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Forever Dream

Forever Dream
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English Name Forever Dream
Writer Leo Kanada
Composer Hidemasu Naitō
Arranger Yoshifumi Ise (onetrap)
First Appearance
Game Wings of Stars - Part 2
Anime Perfect Idol Elza
Singer Risa
19113669 1442005915857585 9184265554392249202 n
Single/Album Name Fantastic Ocean
Single/Album Release July 5, 2017
Publisher Lantis

Forever Dream is a song that will debut in the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Wings of Stars - Part 2, and has debuted in episode 51 of the anime.


Short Ver.

Yume no sekai no door hikari no mukōgawa
Dareka ga yonde iru
Dakara Knock Knock Knock Knock...
Mune ni dakishimeteru kono yume no tane wo
Kitto sakasetai
Dakara Knock Knock Knock...

Watashi de sae shiranai
Watashi ni deaitai no

Dreams Will Come True
Toki ni konnan demo
Kono omoi ga kanau to shinjiteru
Gin no kaze ni tsubasa wo hirogete
Towa no yume wo oikakeru unmei yo

I Say Hello I Say Hello
Forever Dreams Will Come True

夢の世界のドア 光の向こう側
だから Knock Knock Knock Knock...
胸に抱きしめてる この夢の種を
きっと 咲かせたい
だから Knock Knock Knock...

私でさえ知らない 私に出逢いたいの

Dreams Will Come True
この想いが 叶うと信じてる
銀の風に 翼を広げて
永遠の夢を 追いかける運命よ

I Say Hello I Say Hello
Forever Dreams Will Come True

From the door of dreams, light comes pouring out
Somebody calls my name
So I knock, knock, knock, knock
Planted within my breast, this a seed of dreams
Surely yearns to sprout
So I knock, knock, knock

I want to meet the me that not even I know

Dreams will come true
Eeven when facing hardships
I believe that my wishes will be granted
Opening my wings upon the silver wind
It is fate for me to chase after my eternal dream

I Say Hello I Say Hello
Forever Dreams Will Come True

Full Ver.





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  • This is the first song to debut in the anime prior to it's release in the game.
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