Brand (ブランド) is the general term that identifies the distinctive product of a company. In the Aikatsu! universe, the term "brand" is used to describe the company in which the Aikatsu Stars! cards are from.

Each brand is based on one of the four idol types: Cute, Cool, Sexy, or Pop and from there create designs with themes and styles unique to that brand. There are currently nine known brands.


Different from the brands from the original Aikatsu! series, in Aikatsu Stars! series, brands are not founded by designers, but instead by "muses", meaning top idols, who represent the spirits of the brands and allow designers to work under the brand project. Only brand muses can wear the premium dresses of that brand.

In the system of Four Star Academy, students who win the S4 Selection match and become a part of S4 can automatically gain the right to found their own brands. Outside the schools, there are also designer companies who voluntarily sponsor idols to do their brands as well.


My Little Heart


My Little Heart (マイリトルハート) is a cute-type brand. With lovely motifs such as ribbons, hearts and laces, it is a sweet brand adored by many girls. It is founded by Hime Shiratori and is her favorite brand.

Spice Chord


Spice Chord (スパイスコード) is a cool-type brand. The concept of making every day exciting, the brand gives a girl that hard rock edge with a twist of girly style. It is Tsubasa Kisaragi and Laura Sakuraba's favorite brand.

Romance Kiss


Romance Kiss (ロマンスキス) is a sexy-type brand. It shows styles of show outfits to exotic dresses. This brand travels the world of elegance and femininity. It is Yozora KasumiKoharu Nanakura, and Mahiru Kasumi's favorite brand.

Shiny Smile


Shiny Smile (シャイニースマイル) is a pop-type brand that sparks a bright, popping style inspired with flowers and fruits. A fresh look to make anyone feel happy wearing or looking at it. It is Yuzu Nikaidō's favorite brand.

Gothic Victoria

Gothic Victoria Logo

Gothic Victoria (ゴシックヴィクトリア) is a cool-type brand that takes inspiration from Middle Age, Victorian and Rococo styles. It is founded by Lilie Shirogane and is her favorite brand.

Berry Parfait

Berry Parfait Logo

Berry Parfait (ベリーパルフェ) is a cute-type brand that aims to deliver a fresh and energetic look, just like how berries are sweet and sour. It is founded by Yume Nijino and is her favorite brand.

FuwaFuwa Dream

FuwaFuwa Dream Logo

FuwaFuwa Dream (フワフワドリーム) is a pop-type brand that shows the desire to dream day and night through its dreamy and cute style. It is Kirara Hanazono's favorite brand, and she is the brand's muse.

Perfect Queen

Perfect queen logo

Perfect Queen (パフェークトクイーン) is a sexy-type brand using regal styles to display its' elegance and flawlessness. It is founded by Elza Forte in order to be the best among all brands.

Rainbow Berry Parfait


Rainbow Berry Parfait (レインボーベリーパルフェ) is a cute-type brand that brings happiness to both the person who wears the clothing and to the people who see it. It is founded by Yume Nijino and is the evolved brand of Berry Parfait.

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