ROCK! Rock Girls!
Episode 06
ROCK! Rock Girls!
Episode Information
Kanji ROCK!ロック ガールズ!
English ROCK! Rock Girls!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 12, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Miracle Force Magic
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ROCK! Rock Girls! (ROCK!ロック ガールズ!) is the sixth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on May 12, 2016.


S4 has announced that they will star in a production of a drama called "ROCK! Rock Girls", which causes Yume Nijino and the other idols of Four Star Academy to cause an uproar. However, the student officers have set up an audition to select three students among the first years to join the drama. Yume, Laura and Koharu are all motivated to pass the audition and co-star with S4. However, who will be the three people to pass the audition!?


During breakfast the girls turn on the S4 morning program. There they introduce themselves as the hosts before they get into the topic for the day, they will be cast in an all new drama that Tsubasa is helping to direct. They will be holding a school wide audition to cast extras. With that the program ends as they reveal that details can be found on the billboards around the school. Yume is excited by the program and decides she must audition for a role.

There, a crowd of students form around the poster to find out the Drama will be called, "The story of a group of studyholic girls who formed a rock band and got into a music university on their first try", with the abbreviation, "Rock! Rock Girls". Koharu reveals everything she has found out so far, such as the setting being a prep school full of students who could care less for current trends and view their classmates as enemies as they fight for the best grades. They have no friends, but everything changes after they form a rock band and slowly gain popularity until they finally take to the stage of everyone's dreams, Rock Koshien. Their bands fame gives them enough to be accepted into the same university together and they are immortalized as a band of Miracles. Koharu then reveals its based on a novel, and while the S4 will plain the main characters, students around the school will play various classmates.

Yume and Laura are convinced to try out for the role, but Koharu isn't sure she could do it. Yume is able to encourage her after pointing out that she would get a chance to act with Yozora, whom she admires greatly and its enough to make her reconsider.

In class, Yume voices concern over not being able to act. Laura isn't though, but their discussion gets interrupted when Anna arrives. She greets the students before revealing she brought in a special instructor for the day. Much to their shock Tsubasa arrives to lend the girls a hand and learn the basics to acting- delighting the students as Tsubasa tells them to relocate to the lesson room. There, she decides they will begin by reading the script.

The story begins with act 18, in which Tsubasa, the student, is awakened to Rock music after she sees M4 playing near a fountain. The girls note how realistic her reading of it was and grow somewhat anxious before she resumes, saying that in the next scene the protagonist hands out flyers to try to recruit band members. But nobody gives her even a glance and she is ignored. Tsubasa decides to make the class try to act like indifferent, uncaring students, but Yume and Laura are too tense and stiff to come off convincing. Suddenly the next student takes her turn and she gracefully passes, thanking Tsubasa for her compliment. The students near Yume and Laura quickly begin to chatter about Ako, saying she is one of the top acting freshmen. Laura is sure she'll make the audition with no problem.

Later the girls take a break, with Koharu mentioning that because the Bird Theater class focuses on acting to begin with, it will be hard for them to keep up. Yume remains encouraged and suggests they do some special training, so once school ends the girls head out to a book store to learn more about Studyholics. Koharu suggests they wear makeup to look tired and worn out, but Yume's loud response catches everyone's attention- including two members of M4 and Ako, who is now dressed in fan attire and observing Subaru.

The girls take notes over what they should focus on but Yume continues to be bit too loud, eventually causing the trio to flee the shop after more complaints get sent their way.

Outside, Subaru and Nozomu come out to see what Yume is doing. He reads over what Yume wrote and starts to laugh when Nozomu points out that they're also staring in the drama. Yume asks them how they act, and Subaru suggests they don't try to act at all. People who aren't used to acting try to force themselves and just end up looking bad or strange, so he suggests she just acts confident before they take off. Meanwhile, Ako angrily watches from a distance. As the girls realize how much of a point they have, Ako suddenly runs up to Yume and pushes her forward. This surprises Yume, and Ako demands that she answers her question. She tries to attack Yume again when Yume attempts to be friendly with her, then runs off while promising that she won't lose to someone like Yume, leaving Yume very confused.

The following day, everyone is introduced to the main Director of the drama, Jirou Okamoto. Tsubasa asks that he gives them a few words of encouragement, but he provides very little and the auditions get underway. Throughout the morning the students give various auditions- but in the end, the Director chooses the girls, along with Ako and their classmates. With that, they start to roll the scene they practiced earlier on at school. Flawlessly the girls manage to do their roles with ease, and during break, Yume approaches Tsubasa to ask for an opinion on their acting.

At first Tsubasa said its obvious they're not used to acting. However, they did extremely well for their first time. With that they move onto the next scene, when Tsubasa attempts to form a band by asking Yozora, Yuzu, and Hime. In their roles none of them are interested, saying that they have to focus on their exams and nothing more. But Tsubasa manages to stop Hime by asking her if studying so much is worth it if it only pleases her parents but not herself. This causes Hime to reconsider.

Later, they move onto the scene where M4 sees the band gaining popularity.  They claim the girls will be their greatest rivals, but they will win no matter what. While Koharu and Laura are impressed by their acting, Yume claims she will always support S4 anyway. As this is going on Ako resumes spying on Subaru and fawns over how cool he looks. But just then the director calls a cut to the scene, deeming something to be missing. Subaru suggests that he gets a girlfriend, because his character would want to win for her sake and the Director agrees to this. He spots Yume and calls for her, insisting that she play the role of girlfriend, much to Ako's anger. As they're going off of the script the Director suggests they ad-lib, Yume attempts to tell him she isn't prepared; until Subaru angers her and challenges her by saying she's too frightened to take a risk and even try.

Yume steps onto the stage to argue with Subaru, saying that while she is afraid of failure, she isn't the only one. But she knows that by running away her dreams won't be able to come true, so she won't do that. As long as she doesn't give up she is sure her dream will come true. Suddenly, Subaru embraces Yume and he continues to speak. This surprises Yume and shocks Ako even further until the Director calls cut. Nozomu compliments the acting and claims Yume came off as Subaru's actual girlfriend, but she tells him not to speak like that, and that she would never like someone like Subaru no matter what. Subaru calls her rude but she claims he's the one who is rude and he takes off, missing Ako attack Yume once again. As Yume spots her, Subaru tosses Yume a bottle of water from the opposite side of the room, and Yume, seeing Ako's response offers it to her. At first Ako is excited- but she quickly stops by refusing such charity.

In this moment, Koharu asks her if she likes Subaru. Ako denies it right away but its very obvious to them and sends her running off crying. Laura comments that she's too obvious, even as an acting student, while Koharu finds her cute, and Yume calls her funny.

Later on, Anna acts as the announcer of the Koshien Rock performance. She announces the girls band will be taking their turn, but suddenly, only Tsubasa steps onto the stage. Surprised she asks where the other members are, and Tsubasa reveals they abandoned her to focus on their studies and the exams. Its just her now, but just then someone arrives on a motorcycle, revealing Yozora with the Moon Beauty teacher driving it, Yuzu skydiving, and lastly, Hime, who comes down the stairs and claims its Tsubasa's fault they showed up. The exams will come again but this is the only time they can play with their friend at the Koshien Rock. Tsubasa is touched by the gesture and she puts on her ear piece to sing and play music with everyone. After the performance ends, Anna announces that the Rock! Rock Girls won in the end. As they embrace each other everyone in the crowd cheers and Tsubasa ends the drama with some final words.

In the end it turns out the trio was watching the performance. Laura criticizes how Yume cried after it ended, just like she does for every other drama. Koharu compliments how well S4 did when suddenly, Ako arrives again. She tells Yume that she stands no chance, only to get flustered and suddenly drop her tray of items, which Yume catches for her while asking if she is okay. Ako starts by saying she is, but realizes what she is doing and quickly tells off Yume before storming off. Laura and Koharu comment on how interesting Ako is while Yume makes conversation with her, attempting to wish her luck towards her acting aspirations. Ako is quick to snap and say she doesn't need it though, threatening to claw at her.




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