Yume's Start Line!
Episode 10
Yume's StartLine!
Episode Information
Kanji ゆめのスタートライン!
English Yume's Start Line!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 9, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Start Line!
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Yume's Start Line! (ゆめのスタートライン!) is the tenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on June 9, 2016.


One day, Yume is suddenly issued to do the school's office. Since Hime's originally planned live was cancelled, Yume is told to perform her first live instead. Yume is ecstatic but not all of the tickets were sold out. In these severe circumstances, Yume wonders if she will succeed on the big stage...


One late stormy evening, Headmaster Hikaru is chatting with someone. He asks them for a favor, pointing out that he will be performing this upcoming Saturday. While asking this, he observes a picture of Yume.

The following morning, word of Hime's performance has been filling the halls. Yume and Koharu observe some posters when Anna spots the duo and tells Yume the headmaster needs to see her. Concerned she may be in trouble, Yume quickly makes her way over, hesitantly stepping into the office. He brings up Hime's performance, and Yume reveals how excited she is, having already purchased tickets for it. However, Hikaru has other plans in mind and wants her to perform instead- shocking Yume after she observes the poster he already made up.

In class, Anna has made word of this to everyone. The girls are confused as to why someone like Yume would be chosen, and Anna has her speak to the class. Yume mentions that while nervous she will do her best to make sure it goes well. The class applauds as Anna decides personal lessons are important for Yume right now and asks that the class helps with setting up the concert.

During lunch, Yume, Koharu, and Laura begin to wonder why Yume was chosen. They observe the Grade-Up Glitter she got from her last performance, with Yume deciding she will use it to make a wonderful coord for this one, as it's really special.

At the Coord Make Room, Yuri congratulates Yume for obtaining one so quickly. She then explains how the Grade-Up Glitter works to them, stating that it's used to make Rare Dresses. All that she has to do is overlay the Grade-Up Glitter on top of a normal Dress to transform it into a Rare. She then leaves the girls to work, and quickly a new coord appears. Laura compliments it and Yume mentions that it's from My Little Heart, the same brand worn by Hime.

Later on in the day, Koharu returns to find Yume checking out a song sheet. She recognizes it as "Start Line!" the same song they saw before joining Four Star Academy. They recall how Hime sang it back then, and Yume reveals that she already spoke to Anna about it and they agreed on this song. She happily decides to invite her parents to the concert after Koharu mentions how much closer to her dream of joining S4 she is getting.

Meanwhile, Hime asks the Headmaster of his plans. She doesn't think forcing a solo live on Yume right now is the best thing he could have done, and accuses her of not thinking Yume can handle it. Hime admits she sees potential in Yume, but is unhappy when Hikaru informs her Yume will be removed should she fail.

The following day, Yume sits by herself in the training room, thinking over the various aspects she needs to look over and tries to determine if she can reserve a lot of tickets for everyone she wishes to be there. To her surprise, she learns that not even a single ticket has sold and quickly runs to Anna after she joins her in the room. She asks what she should do about this, and Anna suggests she goes out to try to sell the tickets herself. She sends Yume out to get to it before wondering what Hikaru was possibly thinking.

As Yume worriedly glances at the suitcase full of the tickets she must sell, Yume is spotted by the director her class worked with some time back. She greets him and asks what he is doing there, and after he brings up the recording work they were busy doing, she asks if he would like to see her performance on Saturday. Unfortunately, he is unable to, as he has work that day. Yume also asks another director they worked with, but he too is busy.

Back at the cafeteria Yume continues to try to contact various people. It seems that everyone is too busy for Saturday and she continues to go through her lists- growing more depressed until deciding she can't do that. She runs outside and into town and offers everyone a free second ticket if they purchase at least one, but once again nobody shows interest.

Back within the school Yume hears a few students wonder why someone like her was picked to put on a solo live, voicing how hard it would be for anyone. Especially when she doesn't even have any fans yet. As Yume starts to feel worse, she is suddenly surprised when Laura shows up to reveal she sold three tickets. It ended up being her own fans, but they did say they could make it. While happy at first, Yume feels down again and runs off, claiming she has to do something. She runs to a nearby poster and starts to wonder just who this performance is really for.

With this in mind, Yume attempts to resume training, but she finds herself unable to concentrate. While sadly walking from the school grounds, Yume hears a group of girls talking to Hime and their disappointment that she won't be performing. Hime apologizes, promising to make it up to them soon, but she notices how sad Yume seems to be.

Later, Yume has a dream that she is set to perform- but nobody shows up at all. Sadly, she calls out but nobody hears her, with Laura appearing just as Yume reveals she finally understood what she said before. The stage was originally Hime's, and just because they both stand on it doesn't mean they see the same things from it. Yume asks what she should do, and Laura tells her that she was the one to decide to do this, taking off while telling her not to be a disappointment. Yume wakes up at her desk afterwards and takes out the sheet she originally wrote before joining the Academy and begins to cry.

Suddenly, she runs outside, only to bump into Subaru. She sits down and chats with him over what happened, admitting that she honestly doesn't know what to do. He tells her to quit if she isn't confident enough, but Yume refuses, saying it's too late to just do that. When she gets too difficult and is unable to make up her mind, he tells her to shut up and brings her to town to see how hard Koharu and Laura are working to try to sell tickets for her. The girls try to convince people that it will be worth it, and Yume realizes that if anything, at least those two are looking forward to it. To make her feel better, Subaru also reveals his first solo live only sold one ticket. He claims it isn't important that she gets a lot of people to like her so fast, but that she works on pleasing the ones she has before her now, and soon the numbers will grow. In saying this, they watch as two little children happily voice a desire to see Yume perform. Subaru points out that while Yume may not realize it, she does have her fans. With a new resolve, Yume takes off and Subaru reveals that he bought his own ticket.

Yume runs to find Anna and asks that she trains her. Anna is able to see her resolve and agrees to do so, spending most of that evening pushing and training Yume as much as she can. As this is going on, a few students happen to notice that Yume is continuing to train, despite how late it is. Laura approaches the girls and asks them if they could really do the same as her, despite everything she's been through.

Eventually, Saturday arrives. In her waiting room, Yume is approached by her parents, who have brought a snack for her. She thanks them to see a decorated cake within the box, and just then Koharu arrives, along with Laura. They have come to speak to Yume, and her dad points out that he hadn't seen too many people in the lobby. Instead of being depressed, Yume claims that nobody else is going to show up; but it's fine, because she'll work to put on a great performance for her fans who did. Suddenly, the two girls from earlier show up and ask Yume if they can watch, having finished their work for Hime quickly so that they could make it there in time.

As the rain pours outside, the Directors, along with Kaoru show up just in time, as Yume steps into the changing area and puts on her brand new coord and gets on stage to perform.

Afterwards, the people in the audience compliment Yume's job well done. They note how different she seems to be on stage now, with Laura recalling the first time Yume stepped onto the stage. Standing off by himself, Hikaru makes a remark before leaving. Hime runs past him to see Yume waving to everyone in the audience and happily observes her.

Outside, Hikaru comments that unless Yume is able to conquer her Idols Potential and Power, her career as an Idol will end.




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