Stuck To! A Day with Hime Shiratori
Episode 11
Hime's day
Episode Information
Kanji 密着!白鳥ひめの一日
English Stuck To! A Day with Hime Shiratori
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 16, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song episode Solo
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Yume's Start Line! The Fluttering Girlfriend♪
Stuck To! A Day with Hime Shiratori (密着!白鳥ひめの一日) is the eleventh episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on June 16, 2016.


Yume Nijino of Four Star Academy is told to serve the top idol Hime Shiratori as her manager for one day. Due to being close to Hime, Yume gets to accompany her to her program, in which she once again sees the proof of "Hime being a prodigy". However, the program director seems to be worried about something...


Hime confronts Headmaster Hikaru and demands to know what his plans are with Yume. He acts as though he has no idea of which she speaks, and Hime brings up how he made her cancel her performance to force Yume to do her first Live instead, asking if he has a plot in mind because she is special. Hikaru remains ambiguous, instead telling Hime it isn't of her concern and tells her to leave.

Meanwhile, Yume, Laura, and Koharu are in the Cafeteria discussing Yume's performance. Yume feels somewhat strange however, and mentions feeling a strange power. Laura and Koharu believe that this is just a sign she can be stronger under pressure- but Yume remains unconvinced.

It's then a red carpet rolls up to the table and spot Hime walk towards them. Hime thanks her for filling in for her the way she did, and apologizes if the sudden change in timing was a problem, but Yume quickly claims it wasn't a burden. It's then she spots Yamaguchi recording the little scene between them as the rest of S4 stands behind Hime and explain that she will be partaking in a show known as "Fervent Continent". Yamaguchi and his partner work for the show and will be following Hime around for the day for total coverage on her. Its then Hime asks Yume if she would be interested in joining them by working as her one-day manager. After a few words from Laura and Koharu, Yume quickly agrees.

Early the following morning, Yume makes her way over to their meeting spot. She imagines Hime complimenting her early arrival and spots the S4 Dorm up ahead of her. She is surprised, only to notice Hime behind her in training attire. Hime explains that she was out taking a jog before work, and Yume is amazed she wakes up so early. The girls are joined by Yamaguchi and his cameraman, and Hime greets them.

They head off to Hime's first job on a show known as "Makiko's Room", and the two of them quickly begin to chat, saying that Hime was quickly driven into the entertainment field, appearing as a model in several magazines as a little girl, and even performing in dramas as a child actor. Despite being surrounded by adults, she was always in high-spirits, with Hime explaining that she was familiar with cameras since birth, so she never felt nervous. She eventually entered Four Star Academy and in her very first summer there she became a member of S4. Now she spends her days modeling, singing, acting, and so on. Makiko claims that Hime is the definition of a perfect idol. After Yume claims her to be a prodigy, Yamaguchi suggests she continue to watch Hime more closely.

After finishing they head off to a new product pitch, based off of Hime; the Hime Rouge lipstick. She is touched by this product and compliments the color, with the man asking her to take part in its commercial. She agrees and they quickly get to work, using Hime to sit in a field of flowers while wearing the makeup- quickly winning the staff over with her charm and elegance. Yume brings Hime to a drink after she goes on break but accidentally trips, spilling a very small amount of it onto her dress. She nervously apologizes to the angry staff and they yell at her for what happened, but Hime claims she is sure she can just obscure the stain, and shows them. She quickly calms the staff down and Yamaguchi makes note of this with some narration. Yume is left amazed by this display and soon the filming ends. As they take off, Yume continues to apologize, and Yamaguchi points out the huge amount of fans awaiting Hime outside. Hime asks if they have some time to see them, and once Yume confirms they do they go outside.

Everyone goes wild as Hime greets the several fans, and she asks them to quiet for a moment and arranges them by height so that she can get a group photo, asking Yume to take it for them. She thanks the fans and promises to post it on her blog, asking them to check it out.

As they drive to their next destination Yamaguchi asks Hime what made her decide to interact with them. Hime claims that she only has such popularity because of them, so as thanks she tries to make sure she can be with them as often as possible. Suddenly, Yume notes that Hime is acting a little oddly, but when she asks about it, Hime claims to be fine, only to announce that it will rain at some point. She then asks Yume if she would mind stopping for a bite to eat for lunch, and they head off to a Curry House she enjoys.

After Hime requests what she usually gets, Yume requests the same but curiously wonders about the response the man gave her. As they start to eat she suddenly realizes why that was; because its extremely spicy. As Yume drinks her water, the man informs her that its the spiciest curry they make, and Hime claims that spicy curry is essential for beauty and health, and it also perks her up. In no time at all she finishes it, while Yume has been too stunned watching her to finish her own. It's then two waitress approach Hime and request a photo with her, with Yume getting it really quick. She shows it to the girls to ask if its okay, and one of them recognizes her too. They mention seeing her performance on Aikatsu TV, and they have also become fans of hers, requesting a photo with Yume as well. Yume worries it isn't okay though since she should be working, but Hime reminds her that it is important to interact with fans.

As Hime feels something again, she notes the dark sky approaching outside and at no time it starts pouring after they get to their next destination, where she must work in an hour. Hime suggests they rest with this in mind, and Yume is surprised to see how large the dressing room is. She notes the presents and flowers surrounding them, and suddenly Hime gets light headed. She claims to be fine, and that it always happens whenever it rains, due to being sensitive with low pressure. Yume asks if she has a medicine, and Hime states all she can do is wait for the rain to stop and decides to rest for the time being.

This causes Yume to worry, and eventually she realizes there's only ten minutes remaining before Hime has to perform. A man steps into the room to get Hime, and Yume notes she is still out of it and stops the man to try to tell him what the problem is. Before she can, Hime is up and perfectly fine- but as it turns out she actually isn't. Once the man leave she nearly faints again. Yume tries to tell her that she can't, but Hime refuses- stating that even if only one person waited for her she would go out to perform, no matter how she felt. Yume worriedly follows after her, watching helplessly as Hime remains ill, and Yume attempts to make her feel better by giving her a small hand massage because as her manager, she wants to help her no matter what. Suddenly they hear the man announce Hime has to go on stage. She runs up to the changing device and changes attire before appearing on stage to sing "episode Solo".

By now the weather is slowly returning to normal, with Yume complimenting Hime and crying. Hime is confused until Yume claims she was deeply touched by the performance and amazed by everything she experienced that day.

They head off to the garden where S4 usually gather, with Hime presenting some sweets she grabbed before joining them. Yozora prepares the tea after Hime makes a suggestion and Yume continues to watch them, delighted by the sight. So then Yamaguchi asks what Hime's goal is at this point. She explains her desire to continue bringing excitement to Aikatsu, and Yuzu sneaks up on her to leave a final message before the filming ends. Everyone thanks each other for the hard work, and Hime hands Yamaguchi a present. With that he takes off and Hime slowly falls asleep.

Yume worries, but the other three quiet her down and she relaxes upon seeing that it isn't serious. They explain that she often naps during her spare time, and she can remain energized whenever the camera rolls, as long as it takes. Yume realizes that Hime isn't a prodigy, but someone who works harder than anyone else, and because of that she is wonderful. The girls are happy to see this, and Yume mentions her desire to become more like Hime some day, they show support and Yume quietly cheers herself on.




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