Mahiru's Battle!
Episode 14
Mahiru's Battle!
Episode Information
Kanji 真昼の決闘!
English Mahiru's Battle!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 7, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Summer Tears Diary
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Story of the Little Fairy The Moon and The Sun

Mahiru's Battle! (真昼の決闘!) is the fourteenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on July 7, 2016.


S4's Yozora Kasumi's program has an idea of recruiting a Stage Dress. Having heard that there will be a special live for whoever has the best dress, Yume and the others are motivated to attempt this as they overflow with determination. Mahiru Kasumi from the first year Beauty Class hears this and for reason has a stern look on her face--.


With Tanabata approaching the girls observe the several stalks of bamboo decorating the place. Anna approaches them to convince them that they should also leave wish papers like everyone else and Yume decides they should do them now. Both she and Laura dream of making it into S4 and they find Koharu's with the desire to become even more like Yozora. As they step back to admire their tags they notice the clouds above clearing and turn to find Mahiru approaching them. With Yume not knowing her, Laura and Koharu explain how they know her as Yume offers one of the papers to Mahiru. Mahiru doesn't know her though, so Koharu introduces Yume and Laura to her formally, just for Mahiru to refuse writing a wish paper like everyone else. When asked why, she claims not to need it and continues down the path. Koharu is amazed with her cool attitude but Yume begins to wonder what her dream may be.

Later, in the Cafeteria the girls enjoy a break while watching Yozora's fashion show. Mahiru sits by herself, barely listening to it as well as Yozora gives advice on how to improve her inspiration creatively with fashion. After answering, Yozora reveals they will be holding a special performance event for whoever can create an inspiring theme design to match the "Asian Heroine" theme of Romance Kiss. The student will wear her outfit for a special live, with Yozora stating that the choice will be made solely based on the coords quality. A disclaimer is listed below, and Yozora points out she will also be one of the judges. Inspired the trio decide to give it their best shot.

Together, Yume, Laura, and Koharu head into town to do some inspiration hunting. But upon realizing how hungry Yume is they decide to grab a bite to eat before they resume, stopping by a Muffin Cafe. But to their surprise they find Mahiru and decide to spy on her. But suddenly, a boy joins them, who is wondering the same thing. He is able to understand Mahiru very well, claiming she'll get a chocolate muffin and to their amazement he's correct. Asahi then claims he is "Detective Pinky Cat", and saying it was easy for him to figure out. Koharu is excited to see him in person and points out he played in the movie with them. As Asahi introduces himself, Yume is surprised by the fact he knows her until he points out Subaru often mentions her. Yume, wanting to change the subject asks why he knows about Mahiru so much and to her surprise, he reveals himself as her brother. She is further surprised to learn he is also related to Yozora.

Just then Mahiru exits to find them there. Laura and Koharu aren't too surprised, and Asahi comments on how much all three of them love muffins, but its rare for them to be together. Yozora is quick to grab ahold of Mahiru and attempts to hug her- but Mahiru shoves her off and claims that because people are watching they shouldn't. Yozora then suggests they all have some tea but Mahiru refuses, despite Yozora's attempt to get her to reconsider, and she storms off after smashing some tiles, which Asahi explains is her way of trying to vent her anger. Asahi reminds Yozora that she must be going to her next gig then, revealing he grabbed her a muffin already. Before she goes, the girls mention to her their desire to enter the event and head inside.

There, Koharu goes through a magazine to recover information over the Kasumi family. From what she learns, their father is a CEO of an apparel company, nd their mother is a world-renowned super model. The girls are excited by the prospect of how amazing the family is, but Koharu remarks that Mahiru isn't all that happy over it. They're both in Beauty Class, but in comparison to Mahiru, everyone flocks Yozora. It seems like Mahiru intentionally avoids Yozora, and they wonder why that is. Koharu admits that while curious she's been unable to ask, given the awkwardness of the question.

Later, the girls watch an episode of Yozora's Fashion Time, with Yozora and Miss Romance going over the various outfits they have been sent. They compliment how wonderful they all are, and they decide to announce the top entrance. The best dress out of them all ends up being the one submitted by "Lunch-chan", for its sensual and bright colors and how they accent the Lotus flower chosen for the theme. The trio mope for a moment until they hear Mahiru suddenly get excited, and they bring up how she watches the show. With ease Koharu deduces that Mahiru must be this "Lunch" person, stating her name sounds like the word when pronounced in English. Mahiru has no choice but to admit she is, and the girls compliment her job well done, surprising her. They ask why she hid her identity though, but she explains her concern that she would be chosen for just being Yozora's sister and didn't want that to happen. This is also a personal challenge against her sister, who she and everyone else deem to be perfect, friendly, graceful, everything. She is unable to match Yozora, and this is why she is encouraged to keep going in an attempt to surpass her. Yume tries to tell her that she doesn't need to rival her sister like this but Mahiru pays her no mind, storming off to go train.

Late into the evening Mahiru trains, and eventually the performance day approaches. Yozora is surprised to find her sister before her, but isn't that surprised to realize she is the mysterious entrant, remembering their past when they used to come up with nicknames whenever they would play together, with Asahi being Morning, Mahiru Lunch, and herself Dinner. Mahiru does not warmly greet her sister however, and continues her plans to surpass her while in the waiting room.

It's then the trio show up to wish her luck, revealing they got her a present. They had baked a chocolate cake for her for a refreshment, but Yume laments that it got messy in the delivery- though Laura points out its because she ran there. Yume quickly apologizes for the messy job, but Laura and Koharu claim it's fine since her family runs a confectionery shop, so its bound to be really good. To their surprise, Mahiru finds this amusing and Yume remarks that she should smile more often because it looks a lot nicer on her. A sudden thought dons on Mahiru an she realizes lately she's been forgetting to smile. In a better mood, she tries a bite of the cake and compliments it a Yozora starts the program, announcing Mahiru, as Lunch, and how she will be performing in her special designed coord.

Mahiru observes the coord she managed to make and assures herself that she will be fine. She changes into the coord and appears on stage to perform "Summer Tears Diary".

After she finishes, the trio compliment Mahiru's job well done out on stage. She is thanked by Yozora from the stage, who compliments both the dress and her singing, she wishes her sister a bright and shining road before her. Together Mahiru joins the trio and walks with them, stating that no matter how much she tries to catch up and surpass Yozora, she's always there smiling before her. Yume claims this is something that makes her amazing though, because although she had an outstanding performance she isn't satisfied enough, knowing of her lofty goal. She puts more effort with everything she does in her desire to someday surpass Yozora, and the girls encourage her to keep going. It's then Mahiru requests putting up a wish paper as well, stating that while she won't make a wish, she wants to write her goal on it. Yume agrees and together they share a smile.

S4 are in the middle of tea when Yozora decides to go early. She decides to get some training in, saying she's too excited to sit still for any more tea. The girls note she has a lot of energy at the time, but that she's blamed.

That night Yozora goes out for a jog to find the paper written by Mahiru. She observes it before smiling, then decides to put in more effort as well an continues her jog.




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