The Fluttering Girlfriend♪
Episode 12
Episode Information
Kanji はばたくガールフレンド♪
English The Fluttering Girlfriend♪
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 23, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Honeybee's Kiss
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Stuck To! A Day with Hime Shiratori Story of the Little Fairy
The Fluttering Girlfriend♪ (はばたくガールフレンド♪) is the twelfth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on June 23, 2016.


Yume Nijino and the others have been living in the dormitories for days, when they receive a strict yet friendly call from Tsubasa Kisaragi, member of S4 and the school's student council president. Meanwhile, a first year has found a pet and brought it in. The dormitories ban pets and as this first year broke the rules, Tsubasa is rather angry yet she doesn't seem worried about it at all.


At a shopping district, Laura and Yume capture the attention of several. Yume is a bit nervous but calms down with some teasing from Laura as the woman with them explains what is going on and has the girls go to put on a performance. They observe the flowery coords they obtained for this performance and change into them, appearing on stage to perform "Honeybee's Kiss". Everyone is taken by the girls performance and they head into the waiting room where the woman from earlier comes inside to congratulate the girls. She encourages them to keep going and the girls agree.

That evening the duo tiredly make their way back to the dorms. Laura points out how much of a stickler Tsubasa can be for curfew, so they're glad they will make it on time. Suddenly they hear sound within the distance, and a pair of glowing eyes startles them. They run the rest of the way, only for Tsubasa to confront them. She asks why they were late, and they attempt to tell her about the strange sight they saw and how it chased after them, but she doesn't buy it and decides to punish them by making them clean the halls. It's then Yuri approaches and she happens to guess what happened. She claims it to be a good thing and using one of her "seminars" explains how special it is for Tsubasa to assign punishments. She explains a little bit about Tsubasa, saying that she is very respected, but decides to let them find out on their own.

By the time the duo finish cleaning, Tsubasa return to see how they did. They fear she may have more work, but instead she gives them some drinks and compliments their hard work. She warns them next time to use their Phones the next time they might be late, then allows them to go.

In her dorm room, Yume recalls what happened with Koharu. She says that she is able to understand why she's so popular, and admits that she hasn't really talked to Tsubasa for a while now.

Early the next morning, Tsubasa walks the halls while ringing a bell. The girls all head out and stand in two lines as she announces her plans to conduct a surprise uniform inspection. She calls out one girl by pointing out her bed-headed look, along with a girl whose tie isn't properly worn, a girl who wore mismatched socks, a girl who slouched, a girl who still has a beauty mask on, and so on. She then asks the girls to empty their pockets, with Yume revealing a somewhat crumpled cloth tissue. Tsubasa tells her to clean it before moving onto Koharu, who reveals a huge pile of candies. She tells her that she is only allowed no more than 300 yen worth of snacks, then assigns everyone with punishment for being careless by having them go into the large wash room. But during their time scrubbing a girl tells them something happened to Tsubasa.

Elsewhere, a girl begs Tsubasa to let the rule she broke slide. She reveals the tiny turtle, Hyuuri that she keeps with her, saying it is precious. Tsubasa insists that pets are forbidden and the girls arrive to spy on what is going on. Tsubasa tells her to take the turtle home, but the girl asks her to reconsider, because she needs Hyuuri with her. Tsubasa seems moved for a moment, only to state that rules are rules and she refuses, leaving the girl to start crying as she takes off. The girls are shocked by the sight, with Yume having her admiration for Tsubasa starting to waver.

Outside, two girls walk through a path when they too hear the sounds Laura and Yume heard. They spot the same scary glowing eyes and begin to scream.

At their garden, S4 enjoy some tea while discussing how popular Tsubasa has become lately. Of course Yuzu also heard that she made a first year cry, but Tsubasa claims she didn't to it intentionally. The girls believe she may have been a little harsh, and point out that she should know how the girl feels. She claims that an Idol should learn how to depend on herself instead of others, but the group remind Tsuabsa that she isn't alone, since she has them and they are her friends. They start to tease her and a girl runs up to inform them of something. All around the school word has began to spread about the strange mysterious animal, but they all think its a strange creature. But before anyone can linger on it longer, Tsubasa calls a meeting by asking everyone who will not be tending to their Aikatsu later in the afternoon are to gather at the field.

Later, everyone has gathered and Tsubasa brings up the creature. She has decides they will work as patrol to dispel the rumors, leaving everyone shocked. In groups of five the girls work together, with Yume winding up with Laura, Tsubasa, Yuri, and Koharu. Tsubasa is sure there is nothing wrong, and Yume attempts to speak to her and comments that she is walking too fast. Seeing Koharu lag behind and feeling worn out, she tells Yuri to watch her while the other three continue on. They still can't find anything and Tsubasa claims the creature doesn't exist. Just then the girls hear the same sound and Laura runs up ahead to prove they weren't fibbing. Yume joins her, despite Tsubasa's effort to stop them and she gives chase to the girls. Yume spots the creature and out of fright trips over her own feet, warning Tsubasa to leave her behind and leave. Tsubasa refuses and suddenly spots the creature, Hoo-chan, an owl.

With that, she explains that Hoo-chan is a friend while she checks Yume's ankle. Back when she was a child, Tsubasa was too shy and lacked any friends. Her parents had hoped to encourage her to become more open by enrolling her into an Idol School, and while Tsubasa grew to love singing and entered Four Star Academy. She points out here that she already explained that after meeting Hime her dream changed a bit, and she grew to love acting, but even then she could feel herself become sad and worried she would be left lonely. She met Hoo-chan and would speak to her during the evening, admiring the owl for her ability to be on her own. However, after being caught with Hoo-chan, she was forbidden from feeding or seeing her any further. Since then she hadn't seen Hoo-chan, and claims to be a weak person, which is why she tries to be strict with the students, so that they can rise past their loneliness and doubts.

While wondering why Hoo-chan suddenly reappeared, the girls are surprise to see she has had a family since then. Tsubasa is happy to see them all, saying that she assumed Hoo-chan was lonely and sad- but as it turns out she has a family and friends by her side after all. Its then Laura, Koharu, and Yuri reappear to spot all of the owls. They worry for a moment and Yume attempts to explain what they are; only to find them thin and strange looking when she turns. She is momentarily frightened until Tsubasa explains that its just a natural thing for Hoo-chan whenever she gets surprised.

Back at the school, the girl from earlier approaches Tsubasa. She has been told of her own past, and as a result has agreed to take Hyuuri home that weekend. Tsubasa compliments the student for her strength and goes to meet up with the other members of S4 later on. They welcome her and explain how they heard of the girls decision, but she claims it wasn't her who convinced the girl, but the others able to convey her true feelings. As the others begin to walk they notice her leg behind, but she says nothing and resumes walking, realizing just how precious her friends truly are to her.




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