Dream Stage☆/Stage
Dream Stage✮
Song Dream Stage☆
Idol Type Sexy
Stage Type Drama
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 3
Anime Broadway☆Dream


The performance takes place on an elaborate stage. The ceiling is dark purple with lighter-colored drapes hanging from the top, surrounding a purple and gold chandelier that has hot pink spade symbols covering it. In the background lining the wall is a pattern of four images, coming in violet, red, yellow, and green, each depicting a girl in a different pose. Above each image is a large white shine marking. The lower half of the wall is covered in red and hot pink gradient curtains, resting behind several gold columns.

The floor itself has a fuchsia and purple check pattern surrounding the area where the idols perform. A section of gold lines the performance location, with water spouting from it. Behind the area are fuchsia curtains with a pair of ruby lips above them that has Show Time written in gold, along with a lipstick tube. 

Anime Appearances