Song Happy☆Punch
Idol Type Cute
Stage Type Dance
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Wings of Stars - Part 2
Anime The Feelings of Love


This stage is themed after a large opened doll house that takes place in a blue and white room. Each section has a different design for a total of seven panels. The bottom row includes a gold and pink room with a door and window, a light blue room with green details, a pink and white striped room with several strawberries and picture frames, a light purple room with a fancy bed and full length mirror, and lastly, a green and blue room with two cabinets. The highest room is pink and with a closet, stand, and window, while the room beneath it is blue with the same wallpaper with different decor. A pink ladder connects the two rooms.

Anime Appearances


  • Upon closer exploration, the Please Mary stage can be seen to the right of the main stage, and the table from the Exciting Glitter stage can be seen in the background.



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