Longing for the Road of Continuation
Episode 22
Episode Information
Kanji 憧れへ続へ道
English Longing for the Road of Continuation
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 8, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Start Line!
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Feeling of the Desire to Win Descent of the Tundra Songstress!

Longing for the Road of Continuation (憧れへ続へ道) is the twenty second episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on September 8th, 2016.


Yume has passed the audition, and now she is filled with so much motivation to create an amazing CD. But, her release date clashes with the release date of Hime Shiratori's CD, who is one of the S4 members. Even though Laura and Koharu worry about her, Yume proceeds to prepare for the date without worrying but...


The Director speaks with Yume in the office. He is convinced she will sell well since her performance reminded him of watching Hime. He's decided they need to think up a title and that the album will only consist of four songs, coming up with the name "Yume's Dream Start". She approves and takes off as he talks to Hikaru, who has decided that Hime is going to be releasing her album now. While the Director is unsure, he realizes he doesn't have much of say in this and agrees.

In the Cafeteria the girls eat, with Yume in high-spirits. Two classmates walk by and congratulate Yume for doing so well and mentions the release date being the eighth of September. Concerned, Koharu points out that Yume won't have much time to get to work and put everything together. As they continue to chat, they stop as one of S4's programs come on. They introduce themselves before announcing their news: Hime is releasing a new album. To commemorate such an event she will also put on a special performance. While Yume is excited- Laura and Koharu remind her that this is the same day her album was going to be released. After a moment of shock, Yume is still excited by the prospect that maybe one day her album will sell a million copies, just as Hime's has. Seeing the time, Yume quickly takes off before Laura can speak to her. Concerned, they realize Yume doesn't seem to understand the predicament she's been put into suddenly.

On the radio program, Aikatsu Wave, Yume speaks to the hosts. She is introduced to everyone and they compliment Yume's position and start to wonder if she may be Hime's Successor. Flustered by this, Yume accidentally bows and hits the table before her as she attempts to announce the release date.

Out in the hallway, Hime approaches Yume to speak to her. Hime congratulates Yume, revealing that she's at the same building because of her appearance on "Why did YOU become an Idol?", a really popular show. When Yume brings up her CDs release date, Hime seems surprised. She quiets down, seemingly realizing something and asks Yume when she will be recording and if she's been practicing. Yume claims to be fine, but Hime is doubtful as she begins to cough. Hime hands Yume a ticket for her performance after Yume expresses a desire to see it, and just then she is called in to start recording. She thanks Hime for her words and runs off.

In their dorm, Koharu observes a magazine as a lifeless Yume comes inside. She speaks to her only for a minute before turning to see she's fallen asleep.

The following day, Anna dismisses the class from training. Everyone takes off, including Yume, but Laura stays behind to do more training. She asks if its okay and Anna agrees, observing her for a moment before recalling how Laura was recently defeated. Laura pauses for a moment to think about all of her efforts and hard work and admits that she didn't think she was going to lose the way she did. She refuses to lose again, and Anna silently approves, seeing her dedication.

In the office, the producer brings Yume to a recording shop. He explains his plans to set up a large display for her, and because the Manager likes her singing, it wasn't too hard to convince him. Yume remains excited, and he reminds her that tomorrow they will be recording and to prepare for it before he takes off. Once more Yume's confidence rises as she observes the spot.

Later that night, Hime has a dream regarding her past. She had just put on a great performance but as she left the stage, she suddenly had a coughing fit and collapsed. Hikaru was there at the time, and checked on her to make sure she was okay. She claimed to be fine, and suddenly wakes up from her slumber.

At Kurun2 Studio Yume arrives to get to work. She finds Hime out in the hallway, who has also come to do some recording. As it turns out they'll be next door to each other. Hime wishes the both of them a good job. However, when Yume actually tries, she is too quiet and unable to project herself the way the Director approves of. No matter how many times she tries, he finds nothing worthwhile and keeps stopping her. He starts to doubt the decision he made a break, with Yume wondering why she's doing so poorly. In the hallway she recalls how much she's been coughing lately and begins to panic as Hime arrives once more. Yume voices her concern, with her voice unable to work and asks for advice. Hime claims it will be fine though, and makes some tea for Yume to have. With nothing to lose she tries it as Hime gives her a shoulder massage. She suggests that Yume try to sing now and she tries, surprised that she is able to again. Hime then gives her some advice, but Yume is a little confused by it. Hime is sure she can do it though, and Yume promises she will.

This time in recording, Yume has managed to do better. The Director apologizes for what he said moments ago, and he is sure they will work together again.

After everything goes by and the CD is finally finished, the Director and Hikaru speak to Yume in the office. She admires the cover and excitedly goes out to the Record place to see that her CDs are actually being sold. To her shock however, all of Hime's CDs have already sold out and she managed to take the number 1 spot on the charts that week. Yume is doubtful over her own success but forces herself to stop being so negative. She recalls the performance Hime was set to put on and heads to the concert hall, where Hime is changing and gets onto the stage to perform "Start Line!".

After the performance Yume thinks about what she witnessed before realizing just how little she means in comparison. She makes her way home and runs into Laura, voicing her concerns as they sit down on a bench nearby. She realizes how arrogant she became, thinking she was close to Hime, but by now it seems so obvious. Laura mentions how frustrated she must feel, but she believes it to be a good sign, since Yume would have only disregarded her loss to Hime in the past. She has grown as an Idol. Touched by her friendly rival, Yume attempts to embrace her- only to land face first into the bench as Laura dodges her. To Yume's surprise, she sees that Laura has dropped her items; including one of her albums. Laura claims that as her friends biggest event yet, she had to be supportive. However she refuses to lose next time, which Yume expected to hear. With that she announces she is hungry and they decide to grab something to eat.




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