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Butterfly Tail Coord
Type Cool
Brand Gothic Victoria
Rarity Campaign Rare
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 5

 Butterfly Tail Coord (パープルバタフライテールコーデ) is a campaign rare coord made by the cool brand Gothic Victoria that will be released as a part of the S4 Selection Campaign. It’s a color variation of the Green Butterfly Tail Coord.


Purple Butterfly Tail Blouse

A purple smoke ruffled blouse with dark amethyst ribbon on each sleeve and around the neck, with a silver rose on each sleeve ribbon, and a sky blue gem on the ribbon at the neck. The bodice of the torso is dark purple with gold lining and white floral designs on the sides, while the center is grape with silver and grey thorn vines. A strap of plum goes down the center with three gold straps. Comes with dark grey floral gloves with a ruffled black cuff held by a large sky blue gem with a silver wing sewn to the side.

Purple Butterfly Tail Skirt

A grape skirt with a thorny vine design in two rows, along with silver roses, gold butterflies, and a gold and grey emblem design. A thin gold strand goes around the bottom of the skirt with several silver roses sewn to it. Two pieces of material hang from the bottom, one dark purple, one smoke purple.

Purple Butterfly Tail Boots

Dark purple boots with silver, pointed heel sole. A grape flap with several black straps lined in silver over it with gold lining in front of the leg. At the bottom of this is a small gold butterfly, while a silver rose is sewn to the top of the flap. White ruffles are sewn around the top. Included are black tights with two gold butterflies on the left leg.

Butterfly Tail Accessory

Three blue roses attached to small leaf with a golden butterfly on it. A single wing has a sapphire gem on it. Included are pearl dangles with diamond links that have a sapphire and silver gem butterfly.

Dress Items

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Np04 h05 co cr002 tbsa t02
Purple Butterfly Tail Blouse
Np04 h05 co cr002 tbsa b02
Purple Butterfly Tail Skirt
Np04 h05 co cr002 tbsa s02
Purple Butterfly Tail Boots


Np04 h05 co cr002 tbsa a01
Butterfly Tail Accessory

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Cp5-7-2-star 00
Purple Butterfly Tail Blouse
Cp5-8-2-star 00
Purple Butterfly Tail Skirt
Cp5-9-2-star 00
Purple Butterfly Tail Boots


Cp5-18-star-star 00
Butterfly Tail Accessory


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