Simple is The Best!
Episode 07
Simple Is The Best!
Episode Information
Kanji シンプル イズ ザ ベスト!
English Simple is The Best!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 19, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Aikatsu☆Step!
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Simple is The Best! (シンプル イズ ザ ベスト!) is the seventh episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on May 19, 2016.


This Spring, an ice cream company known as "Jewel Ice Cream" is looking for the "Unique Idol". Being attracted to the word "unique", Laura decides to become a candidate. When she does some research on the personality of being this idol, she realizes something. What is the personality to be this idol? The more Laura thinks about it, the more she doesn't understand, so she decides to try and reach for her own individuality...


Hikaru and Anna chat regarding Yume's slow lack of progress. At the rate she is going, he doesn't see her becoming a member of S4 anytime soon. Anna points out that she's been learning a lot from Laura, who has received specialized education in terms of music at a young age and has a lot of skill. She is sure that the two of them will become fine Idols, but Hikaru points out that Laura must overcome a personal struggle- which he seems to already understand as to what it is.

Meanwhile, Yume and Koharu observe the large, Sakuraba family tree, which is full of musicians. It goes back since the Edo Period, and she points out the very first musician was Gonzaemon Sakuraba, a shamisan player. Followed by Sakurako, who toured in America as a composer during the Meiji Period, Urara, a songstress of the Taisho Period. In the Showa Period they have her father, a violinist, and her mother, a pianist. Yume points out that with Laura, born in Heisei, is now an Idol. Laura promises at this rate she will definitely make it into S4 to avoid failing her ancestors. It's then the girls get a message for an upcoming Audition for unique, indivisual Idols. Yume and Koharu agree that Laura should try out for the role and she agrees.

Laura heads out to get to training with the others and Yume asks what the brand, Jewel Ice is. Koharu looks it up and informs her its a recently founded Ice Cream company with the concept of trying new, never before seen flavors, which is why they want unique, individual Idols. Suddenly, Yume is very supportive over Laura- but this facade doesn't pass her and right away Laura points out Yume only wants free ice cream. Yume attempts to claim this isn't true but she she struggles while getting Koharu to agree that Laura will pass the audition. Laura is a bit uneasy though, saying that several Idols will attempt to push their unique traits to be chosen, so the key to winning will be leaving the Judges with a huge impact. The girls start to worry this may be hard, but they promise to help Laura.

The first step the girls try out is deciding what Coord Laura will wear. While they like the top design she makes, she worries it isn't special enough and lacks impact. She asks Koharu to draw something for her, knowing she's a talented artist, but she ends up making something very old fashioned and oriental. While Laura likes it, they fear its too hard to dance in. Koharu shows her the next drawing of a cowgirl, but they note it isn't feminine enough for her, so she asks for some inspiration from a fairy tale; only for Koharu to draw her as the little match girl. Depressed with this idea, Laura suggest aliens, followed by a cave woman and cat girls. The last idea Koharu comes up with is an Ice Cream Mascot, Icemon. Defeated, Laura settles on cowgirl design and they move on to choosing a unique song and head into the School Library to try to find one.

First Laura picks, "Amakaze and Tears and Men and Woman", an Enka song they deem strange as she is an Idol, followed by the rap song, "De Su Yo Ne", but as it turns out Laura isn't a rapper. Yume remarks that none of the songs befit Laura and suggests she just chooses a song she prefers. Laura determines this to be a lazy decision though, since it will lack impact but Yume still believes it could work. As Laura decides to think things over, she goes to return the books and runs into Anna, who mentions that Laura was the first student to apply for an external audition. She wishes her luck and Laura takes off. Anna seems to note something is off but says nothing of it.

That evening, while Koharu and Laura prepare for bed, Yume voices her worries that Laura may be having trouble. As both her friend and rival, Yume wants her to go far in her Idol career, and wants her to pass the Audition as well. Koharu is happy to know this and finishes preparing for bed. As this is going on Laura attempts to fill out her sign up form and gets to bed after playing with her hair.

The following morning at the Jewel Ice building, the girls head to the Audition Room. Laura arrives to find several unique Idols there, some of which are looking at her and are from various different school. Several girls note that Laura must be talented as a student from Four Star Academy, but Laura, distracted suddenly bumps into a few brooms and knocks them over. She apologizes to the cleaner, but he isn't upset. He asks if she is okay before remarking how interesting and unique Idols are lately, and after Laura mentions they're all desperate to show off their unique traits he claims standing out and being unique are separate things, and in the end being simple is best. He wishes her luck and walks off, leaving Laura to wonder what he said.

When her audition approaches, Laura introduces herself before she answers some questions. First they ask her what her favorite flower is and she answers the Cherry Blossom, as her family crest and name. Then they ask for her favorite fruit and she answers Papaya, causing her to make a small joke. The man then asks why she chose to take this audition and she earnestly states that everyone believes she has what it takes to be an individual Idol. They take a moment to compliment her responses, as well as her talent as a Four Star Academy Idol. However, one judge believes something is off and he wonders if Laura may be forcing her personality. Suddenly the interview ends and they inform her that she will be taking part in a singing Audition within two days.

Disappointed, Laura returns to her room and recalls what the judge said. She refuses to believe she's forcing anything and starts to wonder if the Coord she settled on was good enough. She also recalls what Yume said and tries to figure out what she may be lacking- only to complain and give up.

The next day Yume is out taking a walk when she spots Laura. She is shocked to see how tired Laura looks and comments on it, and Laura asks Yume if she seems forced. Before she can answer, Anna suddenly shows up again and seems to already know whats bothering her. She also knows how Laura can overcome it and offers to teach her, and Laura agrees, diving head first into running fifty or so laps on the track. Yume tiredly works with Laura, being reminded that as her friend she has to be there for her. They also hula-hoop, pull tires with ropes tied on them, climb a large tree, and sit beneath a waterfall. The entire time Yume complains but Laura tries to focus on an answer. By now the girls are worn out and tired, so she asks Laura a complicated math equation. When Laura is unable to think of an answer, Anna is happy to see she gets what she tried to teach them, then walks off, leaving the girls baffled. 

They tiredly retire to Laura's room and while Yume lays, beat on the floor, Laura tries figuring out what the point of all the training was. After Laura points out the performance will be held tomorrow, Yume mentions a desire for ice cream. Whenever she feels tired or down she likes ice cream, then asks Laura what her favorite food is. Laura reveals the Konbu she made herself and while it may seem old-fashioned, its an art she truly admires. She opens the container and happily eats a piece, perking up right away. Yume is happy to see she's in a better mood and Laura realizes what the man was trying to say while Yume lays on her bed to spot a poster stuck to the bed above hers. Laura reveals she is a fan of the band, Metal Dolls, and would love to wear a coord like their outfits. It suddenly dons on Laura that she didn't need to worry about things at all and thanks Yume before running out of the room. She heads straight to the Dress Make room to make up a wonderful coord, suddenly inspired.

The next day, the song audition arrives and Laura realizes that she's been an individual this entire time; because the things she likes and values are what make her this. She changes into her coord and appears on stage to perform Aikatsu☆Step!.

After the performance the Judges and audience applaud Laura, with a fourth judge revealed. The girls head backstage and await the results of the audition and Laura is proclaimed the winner. Happily she embraces Yume and Koharu.

In the Headmasters office, Hikaru chats with Anna again and comments on how she was able to reach through to her.

Eventually free samples of the ice cream are being given and as it turns out she gained several new fans and people recognize her right away. It's then Laura spots the cleaning man and she runs up to thank him for his help. A woman suddenly spots them and runs up to them, causing Laura to fear she did something wrong until the woman reveals the cleaning man is actually the President of Jewel Ice. This surprises Laura and the woman attempts to get him to stop cleaning, causing her to laugh. They agree that simple is best and she watches when a few more people appear to drag him off.

It's then Yume and Koharu appear and Laura reveals the new, black ice cream. They made a flavor based on her own interest: the Konbu. While she enjoys it, it sends Yume running for water and Koharu attempting to eat it out of politeness, but Laura holds Yume back to keep her from leaving.



  • This is the first episode where the idols from S4 do not appear.


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