Future Transit/Stage
Song Future Transit
Idol Type Sexy
Stage Type Fashion Show
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime A Small Radiance


A grape colored floor and dark purple ceiling with ornaments hanging down cover the room for this stage. From the purple dot pattern walls are thick sections of purple curtain held by gold bands, along with white and purple vine designed panels, and light purple lights. Surrounding the run way are white and gold podiums for the audience to stand on.

The run way is light purple with accents of gold. A tall screen decorated after the Idol performing has a border matching the wall panels. On either side is a large glowing sphere to match the four surrounding the start section. At every few feet are glowing lights with a large gem on top of it, which change in shape and color every few seconds. The top of the run way resembles shards of crystal or violet gem, until the Idol reaches the final area, which is shaped as a giant gem surrounded by smaller crystal, garnet, and purple  gems.

Anime Appearances