Together with Yuri-chan
Episode 18
Episode Information
Kanji ゆりちゃんと一緒
English Together with Yuri-chan
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 11, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Aikatsu☆Step!
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Together with Yuri-chan (ゆりちゃんと一緒) is the eighteenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on August 11th, 2016.


It is announced that anyone who is a first year is to be implemented into a fan voting. The top 4 idols of this vote will have to stand on the opening stage for the summer event, "Aikatsu☆Island". While everyone strives for no accidents to occur, Yume has seemed to have found a new Aikatsu...?


While relaxing in the Cafeteria, the trio watch as S4 announce a big event for Summer: Aikatsu Island. An event where the entire island in the south is transformed into an Idol Theme Park. Everyone student is expected to lend a hand and help to make it special, while four lucky first years will be earning the right to take the stage for the opening performance. Fans will be choosing which Idols will be representing the event with the Fresh Idol Elections.

Observing the details for the Elections once they leave into the hallway, Laura remarks that it sounds like a popularity contest. She points out that everything they do will probably determine if they get votes or not, but since they have the week off due to summer, they have to put in a lot of effort. Koharu and Laura take off to do some work, but while Yume wonders what she can do to try to help herself, she lends Yuri a hand after finding her nearby. She picks the dropped posters up, as well as help to put them up. After commenting that Yuri works really hard, Yuri explains the chart of students, saying that just beneath S4 are her and three other girls, the Admin. With Aikatsu Island, they all have work to be doing at the time. Yume asks to continue landing her a hand, surprising Yuri. She agrees and they head back to the Dress Make room, finding it full of students.

The girls start by restocking the shelves when Yume runs into Anna. She comments on this, saying that its pretty lucky for Yume to get the chance to work with them like this. Yume thinks this over and continues work, tiredly returning to the dorms that evening. Koharu also says that Yume working with them is a really good thing- since they may see potential in her as another Admin. Yume is doubtful of this; at least until Koharu mentions it could be making a big step towards joining S4.

The next day, Yume and Yuri discus the event with a man who runs a program on television. He seems interested and offers to spread word of it, but before going he remarks that Yuri should return to it at some point. Yume watches and admires Yuri as another man compliments her. She hands him a paper, followed by a woman staff member.

Back at the Cafeteria, Yume quickly eats lunch, excited to return to Yuri and head out to the radio station they have to go to next. She is joined by Koharu and Ako, who discuss the efforts of the other students, such as Laura being invited to several locations to perform for the guests, Mahiru is working in several fashion shows, and Ako even made an appearance on a late night drama, while Koharu just got a gig in a fashion magazine. Yume congratulates her, only for Ako to bring up the midpoint update in the election. Unaware of it, Yume checks to find that Laura and Mahiru are extremely far ahead in the lead. She reminds Yume of her poor rank before walking away.

Later in the day, Yume and Yuri prepare to leave when Yume is reminded of the event. Yuri notes her concern and they stop at a bench for a moment. Yuri apologizes to Yume for getting caught up helping them like this, instead of focusing on the Election like the others were, but Yume claims not to mind. Yuri claims there is Aikatsu in the work of an Admin, and she mentions that back before she became an Admin- she did the same thing. She helped the Admin out, and back when Tsubasa was an Admin for Theater Class, she lent her a hand. It had been so much fun that she forgot everything else, but in this time had forgotten to showcase her own self as an Idol. Somehow, she still managed to place third though. But this miracle led her to believe that as long as someone shows effort in Aikatsu, their fans will know how to recognize their work. Encouraged again, Yume gets up while telling Yume she wants to keep helping the Admin, and she will see to it that she wins as well. She will do what she wants by self-producing, all on her own.

Yume awakens at her desk the following day to find a letter left from Koharu. She reads it before noticing someone at the door, and in steps Yuri. She brings up that she has some promo work to do for the events and asks Yume if she wishes to join her. Before they go Yume asks for a few minutes first, then writes down something with Yuri curiously observing her. Yume announces her plans to do a "Grassroots Aikatsu", which was inspired by observing all of the work and efforts done by Yuri. She can work steadily towards her goal and reach each fan, and she got the idea to write personal letters for them. She hand wrote each one, and makes a wish before sending the package into the mail box. While she wishes she could do even more, like a small handshake event or a live, she will happily settle for this idea. Yuri claims it is possible though, and they return to the Admin office to find two Admin, Miki Katsura from Dance Class, and Arisa Sakamoto from Theater Class.

The girls bring up that they heard of how much they heard of Yume before revealing the documents of handshake events from the year prior. As well as a list of places she could use to put on a live. They support Yume's desire just as much as Yuri has, and they plan to help her out as much as their limit allows so that everyone shows off their best for the Elections. The rest will depend on Yume though, and they wish her luck.

And so, Yume is able to host a small handshake event. She is approached by several, and arrives back to the dorm to find Koharu practicing her walk. She explains that she got to meet several fans, and reveals the items needed for a performance she plans on holding the final day of voting. She got permission to do it, and even made the posters herself.

Curiously, Subaru observes the poster Yume made while at a job sight. He remarks on how weird Yume is being.

On the final day of voting, Yume rides a bike through the park while advertising a free live she will be holding. Several people hear this and recognize her and excitedly show up, along with Mahiru, who finds Laura and Koharu. Subaru also shows up, with Yume anxiously noting how many people have shown up. She decides that she must put everything she has into the performance, to wow those who are in the audience and have never seen her perform before now. She changes into her chosen coord and appears on stage to sing "Aikatsu☆Step!".

After the performance ends, Subaru watches as several of the people take off. As Yume tiredly collapses onto the stairs, he approaches her to comment that he had time to kill- since he has a job nearby. She starts to cough, which doesn't go unnoticed, and Yume comments that she didn't even feel like she normally does while on stage. He helps her out after seeing her struggle and asks if this has ever happened before, but Yume doesn't really understand as Koharu and Laura join them. Subaru then walks away, somewhat annoyed as Koharu gives Yume a cough drop.

Back at school, Subaru is sure he noticed something strange with Yume. He checks a past performance by Hime, curious and observes something strange as she was leaving the stage. The video abruptly ends; just as Hime was passing out, and this leads him to wonder just what may be going on.

Eventually the results are announced for the event. Mahiru takes first, with Laura in second, Ako in third, and Yume in fourth. Yume is shocked by the turn of events, and they remark that she gained a huge boot in votes with her performance. Yume is too shocked for words, until Yuri arrives to congratulate her. Yume thanks Yuri, but she claims that this is because of all of her own efforts. Koharu is momentarily down that she won't be able to join them, since she wanted nothing more than to stand on stage with them, but cheers up after being offered some gum. Yuri remarks that from now on this makes them all rivals, and the girls agree.



  • During the scene with Subaru looking at Yume's flyer, in the lower left you can see a flyer with Luminas from the original Aikatsu series, albeit with different hair colors.
  • The ending song has been changed to include some scenes from the upcoming movie.
  • The Melty Flower Fairy Coord makes its debut in this episode.


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