Forever Dream/Stage
Song Forever Dream
Idol Type Sexy
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Wings of Stars - Part 2
Anime Perfect Idol Elza


This stage takes place in a large garden with ornate shapes made in the bushes while a large castle is depicted in the background. In the center is a large section of pink flowers acting as a bridge from the garden to the center of a lake, where the Idol performs on top of a gold crown structure with several gems adorning it. In the middle of the crown ornament is a fuchsia stand for the Idol with the Perfect Queen logo beneath them. On either side of the idol is a small fence connected by pearl chains, each point having a crystal gem on top, and resting behind them are flower bushes.

Anime Appearances


  • The crown-shaped stage is similar to the live version stage of the original Aikatsu! song START DASH SENSATION.



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