A Small Radiance
Episode 08
A Small Radiance
Episode Information
Kanji 小さな輝き
English A Small Radiance
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 26, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Future Transit
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A Small Radiance (小さな輝き) is the eighth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on May 26, 2016.


Yozora Kasumi from S4 has notified the first year Moon Beauty students about a contest for fashion models. After her attempt on the large stage, Koharu is quite nervous. With their lessons used for production time, everyone is in the same class from midday. With Koharu having no faith in herself, she begins to lose all of her self-confidence...


One day the students of the Moon Beauty class are taken to their training session when the teacher, Tamagoro introduces them to a new concept. When the girls express confusion, he calls in Yozora to explain it to them. She reveals the class will partake in a collaborative show with the brand she models, Romance Kiss. The contest is only open for first years and she plans to watch them all closely to see how they manage. Right away Koharu worries as the other girls get excited.

At lunch Yume snaps her out of her daze when Laura realizes the time. They reveal that they have a lesson before their next class and apologize before taking off. Koharu is happy to see how focused they are and she heads out to her next lesson, only to drop her water bottle during the balancing exercise. Tamagoro assures her that more practice may be in order- but points out the contest is taking place soon. He then requests Mahiru to take her turn and she flawlessly manages to balance a two-liter bottle on her head; just like Yozora. A connection that doesn't pass by Koharu. Mahiru spins with ease and poses, wowing her classmates. The class is then dismissed and when Mahiru starts to cough, Yozora offers her a cough drop, along with some mint and orange flavors, and a lozenge. Mahiru comments on how much she is holding, and Koharu explains that she always stuffed items in her pockets. Mahiru takes the mint before asking to call Koharu by name after Koharu calls her by name. 

After Mahiru walks off, two classmates approach and compliment Koharu. At first she doesn't understand, until they explain that its really hard to approach someone like Mahiru, due to her adult-like nature. While Koharu sees what they mean, she doesn't really find it all that hard.

Outside, Koharu sits on a bench when she spots Laura carrying some items and Laura dragging a heavy set of speakers behind her. At first Yume complains but she believes it just got lighter; until it turns out Koharu was actually helping her from behind. She offers to help Yume and follows behind them, taking what they said in mind.

That evening the girls tiredly retire into their room. Koharu feels bad for not doing more, but Yume insists she did enough to lend a hand. Koharu then asks to speak with Yume about something, only to realize she's already fallen asleep. She decides to just let Yume sleep, recalling the past when Yume revealed her dream to get into S4 and convinced Koharu to join her. Remembering that Koharu decides that instead of feeling sorry for herself, she should be working hard as a Model. She opens up a variety of drawers and starts to model various looks, including the elegance of Yozora and Mahiru, the intellectual look, something cute, and totally off of the wall, including a diver suit, a cat girl themed parka outfit, and a mysterious detective. However, in the end she feels that something is missing.

Just then Yume awakens and is frightened after Koharu approaches her, still in costume. Koharu assures her that its just her and removes the disguise while revealing the upcoming Fashion Model Contest for first-years. She wishes to enter, but isn't entirely convinced she can do it. Yume voices excitement at getting to see her model, but this only worsens Koharu's mood.

The following morning, Yume and Laura are outside training when they spot Koharu heading into a building and wonder if she is training as well.

Inside, Koharu confesses to the Moon Beauty teacher that she won't enter the contest. Her skills aren't very good, and she has no confidence either. Tamagoro tries to convince Koharu to reconsider, pointing out that this is a test of courage and having flaws isn't as bad as she thinks. It's then they spot Yume and Laura spying on them and the girls take her outside to talk. Koharu admits that she was unable to confess her feelings to them, due to the timing, and Yume attempts to convince her that she can be courageous and confident. She recalls their past when they were little and would sing and dance along with the Idols they watched on television. Koharu would correct Yume on what needed to be worked on, then after Yume complimented her, she revealed to carry six DVDs within her pockets and they sat down to watch them. Yume claims that Koharu is very good at Idoling, and she looked up to her since they were little- and even now she admires her modest and perceptive personality, as well as her kindness. She loves her as much as she did back then, if not even more. Laura also points out that being different is a good thing, reminding her how each one of the S4 is different from one-another. Encouraged by the girls, Koharu decides to keep trying, with Yume and Laura offering to lend her a hand.

With that Koharu gets to training, walking on a balance beam with a bottle of water. After dropping it, Yume asks to try and see how hard it is; but unaware, she accidentally tries to balance a two-liter bottle and doesn't go far at all. They ask if she is okay after she falls and Koharu decides she wants to try to use it to push her limits further. After she falls, Koharu keeps trying, getting a bit further with each try. After two hours pass Yume suggests a break- but Koharu wants to keep going. Just then she stumbles- but twirls to save herself and makes it to the very end, thanking the girls when they congratulate her job well done.

That evening the Romance Kiss: Etoile Fashion Show begins. Yozora introduces the event to everyone and explains how the program will work. The teachers will be assisting on the judging and reminds everyone to be impartial. Eventually the last few contestants take their turns, including a girl named Momoi Kokoro, Mahiru, and lastly, Koharu. Koharu elegantly walks across the stage- but right before finishing she stumbles over her own feet. Recalling what she did earlier, Koharu quickly twirls and ends with a curtsy, leaving everyone amazed as she leaves the stage. Yozora thanks the audience and entrants and allows Tamagoro to take over. He announces for the finale Yozora will be putting on a performance and she runs back stage to change and perform to "Future Transit".

Once the performance ends, the three girls join Yozora and Tamagoro on stage. They announce the winner of the contest, Mahiru. Yume shows dismay while Laura points out that Mahiru was flawless. However, to everyone's surprise they plan to include a special judges choice, which goes to Koharu for a job well done. They ask the winners to step forward and explain how Mahiru embodies the sexy brand while showing plenty of poise and elegance, while Koharu managed to win over everyone with her potential and ability to quickly think in times of trouble. She thanks everyone while the girls comment on how well she did. Koharu thanks them mentally and recalls Yume's words from the past once more- now certain that together they will manage to become a member of S4 some day.





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