Midsummer's Top Dancer☆
Episode 19
Episode Information
Kanji 真夏のトップダンサー☆
English Midsummer's Top Dancer☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 18, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song August Marina
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Together with Yuri-chan Passion and Pride!

Midsummer's Top Dancer☆ (真夏のトップダンサー☆) is the nineteenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on August 18th, 2016.


S4 member Yuzu Nikaidō who is in her 2nd year is to compete in a nationwide top level dance competition. Yuzu safely qualifies, but she is no where to be found before the final round. Yume and the dance executives tries look for her around the venue. Where has Yuzu, the idol who is always too carefree, gone to--!?


At Four Star Academy the girls train, but they are unable to concentrate with the heat and lack of air conditioning. Even Koharu is unable to avoid dizziness, so they head off to the cafeteria and get some juice, suggesting she eats something. She claims not to feel hungry though, when Yuzu walks by and to their shock they see that she has a full plate. As Yuzu notices how ill Koharu looks, she shows them a poster for the "Burning Summer Dance Battle" event, and believes this will help them deal with the summer weather. It takes place every summer, and competiting in it decides who the best dancer is. They also point out that this location will probably be cooler than at the school, with its broken air conditioning, so the girls decide to attend as Yuzu points out they should have some fun with it being summer.

While driving out to the Plateu the girls enjoy the cool, fresh air while observing the various animals surrounding them. They arrive to the stage to find several figures in the middle of dancing, but Koharu is unable to last very long without feeling faint again. As Yume attempts to balance her, Yuzu calls out to the girls while eating an ice cream and directs them towards the many stands and booths nearby. They admire the several sweet and savory foods. Yuzu gets them several things, including an ice cream, grilled corn, cream soda, and lastly, some tacos. The girls enjoy everything but they wonder how Yuzu can be with them when she should be back at the stage preparing. She claims to have passed the prelims already, so its okay. Its then two Admin arrive, Miki, the one Yume already met, and Saya, the Admin from Dance Class. Yume introduces them to Koharu and Laura, explaining that Yuzu was showing them around. Miki and Saya grab Yuzu and lead her back to the waiting room, where Yume, Laura, and Koharu join them to see other students from the school.

Dave Satou introduces himself to everyone once more, and as normal they find themselves a little intimidated. They mention he's gotten sweaty, but he claims this is proof of living, and that one should always go at Summer activities full of passion. After a moment of banter between him and Yuzu, they watch as a duo, the Boney Boney Brothers, head on stage to perform as the final performance of the prelim round, which proves to be a real threat when their votes skyrocket and obtain the top rank. Yume wishes everyone luck, but as it turns out only Yuzu passed the prelim round. In this moment they speak to Haruka, only to see that Yuzu has fled once again.

At a large building, Yuzu observes the venue from a window. She asks the mysterious girl how she has been, then reveals the crepe she purchased for the both of them. Yuzu then runs off to return, waving to the girl and asking that she returns to the Academy soon.

With the last round of the event about to begin, all finalists are asked to stand backstage. Dave announces that if Yuzu is unable to get back in time she will be disqualified, while Miki and Saya mention that this is unfortunetly common of Yuzu; who hates schedules and group activity, and often gets distracted. Together, Dance Class get together, led by Miki to enact their capture plan.

As Yuzu returns she is distracted by a clown street performer. She juggles and dances with him, but as one student tries to check for him, they see she's already gone. They also spot her playing with some children and a butterfly and fire a capture net; only for it to miss when Yuzu spots a ladybug. Yume and Koharu are amazed by how evasive she is able to be, with Dave comparing Yuzu to that of a wild beast, able to cleverly avoid any trap or trick with her natural reflexes. Due to this, its not a surprise she joined S4 as early as she did. As they try to find her again, Yuzu finds a small, wild ostrige and attempts to bond with it, seeing how shy it is. It clamps down on her hand, then slowly rubs against it when Yuzu manages to convince it that she doesn't mean any harm. She guesses it got separated from its mother and she offers to look for it.

The group watch as the finals begin, with the girls growing anxious over Yuzu. The Boney Boney Brothers finish their performance and once again jump to first place while the girls retire back for the waiting area. They consider that she may have went outside and together, Yume, Laura, and Koharu manage to guess that Yuzu will be with the animals. They are provone correct after locating her, and she explains that she found a lost ostrich and just had to return it. She claims to have known the finals began, but she couldn't abandon someone in need like this. With that she runs the entire way back to the plateu, followed by the ostrich, Yume, Laura, and Koharu. To their surprise the Ostrich has offered Yuzu a ride- which she gladly accepts and arrives, still riding it.

Excitely Dave compliments Yuzu, along with Haruka, with Miki scolding Yuzu and promising a few choice words later on. She hands her the coord set she believes they should wear. Yuzu thanks them and goes to the changing area, just as Yume, Laura, and Koharu arrive to wish her luck. She apologizes for causing them problems all day, but Koharu asks if she may be nervous or worried. Yuzu claims that she is, but all of everyone's hopes lie on her and she wants to go out on stage to have fun, so it doesn't really matter to her. She changes into her coord and appears on stage to sing Marina of August.

After the performance, Yuzu thanks everyone for watching. Yume congratulates Miki for her hardwork that day as well, with Miki explaining that although Yuzu tends to drive them to exhaustion, she continues to follow her lead and every time she sees her dance, it all melts away. At the end it is announced that Yuzu has won the event and the host holds a small interview with her. Yuzu thanks everyone for their votes, but she explains that she doesn't plan to use her trip for Los Angeles. She enjoys her Dance Class and S4 too much to just leave, and she offers it to Haruka; much to her surprise. Yume is surprised by this and watches as Yuzu encourages everyone to start dancing together, since seeing everyone's dancing has fired her up. Together the performers, animals, and audience dance as Yuzu comments on how great having fun is. 




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