Laura's being blue. Glitter in those two colors surrounds them as well.

One arch is from Laura's respective aura, which is made of a blue music trail with gold musical notes. Yume's arch is made of various sized blue spheres, with yellow, pink and blue daisies along with small, white sparkles. Large, translucent pink circles can be seen beneath both idols.

S4 ASM396 Each idol is covered in a glow fitting their idol type. Hime's being pink. Tsubasa's being blue. Yozora's being purple, and Yuzu's being yellow.

Yozora's jewel design, composed of pale gold, silver and white beads, along with crystal and topaz gems circles around them, while small arches of Yuzu's green and blue spheres rest between the spaces of the design, mixed with Hime's blue and yellow spheres. Above them is Tsubasa's arch of magenta, purple and blue stripes along with Hime's translucent butterflies riding the stripes, as well as her pink glitter and pink tourmaline gems. Beneath each idol is a large, translucent circle. Hime's being pink. Tsubasa's being sky blue. Yozora's being violet, and Yuzu's being blue.


  • Unlike the original Aikatsu! Franchise, idols are also able to have a progression aura during the performance.
  • It is suspected that the progression aura can be activated when the idol is highly skilled or is immensely focused on the performance.
  • In the case of an aura caused by a "special power", without proper guidance and training, an idol could lose their ability to sing from relying on it too often.
  • A light that emits from them can cause another idol's aura to disappear.
  • It can be hypothesised that the Wings of Stars have an influence in bringing out a Progression Aura.


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