episode Solo/Stage
Fashion Show | Live


Song episode Solo
Idol Type Cool
Stage Type Fashion Show
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Always 100%! (Fashion Show)
Aikatsu Stars! The Movie (Live)


Both versions of the room have blue and purple gradient with shine marks all over the room. The monitor remains the same, and the Idols start on a blue to violet gradient circular pillar with a white glowing ornate design.

Fashion Show

The audience stand is pale pink marble and appears to be floating to surround the several pink and red, gem-like stars covering the ground for the Idol to walk on. Beams of light wave around the room in either pink, or red, white, and blue. Coming from the screen are spirals of pale blue coated in glitter.


In this version of the stage, beams of yellow, pink, and fuchsia light cover the room, along with a matching gradient ring coated in several white stars.

Anime Appearances