Serious Switch!
Episode 17
Episode Information
Kanji 本気のスイッチ!
English Serious Switch!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 4, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song August Marina
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Serious Switch! (本気のスイッチ!) is the seventeenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on August 4th, 2016.


The quartet, Yume Nijino, Laura Sakuraba, Koharu Nanakura and Ako Saotome will make a guest appearance on the popular variety program for M4, and they hope they are ready for it. But Ako, only longs for Subaru Yūki who seems rather worried, as she appears to have forgotten her role as an idol...


Yume, Laura, and Koharu watch a program hosted by M4. Koharu is very excited, with Laura pointing out this is because of all their efforts. As they watch, Ako fawns over Subaru and how she will finally be getting her chance to be with him.

Back in the dorms, the girls observe their scripts. They see they are in a few segments, including the talking portion, cooking, and singing. They discuss how the guys have a program, just as S4 does, and begin to wonder what sort of segments their own show would have if they had one, until Laura brings up Ako and how she will be joining them.

In Ako's room, Ako happily thinks about Subaru and how much she knows about him. Ako then prepares her plans to win over Subaru, until she remembers that Yume will also be there. She recalls the last time they interacted before deciding to work on choosing a good coord for the event.

Eventually the day arrived and they find Ako in the waiting room already. When Yume attempts to kindly great her, Ako just tells her off until the Director appears. He chats with the girls for a moment and they are joined by M4. Right away Subaru teases Yume, until Ako quickly attempts to gain their attention- mainly his. She is delighted when he seems to remember her name, and they listen as the guys tell them to just enjoy themselves and have fun today. The Director takes off, and Ako celebrates her minor victory until the girls compliment her cute behavior. With that, they begin to practice and go over the days events before recording starts. Ako finds herself unable to concentrate entirely, until Yume brings up the "blank lines" in the script. They explain that this is normally a free space, for people to talk freely. The guys also provide further exposition about various little things to make sure the girls understand. They remind them not to overly stress out during filming, but Ako gets frustrated while watching Subaru and Yume bicker.

By the time the show begins, M4 introduces themselves and the girls before they each take turns with a free talk intro. They start with Yume, but Ako interrupts in hopes of getting Subaru to respond to her positively. It seems to work, but she continues butting in as they try to ask the others some questions. As the Director reminds Yume of a recent new song they revealed, she brings that up for discussion. They discuss the meaning of the song, along with any of them played volleyball before. Yume discusses how she used to be in the Volleyball Club during elementary school, so she tries to think back to those days whenever she feels lazy or unmotivated. She starts bickering with Subaru again, making everyone laugh; except for Ako.

A break is called and the girls are warned the cooking segment will begin shortly. Ako heads into a hall when Kanata stops to chat with her. She grows flustered when he brings up how much she likes Subaru, calling her transparent and warning her to be more careful. As Idols they are all equal, but Ako claims not to understand what he could be implying and storms off.

Eventually the show resumes, with Asahi announcing the Cooking event. He explains that because M4 normally splits into teams, they will act as judges instead, having the girls cook and team up. Laura and Yume are teamed up, along with Ako and Koharu. Ako attempts to go over what she knows and decides they should make an egg dish and Koharu allows her to lead them. Kanata shows concern for Ako, and watches as she helps fix the eggs Koharu accidentally burnt. When the two teams finish the girls take the foods to the table. Both sets of foods are enjoyed by the guys, and it ends up in a tie. Ako is unhappy to see that Subaru enjoyed Laura and Yume's food better and considers it a loss.

Later, she is approached by Kanata again, who criticizes her lack of concern for others. All she sees is Subaru, and he asks why she decided to become an Idol anyway. He asks if just pursuing Subaru is good enough for her, causing Ako to think about what he said. She returns to the waiting room and Koharu apologizes for causing them to lose- but Ako claims it isn't necessary since she got too fixated on one thing anyway. All they can do now is put it behind them and move on to the final segment of the show; the singing portion. Upon noticing how nervous Koharu is, Ako calms her down by suggesting she take a deep breath and imagine herself singing just as she does any other day.

Koharu feels better and decides to go outside for some fresh air before they go on stage for the last time, but Ako happens to spot a few opened scripts before her, realizing that in this entire time she only focused on Subaru. She sees how much work Yume put into this and realizes that she barely put in any effort at all, working hard to try to appeal to Subaru. When the girls suddenly return she quickly throws the book down, but admits that she did see it. Ako reminds her it is time to go out and sing now, and decides that as an Idol she will go to the stage and sing for herself. She heads out to change coords and prepares to perform August Marina.

After the performance ends, the guys are amazed by Ako's performance and how well she did. She is approached by Subaru, who compliments her and hands her a bottle of water in passing. She is approached by the girls and quickly runs after him- only to bump into Kanata. He comments on how she is acting like an Idol now, but she only pays him attention for a moment before she resumes chasing after Subaru.




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