Heart Ski♡ps/Stage
Song Heart Ski♡ps
Idol Type Pop
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime My Dress Make!


A bright yellow gradient room with an orange dot pattern design surrounds a hot pink beam striped with white and yellow. The fuchsia, blue, white, and yellow stage floats on the top with a blue border and a design of sparkles, stars, and music notes. Right in the center is a yellow fluffy cloud with a design. Floating above the stage is a blue disco ball, while floating around it are large pink, blue, gold, and purple speakers. Floating in the background are hot pink As with stars above them, fuchsia or blue and white heels, hot pink stars, a sun, striped music notes, and raspberry music notes with smiley faces. Behind the stage is a floating screen depicting two sun surrounding the word DOKI, lined in blue. Two rings circle the stage in a rainbow gradient for the audience to stand, with Aikatsu written all over it.

Anime Appearances