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Hime Shiratori
S4 Uniform | Star Coord | Movie

Chara hime

Kanji 白鳥ひめ
Romaji Shiratori Hime
Gender Female
Age 14-15 (S1)
15 (S2)
Birthday February 26
Occupation Student
Top Designer
Affiliation Four Star Academy
S4 (formerly)
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Beginning of a Dream
Seiyū Minami Tsuda
Singer Ruka from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Hime Shiratori (白鳥ひめ) is a main character of the Aikatsu Stars! series. She is a student at Four Star Academy, belonging to the Flower Song Class and was a former member of S4. Hime is a cute type idol whose preferred brand is her self-created brand, My Little Heart.



Hime is a girl with a pale complexion and turquoise eyes. Her long pale blonde hair is waist-length with a small part pulled up with a light turquoise ribbon and thick, short-cut bangs framing her face. As a student at Four Star Academy and a member of S4, she wears a specialized uniform for the S4 members.


Described as an "overwhelmingly idol-like idol", Hime has a sweet and tender personality. She is also a polite and elegant person. Hime is also described as an airy and gentle person, and sometimes shows a naturally absent-minded side of herself.


Despite her airiness and gentleness, Hime is a super talented idol. Hime is known for her piano skills which are at the level of a professional, perfect pitch abilities, and her "angelic singing voice". She has gathered her experience of performing arts since she was born, ranging from drama to modeling to dancing.


Hime's fellow S4 unit member.
Hime's fellow S4 unit member.
Hime's fellow S4 unit member.
Hime is aware that Yume admires her deeply and is afraid that she would become more like her over time.


Shiratori (白鳥) Shira () means white and tori () means bird.

Hime (ひめ) means princess.


"So long as your heart is strong, you'll be able to surmount any difficulties you may face."

– Hime to Yume

"Hime Shiratori, ready to go!"

– Hime before her performance

"You know, I learned something from all my Aikatsu in S4. You can shine far more brilliantly when you're with others than when you are alone. I want to see many more idols continue to shine ever brighter. To that end, I will become everyone's guiding light, illuminate the path ahead, and be the brightest-shining first star."

– Hime to other S4 member

"All of your experiences are reflected in your radiance. Both smiles and tears are valuable experiences you should use to shine even brighter. You'll be fine. I'm sure that seeing you hard at work will bring happiness to people. That's Yume-chan, the rainbow idol."

– Hime to Yume

"Yume-chan and Laura-chan. We should be grateful for the miracle that brought you two together. You should both understand just how important you are to each other. Together, you can shine brighter than before. I'll be waiting on a future stage."

– Hime to Yume and Laura

"My three years at Four Star Academy were filled with irreplaceable experiences. Happy times, sad times, fun times, painful times and so many more that I cannot recount them all. Not a single day was without meaning. With my heart filled with gratitude for all that befell me, I will set forth to a new stage."

– Hime at S4 Crowning



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