Miracle Girls☆
Episode 09
Episode Information
Kanji ミラクルガールズ☆
English Miracle Girls☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 2, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Aikatsu☆Step!
Heart Ski♡ps
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Miracle Girls☆ (ミラクルガールズ☆) is the ninth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on June 2, 2016.


Yume and Laura are to play in the Campaign Girl Audition for the famous sweets shop, Kōkadō. The president of Kōkadō says that she wants new products related to "sea bream baked in miracles" as she is looking for miracle idols. Intelligence, physical fitness is what those lucky enough need to pass the audition. Overcoming a number of things, who will become the splendid Campaign Girl...!?


In his office, a woman shows up to speak to Hikaru.

Meanwhile, Yume and Koharu are trying to determine what to do for lunch when they hear a man at another counter speaking. He promises them free Taiyaki and the girls ask if they can really just have it. After he confirms this they begin to eat, complimenting the food before Yume pulls out a piece of paper labeled "Winner". As the man rings a bell to reveal this, Laura is revealed to have also gotten this paper.

Anna reveals this paper to mean the girls are automatically entitled to enter the Kōkadō Audition. Kōkadō is a famous confectionery brand and each year they hold auditions to select a campaign girl to promote the newest products. She also points out the girl to become the Happy Koi-Koi Konpeito girl was none other than Yuzu. With that she wishes the girls luck.

Eventually the event approaches, with Yume and Laura standing amount eighteen other girls as a man announces the event. He reveals that not only will a live audience be there to cheer them on, but the television viewers from across the nation can also witness the event.

Right away, two girls from Shine Academy, Naho and Ayumi start to make discussion with the girls, pointing out that while they can see how serious and talented Laura is, they don't understand how Yume got there. Right away Laura warns them about selling her short, but before more words can be exchanged, the announcer begins the event. A woman greets everyone and reveals herself to be Kaoru, the president of Kōkadō; who has come to find the girl to promote their new product, Miracle Felici-taiyaki. She is in search of an idol who posses the three special qualities, knowledge, stamina, and luck. She then reveals the special guest of the event, Yuzu, who will also be hosting it.

The first event begins, a true and false event where the girls must take turns answering true or false questions by attacking the wall they believe is correct. Yuzu starts by telling them that she ate fluffy omelette rice for dinner, the girl who starts chooses true and fell into the mud, causing Yuzu to reveal she actually had Soba. Next Laura goes, and Yuzu says her personal spin record was one-hundred turns. Laura thinks it over before confidentially choosing false, as Yuzu would never stop at one-hundred. She turns out to be right and Yuzu reveals her record to be two-hundred and fifty. Yume takes her turn next, and Yuzu claims to always make room for her favorite stuffed cat. Yume is left in doubt but decides to just believe in her answer, and to her surprise she actually chose the right one, false.

Ten girls move onto the next challenge, where they must take part in a Powerful Race. Here they will be facing a test of stamina, and Yuzu explains that only two pairs can move onto the next round- so only the first two pairs to arrive qualify. Ayumi claims Yume only managed to do well because of luck, but Yume tells them she hopes both sets can make it to the next round- surprising the duo. With that the race starts, with Yuzu and Kaoru making commentary over it.

First the groups approach several stones within the water and easily jump over them. But mid-way through, octopus statues begin to shoot out several balls at them. Yuzu encourages the girls to keep going and a few of them start to fall, with Yume hitting the balls back to protect everyone instead. Ayumi and Naho make their way ahead to the second part, along with six other girls as they climb through a handing rope made path. During the third part, a sack hopping race, Yume and Laura are able to hurry and catch up to the Shiny Academy duo by the time they reach the fourth part, a large set of monkey bars. Eventually they come to the next part, a large wood hanging bridge.

Noticing that Ayumi and Naho haven't crossed yet, the girls note this is their chance to hurry and catch up; but Yume notices Laura hesitate and starts to realize that she might be frightened of heights. Laura claims she isn't, and attempts to force herself to keep going. With that Yume grabs her hand and promises to be there for her, so together they slowly cross the bridge, and Yume warns Laura not to look down. Laura can't resist just taking a small glance and momentarily panics. As she helps her calm down, they suddenly catch up to Naho and Ayumi. Ayumi claims they were only taking a rest but as Yume realizes they're also frightened, she suggests the four of them cross together.

At the end of the bridge, Laura and Yume run forward, reaching a large wall they must climb while hanging onto a rope. While Yume doesn't have too much trouble, Laura struggles to keep hold of it, allowing the other four sets to climb the wall with ease. Yume promises to help her, seeing how scratched her hands are and she quickly climbs it, giving Laura a ride on her shoulders. Before they reach the top, but just as she is able to fall back, Ayumi and Naho quickly grab onto them to pull them up. Together the two sets take a momentary break, and Laura asks why they helped them. Ayumi states that it was only to pay them back, and with that both teams, more dedicated than ever quickly run to the final part of the race, climbing over a row of stones and approaching the goal.

At this point, Ayumi and Naho are worn out, while Laura pushes herself to keep going to keep up and grab them the win, alongside the Shiny Academy girls. Kaoru decides the last portion, the most important trait of an Idol, Luck, will be determined in a game of rock-paper-scissors. The girls are shocked by this, but with no choice they get onto the stage to just get it over with. Yume and Laura both draw scissors, while Naho and Ayumi draw paper.

As Yume and Laura are announced the winners, Ayumi is somewhat grumpy but she decides to act graceful. Laura thanks them for their help earlier and they walk off of the stage, leaving her and Yume to play until one of them wins. Unfortunately, both girls happen to keep making the same shape with their hands and this goes on late into the evening. Both Laura and Yume are worn out, and they can't determine why they keep throwing the same symbols. With that, Kaoru decides they should have an online competition by making the girls perform and see who wins that way. They exchange some words and head back to change and get on stage, with each girl performing a different song.

With that, the announcement comes in on a large screen to show the girls who got the most votes. Yume is disappointed when Laura manages to fill her entire bar with votes and wins, with Kaoru approaching to announce Laura's luck must have played a part. She announces her as that year's Miracle Girl and tells her to make her proud, and Yume thanks Laura for helping to keep her going as her rival. With that the audition ends.

Later, Yume, Laura, and Koharu watch a program where Yuzu is going to tell the audience about the new Miracle Felici-taiyaki. She takes a bite of it and compliments the taste before revealing the brand new commercial, involving Laura dressed in a large Taiyaki outfit while wearing a dress and holding a few of them to dance and sing a small jingle with. 




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