• Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone! 

    As I mentioned in the comments section of the previous blog post recently I've been interested on covering one of Perfect Elza's songs, The only sun light. I tried doing so and here is the result!!!

    As for the next cover... I finally want to do a pop song, and I can tell you it will be either One Step or Bon Bon Voyage! Which one of them it's going to be I'm not 100% sure...

    Anyway, please enjoy this cover, and thank you for your support!!!

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Hyōgo Prefecture announced "Tezukatsu! ~Tezuka Osamu x Aikatsu!Series~" as its 73rd exhibit on Friday. The exhibit will run at the museum from March 1 to June 25. The collaboration image below features Aikatsu Stars!'s Yume dressed as the title character from Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight manga and anime. Meanwhile, Akari cosplays as Marvelous Melmo's lead, and Ichigo channels Black Jack's Pinoko.

    The exhibit will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Aikatsu! anime. The exhibit will introduce the Aikatsu! series' idols, display anime materials, and feature the latest information about the Aikatsu Friends! anime that will premiere in April.

    Aikatsu Friends! is the third entry in the Aikatsu! franchise, whic…

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone! It's Fanatic, and I'm back with a blog about the auras that we've seen in this season of Aikatsu! Stars.

    I'll start with Ako's aura!

    The white lines, adorned with pearls and flower bouquets, form a chain-like circle around Ako. The large, translucent blue, gold and green spheres can also be seen floating around her as they fade away. Ako's covered in a yellow glow and is surrounded by fuchsia glitter, with flowers that loosely float around her.

    Next, we have Mahiru's aura!

    When activated, there's an explosion of magenta feathers, followed by multi-colored glitter that spirals around her body. Mahiru is then surrounded by a purple glow. Forming a circle around her body are the same circular metal designs, translucent beads, and jewel…

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  • Mizu-Chama

    End Of Aikatsu Stars!

    February 7, 2018 by Mizu-Chama

    It's very sad if aikatsu stars will end, but do you think aikatsu friends good? I still don't know when Aikatsu Friends will start, you know what?

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  • Chrismh

    I figured with this series almost done, we should try to get one more Coord Competition in~

    1. Stars&Dreams - It was only a few points away from being a perfect 10! It reminded me of vibrant, colorful christmas trees and decorations!
    2. MikuruMiracle - It was only a few points away from being a perfect 10 as well! It was sweet and delicate looking- perfect with the chosen inspiration. Everything matches perfectly.
    3. Yumesuzuki - I wanted to rank this higher but you did break a rule XD the coord is very wintery and sweet, I like the inspiration behind it as well.

    Everyone's favorite sweet holiday is approaching: Valentines Day

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  • Rinasuzuki

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  • Yumesuzuki


    February 3, 2018 by Yumesuzuki

    Hello! Yume is here! 

    Please read the description box! I am too lazy to write it again.

    All of this girls are very talented singers!

    Let clap for them!

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  • Dorayaki


    1) The following post and discussion use references from the DCD arcade game, the history of previous series, and also Takara Tomy's Pretty series.

    2) The following post contains critiques toward the Aikatsu! series, please understand. Feedbacks are welcome.

    Since the arcade game has announced the final update of game before the new series comes, I think this is the proper time to have a post to discuss the whole AiStars deal.

    So here is the general issue: Aikatsu Stars fails to meet fans' expectation. What is the expectation fans had, and why AiStars failed? Here is the analysis:

    Well there's really no need to complain. We had ten main characters from Season 1, in Season 2 we have the four Venus characters, Yuri Ashida, not counting chara…

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  • Mimikyuuu IS A POTATO


    Today on January 25, Bandai revealed its original IP Aikatsu! franchise's next series Aikatsu Friends! for April 2018 launch. The idol-themed franchise for girls started its service as one of Bandai's Data Carddass line in October 2012 and has shipped over 250 million cards in Japan. Two anime series featuring its characters have been aired: Aikatsu! (Sunrise-BN Pictures/2012-2016) and the ongoing Aikatsu Stars! (BN Pictures/2016-). "Aikatsu" is short for Aidoru Katsudou (Idol Activities).

    The third TV anime series Aikatsu Friends! is also confirmed to premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliates in April 2018, after the two-season run of Aikatsu Stars! ends. The concept of the third ser…

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  • Yukino Neko

    Aikatsu Friends Stuff

    January 25, 2018 by Yukino Neko


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  • Girl88

    Aikatsu Friends!

    January 25, 2018 by Girl88

    So, it happened. More reboots! xd

    They look more magical XD

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone!!!

    As promised I'm here with the cover of the song that received the most votes in the poll featured in my last blog post, MUSIC of DREAM!!!, which crashed all the other options. Thank you for participating in the poll!

    Counting the previous short version of The Wasteland's Miracle, this is my fifth fancover. I would like to thank you all for supporting me and liking my covers. THANK YOU!!! I hope you'll enjoy this one as well.

    Anyway, recently I've joined an Aikatsu Stars! cover group, so please do look forward to our group covers as well!

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  • Mimikyuuu IS A POTATO

    Yada yadaa yaddaa some fan design yada yadaa yadaaa ENJOY!

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  • CureHibiki

    So it's been a month and two days since I opened auditions for an AIKATSU✩STARS cover group~! After listening to the auditions I got over and over again, and figuring out what their roles could be exactly...I have finally came to a conclusion!!! Yes, finally!! Sorry it took so long!

    To those who have not passed, I would like to say, you all have wonderful voices and I say you should all continue to sing, because you're all very talented!! But hey, don't let this get you down as I am sure there are plenty of opportunities to join other cover groups~!

    Anyway, those who passed will be listed down below, along with the role they have gotten. I'm pretty sure I gave you the roles you guys auditioned for but if not, don't worry, if you don't like t…

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  • Otaku0910

    Hey y'all, it's been a really long time since I have been 'active' on the wiki but...

    today I have a very very verryyyyy special news regarding the Aikatsu Stars Live tour that has now toured through Miyagi and Tokyo and is to visit Osaka on 1/14. Details aside, now to address the actual topic of this blog:

    The debut of Star Premium Rare Coords; worn by members of course.

    Yes, you read it right.

    Risa from Dempagumi inc. who voices Elza, has been donning the Blooming Queen Coord for the longest time but in addition to her other girls wore SPR's of characters they voice, which include:

    • Sena who voices Yume, wore the Rainbow Étoile Coord
    • Rie who voices Laura wore the Rock My Heart Coord and the Innocent Prince Coord as Rei
      • Rie acted super ikemen and…
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  • Lotary

    I was scrolling through AiStars tags on Tumblr when I stumbled upon this pic:

    The art seems legit. It looked like one of main artists of AiStars had drawn this. What do you think about this pic? I personally hope it's official because I have been longing for Aikatsu + Precure collaboration!

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  • Hielmiez

    Surprisingly Bandai Namco Pictures as the company that produce AiStars registered new product related to Aikatsu, its name Aikatsu Friends!, so I wonder if this will become next series for Aikatsu franchise, even though this is not for sure yet until BANDAI tell what this product means, you can see the info here

    And this is its logo:

    Anyway Happy New Year for all (^_^)


    Aikatsu Friends! confirmed to be next Aikatsu series and will start after AiStars S2 end on March.

    Here the official website for AiFure :

    List of characters:

    1. Aine Yuuki
    2. Mio Minato
    3. Maika Chouno
    4. Ema Hinata
    5. Karen Kamishiro
    6. Mirai Asuka

    More info probably will reveal each week, so let's wait for more info who will become their seiyuu and singing …

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  • CrystalSora

    Same as the previous round, once 'I've started judging so NO more entries will be taken in.

    Okay, I got permission from Jo SHININGSTAR to do this a while ago so yeah I'm doing it now.

    Winner of the last round: Otaku0910

    Winner of round:  Pinkiez

    If you did the last round, you may either use your character from there or you can create a new one.

    So if you did not participate in the last round this is what I want you to do. 

    1. State your character's name.
    2. Type: Cute Cool Sexy or Pop.
    3. School VA or 4SA.
    4. If it's from 4SA a normal student, admin or S4.
    5. If it's from VA Country of birth and background

    Creating a brand and Premium Rare for your character. 

    So first state your Character's name ( if you don't have one, one comment will be the character and the oth…

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  • HoshinaAki

    Hey Ho, everyone! First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you guys, XD!

    Anyway...This is my fan cover for Dreaming Bird. I am sure I did some mistakes in the lyrics. Still, I hope you guys like it! Thank you and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

    I want to have some comment on which song I should sing next??? ~_~ Hmmm...

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  • CureHibiki

    Merry Christmas everyone! 

    Ehehe, as it's Christmas, I decided to record Hello Winter Love♪ to celebrate this festive season! I've loved Hello Winter Love♪ since it was released a few years ago and I just had to cover it this year after listening to it non stop since October.

    I have to be honest, I got really picky and decided not to keep in the "lalala"s before the bridge as I just sounded bad. I dunno, I wasn't gonna risk ruining the song with my bad "lalala"s even if they weren't that bad. Had to say that before anyone complained lol.

    Anyway, I really hope you all enjoy my cover! Feel free to give me any tips because I am looking for ways to improve with my singing. Also if you have any song suggestions that I should cover, then feel free t…

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  • Chibiella

    So recently in Episode 86 of Aikatsu Stars Laura and Elza both perform and Elza gets the Sun Dress and a lot of people are mad about it. I understand why they are so mad about this.

    Elza had absolutely no character development in this episode prior to recieving the sun dress. In fact, I thought that based on the amount of character development in Laura conpared to Elza I thought that Laura would've been more likely to get the sun dress in this episode. But at that point I still thought that Yume would've recieved the Sun Dress but when Episode 86 aired I think we all found out that BANDAI could still pull off a pretty good suprise. I think that even though Elza had no character development in this episode, she still had enoug… Read more >
  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone, long time no see!

    I'm aware that I promised that the next cover shall be a pop/cute song... but due to the circumstances I ended up with another cool song. However, this time it's an a cappella version for a change, and it's only a part of the song.

    I hope that you will enjoy it nevertheless.

    Anyway, since I promised you to do a cute/pop song, I suppose I should make it happen, shouldn't I? Please vote bellow which song would you like me to cover:

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  • Dorayaki

    I assume this has been posted somewhere else, but this one seems not be posted in any blog here, so I just begin a new one.

    The news/leak come from deleted Amazon item page: there will be two new "wallet-type" 4-pocket binders released in April 30th, 2018.

    Aikatsu! Binder Set ~Cute Type~

    Aikatsu! Binder Set ~Cool Type~

    Well this could be a relief to those who worried that Aikastu's five year anniversary would end up being the end of the series, since usually this ensures the sixth year of the general franchise as well as Aikatsu Stars' third year.

    (NOTE: Allow me to note to new fans who just enter this series and didn't follow the DCD game or the original series: the silhouettes of char…

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  • CureHibiki

    Photokatsu Help!!!

    December 14, 2017 by CureHibiki

    I would have posted this on Aikatsu wiki however it doesn't seem very active compared to this one and I kind of want some help right away, if you get where I'm coming from^^

    I recently started playing Photokatsu and I still have no clue what I'm doing. I'm someone who usually only plays Love Live School Idol Festival, where everything is very easy to understand. However, Photokatsu is really difficult to understand. So I have several questions and hopefully someone can answer them for me.

    1. How do I get those blue stars so I can scout for 11 cards right away? I managed to collect 50 yellow stars and do two single pulls, which gave me a Yuu SR and a Otome PR. However, I don't wanna spend all my yellow stars to do single pulls. I want to be able…
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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone!

    It's been a while! Work has me swamped and worn out, due to the holidays, but I found time to make this blog post.

    As you all know, videos from this year's AIKATSU! Music Festa have been shared online, and we're all excited to see the progress that each member of AIKATSU☆STARS! has made since joining the group. After watching each performance, I thought it'd be a good idea to rank them based on how well they did. Starting at number one is....


    1) Ruka Endō - After watching Ruka's solo of "Start Line!," you can tell why she's number one. Her vocals were amazing and she's such a graceful dancer! You can't help, but feel inspired and tear up when ever she's on stage. She definitely has come a long way since joining the cast of the origi…

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  • Chrismh

    I finally got a Christmas idea for this and now that I'm feeling a little better I can finally make this.

    1. NightBellRose and CandyPoppu123- I felt like this coord was practical for a slumber party, both the party and slumbering part XD it was also colorful and fun-looking which I felt fit the mood pretty well too. In terms of Candy's coord, everything matched pretty well and I just kinda liked it.
    2. Yumesuzuki - it looks very comfortable and the pieces go well together. A very tiny inconsistancy with accents kept it from being perfect.
    3. LauraSakuraba - I really liked how this coord look. It fit together and looked amazingly fun and colorful! My only issue was that I felt it was too bright and fun to be a sleeping coord. It fit the party side of the them…

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  • CureHibiki

    I have more or less been obsessed with listening to the Akari Generation and Aikatsu Stars! music in which I have recently found myself singing only Hinaki or Ako's parts. This gave me the idea of creating a cover group based only on AIKATSU✩STARS' music discography. So no STAR ANIS discography unless the members of the group want to do it.

    Also, I have cast myself as Rie for now (so it's not final yet) even though I did prefer waiting till seven more members have gathered so we could pick each other's roles fairly. I was gonna include Mona but decided as she graduated I'd use Rie for Sumire instead, but I've included Risa because she sings for the Aikatsu Stars anime. So I need seven more singers to join me in this fun project.

    So I assume …

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  • Yukisa-chan

    Thought I'd share my top ten favourite characters (and why) from AiStars atm^^ Comments on my opinion are okay!!

    1. Yuzu Nikaido

    No reason, I just like Yuzu because she's Yuzu. She's the kind of person that's reliable (contrary to what the Dance Class admins have to go through) just because she's helped support the others on numerous occasions and never actually wavers herself. And for always thinking about how to give others a good time.

    2&3. Yume Nijino/Koharu Nanakura

    I have to pair Yume and Koharu together because they're a team. Knowing their backstory, I hope they do win the Aikatsu Rankings... which is likely with all the plot armour they get anyway.

    4. Ako Saotome

    I don't know why but the fact she likes Subaru makes the whole anime bett…

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Good Coord Competition

    December 3, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    Hello everyone!!!!!!! This is Yume here. I was bored so I was exploring Aikatsu Wiki and I found this page: 

    I was very interested in this and I will love to participate in this but of course, this competition was created a long time ago, it definitely over. I was thinking..........

    TO ADMINS: Is there any chance we can have something like that on Aikatsu Star Wiki? 

    ☆Yume Suzuki☆ ♪Questions?♪

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  • Williukea

    I started this at summer when Harry Potter series was celebrating its 20th anniversary, but didn't have time so finished it today. If you don't know Harry Potter or Hogwarts houses, google them.

    This will also be kind of a character analysis. Feel free to discuss if you don't agree to something.

    Let's start with main characters:

    She's a sweet girl that would do anything for her friends. Friends are her most important treasures. She's loyal to her friends even when they're apart. When she found out about her power and realized she was cheating, she told it to Rola despite the fact that Rola might get angry on her. When Koharu was leaving, she tried her best to say goodbye to her to allow her reach for her dreams. When she met Koharu at Venus A…

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  • Jana Leilani

    10) Rei Kizaki- I love her passion for Elza but I don't get why she would get an Spr. For my opinion Ako should have gotten it.

    '9)' Aria Futaba- I like her and all but she just kind of annoy me some way. I mean she's nice and all but I don't get somethings about her.

    8) Lily Shirogane- I like Lily's love for dresses and I love how she got an Spr. I mean I don't think I have any bad comments for her but I think this where I'm gonna put her for my ranking.

    7) Koharu Nanakura- I like how Koharu is always there for Yume but there's something I just don't like about her. I don't what it is though.

    6) Alice Carol- I know there isn't much of Alice time but I from the episodes she was showed I was thinking that Alice is really nice and cute.

    5) Yume Niji…

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  • Lunlun1607

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  • Yukisa-chan

    Let's settle this.

    November 11, 2017 by Yukisa-chan

    Who has the best wings?

    My vote goes to Aoi and Aria :D

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    Hello people of the Stars fandom, today I present to you a ranking list that consists of all 9 Star Wings along with their Star Premium Rare Dresses! From the blazing hot Mercury and the even hotter Venus to sub zero Uranus and freezing Pluto, these intricate planet-themed coords are indeed a feast for the eyes. But which is truly the best of them all? Whose owner managed to bring out their fullest potential in more than ways than one? So let's take a look at which dress and its respective pair of wings rank, shall we?

    (Note that this ranking is only based on my personal opinion, and I will be focusing more on the backstory of how each owner obtained their wings than their visual aspect, athough I will still cover that although sporadically…

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  • Allysia Pink


    November 5, 2017 by Allysia Pink

    I really love SUBAYUME

    But in Season 2, its almost as i Subaru doesn't exist in this anime T^T.

    Sure this is an anime show for kids, but atleast add some romance in it! I read a story in Wattpad about a fanmade story of Subayume. Its a great story (even if its a cliche one), but when season 2 came out, she was really looking forward into more SubaYume scenes and ended up.. well, likewhat Subayume fans feels right now. So shethenly admitted in one of the chapters that she was running out of inspirations for her stories. I like her stories after that,but it was lacking in something i can't explain yet.

    I know Bandai can't see and some of you all might think I'm a crazy person cause you hate/don't like/doesn't care about this ship but all I want…

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  • Chrismh

    I've been trying to get a new idea and I think I finally got one x3 I hope you guys enjoy~

    1. LauraSakuraba - This dress is very pretty and princess-like, Kurumi would be delighted to wear it! What bothered me originally was a bit of the color choices for it but for some reason I think it actually looks really nice.
    2. Ruruzuzu - As stated several times now, the style of the outfit is perfect, colors fit Kurumi well enough, it goes with her hair and eye color very nicely and fits all of her demands, but what bothered me was the fact that the secondary color of each piece was different. On one hand it was pretty cool to look at, but on the other it stopped the coord from going together perfectly.
    3. Yumesuzuki - I didn't really have much opinion on this c…

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  • Otaku0910

    So okay, here's my theory why Ako never got Wings:

    This contains spoilers, you've been warned.

    As Rei mentions in EP80, that the sushi and wagashi were to thank the girls for working hard and obtaining wings make Elza's dream come true. (NOTE: ELZA'S DREAM)

    Next, like we all know, our beloved Ako-nyan is a tsundere and refuses to give in, or lose her pride. She believes in herself and her potential as an Idol. Being one of the S4 Member and 4Star rep., she tries to get her brand back from Kirara. Which she later succeeds in EP74. ‌ (Side Note: Even as a WMuse, Ako never asks for a PR dress of her preferred brand.‌

    I could keep on going but that would just be ranting.

    Now, coming to the actual point.‌ In EP54, Ako decides to face Venus Ark's pow…

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  • DivinitasX

    Wings = New Earring?

    November 2, 2017 by DivinitasX

    After watching Rei perform I noticed something, that kind of made me laugh a bit and I confirmed it with Aria's performance. I haven't checked each of the idols, maybe someone can to see if that is the case for all.

    So, my big revelation: It seems that if an idol gets her constellation wings her left earring changes.

    It's becoming a circle representing the icons on the "wings cards".

    (Also apologies in advance if there already is a post about this.)




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  • SingMeloetta

    So if you haven't noticed, we're slowly approaching the end of Season 2. More than ever before though, we're having to think about the end of the franchise as a whole. Stars sales aren't the greatest, and I don't think they've ever been that great in the first place. So, I've thought up a few possible scenarios for the end of the franchise, but some are more likely than others.

    The Golden Ending (best possible scenario): We get a season 3 with a new protagonist which somehow gives the series a boost. 

    The True Ending: Season 2 ends, and Stars ends. However, Photokatsu still goes on with its focus remaining on the OG girls. (This isn't to say we'll never hear from the Stars girls again, but it'll be as rare as it is currently.) (Could anyone …

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  • Suni-re

    YAS! Happy Halloween Everyone! I looked ugly tbh xD 

    EDITED: I think i posted on the wrong wikia ._.

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  • CrystalSora

    First and formost this is not real okay . And is not a competition for those who are waiting for it l'll release it next year ... Sorry if it's a long wait but l wanted to do a New Year Version ...

    I was just thinking about the Sun SPR if some of you remember l created a post on who's gonna get it now this is something new l came up with ... My top canidates to get this SPR were

    1. Elza/Yume(45% each)

    2. Hime (10%) Also no happening anymore so Aria gets this...

    3. Aria (?%)

    So my new idea was what if the other SPR keepers like Lily, Laura ,Mahiru ,Yuzu, Rei ,Kirara could get the Sun SPR ? If they could the highest grading (out of 100% including Elza ,Aria and Yume ) who do you think will get it ? You can vote for your fav character out of all o…

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  • Rinasuzuki

    Hello! Today I just want your opinion on me. I been on this wikia for at least one year. So I really want your opinion on my blog. So I want to know how am ia doing, do I breake a lot of rule, am I nice, something like that. One last thing which is the most important is that tell the truth please and that why I am createing this blog just for you.

    Please come! ^_^

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  • CureLightning

    One big wiki family

    October 25, 2017 by CureLightning

    Hey guys, I have an announcement regarding how we all are around here. I honestly feel like the community here isn’t really getting along. All we do is complain about each other’s theories and predictions like it’s nothing. I really want this wiki community to be like a little family. It’s really sad that we can’t get along the best. So like other wikis I’m on, can we just be like a little fandom family? I would love for us all to be more respectful, friendly people to each other and not just argue about theories and things. Everyone has the right to their opinion and we can’t just shoot it down just because it’s not like what we think. I really hope nobody takes this the wrong way, I just want the wiki to be more of a friendly respectable…

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  • Akirei21

    I made this petition for localizing Aikatsu in english a while back, but I never really got around to spreading it as much as I wanted.  I don't know how far it'll go, but it'd be cool if it reached the goal and actually made a statement. I remember reading someone that they'd be willing to localize it if there was enough demand for it. 

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  • Wind rider33

    Hello, I am Wind rider33 and I am gonna share u my blog post!

    So my blog post is a story, here is the story -

    You are going to meet Elza Forte unexpectedly!


    You start calling your BFFs for shopping at the mall! 

    ' Hello, BFF, ( name one of you BFF's name ) Today could you come for shopping at the mall, we could buy new sweaters for Christmas! ' you say.

    ' Okay, so after lunch, meet me at the mall, near that new Cafe! your BFF said.

    ' Let me also call BFF ( name your other BFF's name )' you said.

    Now, you are calling your other BFF.

    ' Hello, dahling! Come for shopping at the mall, we could buy sweaters for CHRISTMAS!!! And meet me and BFF ( the first BFF's name ) near that new Cafe at the mall, after lunch ' you shouted.

    ' OKAY!!! ' your BFF also s…

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  • Lucy554

    Now, as you might have guessed from the title, this is a topic I'm revisiting, and I'd recommend that you read the original post before reading this one. If you haven't seen the original post on this topic, you can look for it here. 

    With that said, let's get on with it!

    Well, not much, but there is some. It appears that the end would be the reveal of the sun dress. Sadly, evidence points to Elza getting it. I don't really have any big complaints about that other than it's a little offputting, since with Aikatsu the protagonist nearly always wins. Now, if Yume wins, it could go either way. The anime could end with Yume being the greatest idol that the world's ever seen (which would be sad, because I still want an explanation for that special…

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  • Lucy554

    Hello, everybody! You might remember that a while back I started an RP blog series for everyone to have fun with... Well, I encountered some problems with that RP (not the least of which being it dying out), and as such I've decided to improve upon it and start a new one! This blog post will start everything out for you guys with an overvier of the world! (Now, this world isn't entirely Aikatsu, so keep that in mind. I've added a few extra touches to make things interesting.) You'll enter your bios on this post with the requirments provided (there's no competition, as long as you meet the requirements you can be in the RP), and the school entry audition will be in the next post. (Once again, there won't be any competition unless you person…

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  • OmegaPri

    Hi everyone!

    If you like Aikatsu!, whether it's the original or Stars, maybe just Photokatsu, I created a wiki called Daybreak Academy. It's an Aikatsu Roleplay series for us fans. Basically, the story is about Idols trying to overcome a duo unit named 2Skies. This, of course, doesn't have to be your character(s) goal. Maybe you want them to be Designers. MAYBE, and I may say otherwise in the future, your character can be a teacher.

    If you'd like the idea of a duo unit being the ones the other characters look up to, than comment down below. Or, if you have another idea, comment! Honestly, I thought it be cool if we had a 2 person unit other than one idol or a unit that can be changed by a selection event. But, this is just an idea. Ideas can…

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  • HappyDream

    Comment, opinion please!

    October 18, 2017 by HappyDream

    I'm having an idea of creating a school dress for the High School Division of Four Star Academy. 

    I have this top and I'm still wondering which skirts it should go with. 

    If you have any other suggestion or any other combinations, please feel free to tell me. Arigatou ~

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  • Aikatsu Corn

    I've just recently come up with this, classify Aura according to it power. There are to ways of classifying, though, base on which kind of Aura you think are stronger, Yume's rainbow aura or the Aura we see in ss2.

    Way 1: Yume's Rainbow Aura is stronger

    1.Original Arch Auras (normal)

    Idol Aura in ss1, with arch. Easy to get, easy to control.

    2. Progression Auras (strong)

    Including Laura's and Mahiru's progression aura used in S4 Selection. Aura contents completely change. Appeared on skilled idol.

    3. Greater Progression Auras (very strong)

    Including Idol Auras of Elza, Kirara, Aria, Yume's rainbow star aura, Laura & Mahiru ones after getting Wings Of Stars. Appear on highly skilled idols, can be granted while getting Wings Of Stars. For Kirara, Y…

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