Fruit Paradise
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.12.34 PM 1
Japanese Name フルーツパラダイス
Romanized Name Furūtsu Paradaisu
Type Multi-Typed
Brand All Available Brands (Fruits Party Campaign)
Notable Performer/s
Yume Nijino, Ako Saotome

Fruit Paradise (フルーツパラダイス) is a multi-typed Special Appeal that can be performed when an idol is wearing a Fruits Party Campaign Coord.


Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
61 Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.12.34 PM 1 Yume Nijino,
Ako Saotome


VTESpecial Appeals
Cute Cute CharmHeartful WorldHappiness For You
Cool Cool CharmUnchain ChordAwake Maiden
Sexy Sexy CharmKissing JewelGlory Judge
Pop Pop CharmSmiley SplashMilky Dreamy Time
Multi-typed Blossom ShowerHappy ChristmasTrick or TreatFruit Paradise

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