• Lucy554

    FanCoord Competition!

    June 29, 2017 by Lucy554

    All right, some of you might remember when I did a very detailed idea post for this a while back, but today I'm starting it right now! Now, if you want me to go into the nitty-gritty details, you can find the original blog post at!_(Suggestion!_Admins,_please_read!) (I'm sorry that I didn't put a link, but I encountered technical difficulties putting one there!)

    Anyways, today I'll be explaining the basic rules and starting Round 1! Here we go!

    These rules will apply to this round, and all rounds following this round.

    1) Coords and brand logos may be presented in any format, including, but not limited to, drawings, computer models, and cosplay. All cosplay submitted mus…

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  • Chrismh

    I wanted to wait a few more days, but I always get so excited by these rounds~

    A user seemed to want me to do this, and I like ranking the coords to reflect upon them so I thought I would bring this back.

    1. Izirre - Bits and Pieces of this coord worked amazingly well, while I felt like some were a bit off. However, I liked the creativity behind this coord and it's chosen pieces, and how they sorta thought out of the box.
    2. Yumesuzuki - here the skirt that seems to have given everyone trouble fit pretty good! My complaint was that the accessory stuck out a bit due to the contrast in colors. I also liked that she generally gave a matching coord piece between both sisters.
    3. ВинКсения - This coord was pretty good, but the skirt was lacking compared to the …

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone!

    Its Fanatic, and after seeing all the excitement that Chris and Miya's competitions have brought to the Aikatsu! Stars wiki page, I've decided to join in by making one about Four Star Academy's School Dresses from season one. Including their regular and specialized S4 uniforms.


    1. You are to vote for two dresses, giving one a plus (+1) and the other a minus (-1).

    ​EXAMPLE: Sexy Top Star Coord +

    ​                       Dark Green Star Coord -

    ​2. When a dress has reached a count of 5 votes (+/-), they'll either move on to the next round of the competition or eliminated.

    ​3. You are only able to vote once a day (every 24 hours).

    ​4. You can vote for the same dress each day, but choose wisely on which one you wan…

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  • Chrismh

    Simple Things...

    June 26, 2017 by Chrismh

    Hello everyone~ Chris-chan here to talk a little un-related to Aistars (unless it somehow fits into your responses).

    Basically, I thought a sweet, cute little relaxing topic would be nice to have for the members to bond a little. So the topic for today is "simple things". What sort of simple things make you happy? They can be anything from scents, activities you do to relax, or just silly little random quirks. Just look at my list for an example, comment, or add your own and let us get to know you a little more :3

    • Nuzzling my face against my fluffy kitten, Fluffy.
    • The scent of vanilla
    • Listening to the fizz of bath bombs or soda
    • Putting two mints in my mouth, one against each cheek
    • Cuddling pillows and stuffed animals
    • Feeling various items and recor…

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  • Dorayaki

    I sometimes think we might need some further discussion in this wikia, so I choose this one which I've been concerned about since Season 2 began.

    I'm sure many of the fans here who've been supporting this series ever since the original Aikatsu! series (even better if since Season 1) would find out that many dress items from Aikatsu!Stars Season 2-- Wings of Stars--- are reusing the same outlines of the dress itmes from the original series.

    In my point of view, I classify them into three categories:

    Category(A) Old Brandless Items → New Brandless Items

    The old itmes appeared as normal brandless cards in the arcade, and they're now in AiStars with new patterns.

    Category(B) Old Brand Items → New Brandless Items

    Originally they're part of the brand …

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  • Chrismh

    With the upcoming Fantasy movie, "Aqua Mermaid" coming out Idols are flocking at once to play the titular Mermaid; a young and innocent mermaid that longs to play on the surface waters with the humans and reunite with her sisters who has since left their ocean world.

    1. The roles are the Aqua Mermaid, and her sisters. So you must make 2 coords, 1 for each character role.
    2. Make sure you read the requirements below, they are very important!


    1. Accessories are mandatory.
    2. The theme is beautiful mermaid, so the outfits should be fancy, heavily adorn with gems or items reminiscent of the sea.
    3. The colors are to be water-like; so make the coords in shades of blues, greens, indigo.
    4. Shoes are a no-no here, since we're trying to create the illusion that she…

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  • Chrismh

    AiStars Idol + & - Idol Competition!

    Well, here we are guys, onto the final round! Win or Lose, we have to great Idols who fought their way to the top. Remember to show good sportsmanship and no being a jerk. I also decided not to change the pictures and like in the last round, it's 10 points.

    Further down the road, a sequel will be held, so this is the last message for now!

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 Idols a +1 or a -1, you must give both a + and - to 2 separate Idols.

    Example: Ako +1, Koharu -1

    2. When a character reaches +5 votes or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated and cannot be voted for any longer.

    3. The game moves onto the next round when all Idols have a vote of +5 and -5.

    4. You can only vote once a day. Only your …

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  • Chrismh

    AiStars Idol + & - Idol Competition!

    Alrighty, we're onto round 3! The second to last round, be sure to make it count as we increase the votes to 10!

    Btw, I just noticed this section looks like a tube of toothpaste.

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 Idols a +1 or a -1, you must give both a + and - to 2 separate Idols.

    Example: Ako +1, Koharu -1

    2. When a character reaches +5 votes or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated and cannot be voted for any longer.

    3. The game moves onto the next round when all Idols have a vote of +5 and -5.

    4. You can only vote once a day. Only your first vote will count for the day, so you must wait 24 hours before you can vote again. If you are caught breaking this rule more than once you will be forbidden…

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  • StarMiya

    Hi guys Miya here with another +- competition, this time its songs.Now I've asked Jo and I'm allowed to include the songs from the original series, since the original wiki is kinda dead. SO what i am going to do is make a separate table for each series,which means you have to vote twice.

    The same rules apply as Chris's Idol Competition so check it out if your unsure.

    Please note that when I am at work I will update once a day and once a day only, on my days i may update more often.

    Please Vote for both series when it's possible, I will not accept a vote for just one series, when votes can be made on both.

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone,

    Today I "recorded" my very first fancover of an Aikatsu Stars! (or more general aikatsu as a whole) song. I chose 1, 2, Sing for You!, which is my top song from the AS! series. It's nowhere near perfect - some lines are a bit of - but I did this just for fun.

    Hope that you'll enjoy it. I consider doing more fancovers this summer.  =D

    Pyo-kiyo (talk) 14:00, June 20, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Chrismh

    AiStars Idol + & - Idol Competition!
    Here we go guys, it's round 2! Vote seriously cause once they're gone, they are gone!

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 Idols a +1 or a -1, you must give both a + and - to 2 separate Idols.

    Example: Ako +1, Koharu -1

    2. When a character reaches +5 votes or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated and cannot be voted for any longer.

    3. The game moves onto the next round when all Idols have a vote of +5 and -5.

    4. You can only vote once a day. Only your first vote will count for the day, so you must wait 24 hours before you can vote again. If you are caught breaking this rule more than once you will be forbidden from playing any longer.

    5. You can vote for the same Idols each time if you want. It's enti…

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  • Rinasuzuki

    Down in the comment you should include what type is it (cute,pop,sexy,cool).

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  • LePetitMeow21

    As we already know, the motif of the second season is the "Wings of the Stars". We've already been introduced to five of these Star Premium Rare Coords in the Data Carddass series, Parts 1 and 2.

    Venus - Blooming Queen Coord [Perfect Queen / Elza Forte]

    Mercury - Sweet Dreams Coord [FuwaFuwa Dream / Kirara Hanazono]

    Pluto - Rosetta Thorn Coord [Gothic Victoria / Lily Shirogane]

    Mars - Rock My Heart Coord [Spice Chord / Rola Sakuraba]

    Neptune - Daylight Festival Coord [Romance Kiss / Mahiru Kasumi]

    The interesting note aobut the ones revealed and released so far is that the Wings and their respective cards could be seen in the opening for this season (Stardom). It's obvious that we won't see the next sets of planets to be used until we get a new …

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  • Chrismh

    AiStars Idol + & - Idol Competition!

    Some of you might remember this being held on the orginal Aikatsu wikia and I thought it'd be fun to bring here. It's not an "official wiki competition" though- it's just for fun. There's only 13 characters though, so this one probably won't be more than 3 rounds, give or take...

    Be sure to read the rules before you comment!

    Instructions & Rules

    1. Give 2 Idols a +1 or a -1, you must give both a + and - to 2 separate Idols.

    Example: Mahiru +1, Yozora -1

    2. When a character reaches +5 votes or -5, they will move onto the next round or be eliminated and cannot be voted for any longer.

    3. The game moves onto the next round when all Idols have a vote of +5 and -5.

    4. You can only vote once a day. Only your first vot…

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  • Chrismh

    Idols are lining up for a chance to star in a new, fantastical inspired MMO/RPG (Massive Multiple Online/Role Play Game- my favorites!). To gain a role, the Idol must put together best MMO/RPG "class" inspired outfit.

    1. Accessories are mandatory.
    2. If you don't know what an MMO/RPG is then do some research if the information I provide below isn't enough.
    3. Any coord, brand, piece, etc can be used. There's no restrictions other than making the outfit practical and befitting of the role/job/class you chose. Keep in mind of how the role dresses to avoid making something impractical.

    Okay guys :3 for those of you who don't really know about these games and don't feel like looking I've provided details I've seen in the several games I've played. There a…

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  • SingMeloetta

    So, If you haven't been living under a rock for about the past 3 months, you've probably been introduced to the headmistress of Venus Ark, Elza Forte; And as we all know, every idol on that boat is a top idol collected from around the world; Kirara is from New Zealand, the FourStar girls are from Japan, and so on. But where is Elza from?

    Well, it's safe to assume from her name that she is probably from somewhere in Europe; This is also reconfirmed in the style of her brand, Perfect Queen, as it definetly suggests a Victorian royalty style as oppossed to more Japanese style with their formal kimonos.

    Also, she is more than likely the daughter of a king and queen, as she is not descended from a royal bloodline, but actually is a princess; More…

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  • Lizzie.555

    Hi again, it me Lizzie! This is my 2nd blog post and I am asking another Fav question, what is your fav coord??

    I only want to see this because there are sooo many Coords in this series. So please feel free to post any coord just make sure to name it and say the brand/ if it's a school coord just put down the name. You don't even have to put up a photo if you don't want to, you can just put down the name. Now enough of me talking and I'll show you my 2 favs.

    • This is my fav School Dress

    It is the Pink Top Star Coord

    Thanks for reading!!! Comment down below your fav!!

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  • Chrismh

    I know, I'm usually the person saying we shouldn't be advertising other wikia here. But I really don't have any other choices, it's been months and it's work that isn't getting done.

    Basically, is there anyone here that has some time to spare and can type Japanese letters and/or translate some songs for me? It's from a game sort of like these series, but kinda different. The official website has the lyrics, but you can't copy + paste them or else I'd have no problem with that XD I also can't translate the writing, so...

    Anyway, if interested please send me a message. I really need the help with this.

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  • Lizzie.555

    I know there a lot of blogs like this but I wanted to see for my self.... who is your favorite Aikatsu Stars! character?

    Please comment down below who is your fav!!!

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  • Chrismh

    If anyone is interested, I do have this same round (but staring the AiStar Idols) on the original wiki too. Check it out if you didn't already.

    Today the original Aikatsu Idols are checking out the current Idols after being invited to attend an Idol Festival currently going on. With them all having a break from their busy Idol lives, they agree; however, they request that they are all given AiStar coords to fit in more. Everyone eagerly agrees and it's up to you to give each of the girls a special, unique coord befitting of the AiStars. 

    1. Accessories are mandatory.
    2. You can use any sort of brand or brandless coord pieces, however, there should be at least 1 brand coord piece. Each of the girls wish to feel accustomed to the brands equivalent/si…

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  • CrystalSora

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  • CrystalSora

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Remember I made a birthday list I decide to update it. The characters that is in bold are the new characters.


    Yūki Subaru - 1/13

    Shirogane Lilie - 1/22


    Igarashi Nozomu - 2/18

    Shiratori Hime - 2/26


    Nijino Yume - 3/3

    Kira Kanata - 3/16

    Hanazono Kirara - 3/30


    Nanakura Koharu - 4/15


    Kizaki Rei - 5/1

    Kasumi Yozora - 5/13


    Nikaidō Yuzu - 6/23


    Kisaragi Tsubasa - 7/25


    Forte Elza - 8/1


    Saotome Ako - 9/25


    Kasumi Mahiru - 10/28


    Sakuraba Laura - 11/4


    Kasumi Asahi - 12/2

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  • Sakurairo

    Heya everyone!

    Here is my fun blog. It’s about the occupational coords we have thought that it fits the each brand the best. The main reason for this blog is because of the Happiness Marine Coord of the Berry Parfait brand that gives me an idea to create my fun blog for the first time and that means for the fun. All we can voice out our opinion and please respect our opinion as well! ;-)

    So let’s move on to my opinions and reasons for the occupational coords.

    My Little Heart: A princess and waltz dancer. Since it’s a cute-type brand, I have thought of the princess and waltz dancer that fits this brand as the best occupational coords. I view the princesses and waltz dancers as the cute-type characters. And it already has the fitting coords nam…

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  • Suni-re

    Umm... I know i made alot of mistake... i only have a week to practice.. also i only have 4 days to finish the costumes.. that's why everything look so messy and out of places :') 

    I'm so skinny... well I am 5years older than Laura's cosplayer :') she's just 13 and i'm already 18 that'll explain the height different.. Laura was so shy.. 

    omg... my pantsu is also showing.. I thought the skirt was fine.. but now it look so extremely short.. :'( 

    and i dunno how laura's choker got onto my leg -_- 

    there isn't a better quality of the video.. i edit the video because it was too toooo tooooo dark.. 

    and i think this is much better... it was worse..

    Ayyye Please don't mind us 

    it's not perfect 

    I hope you enjoy it

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  • Lilyshirogane2201
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  • Chrismh

    Ugh... this one is perfect because it's going on Summer, but I already DID a beach theme... so...

    On days when the heat is beating down nothing feels better than drinking some iced tea with lemon, or a nice glass of water while relaxing in the shade. And so, your task for this setting is to create a cooling outfit perfect for lounging with a cold drink!

    1. Accessories are optional
    2. No using dark-colored clothing. Dark colors create heat and would be fairly uncomfortable.
    3. No heavy shoes like boots or extremely overly decorative things. The shoes should be sandals, pull-ons, and other simple things.
    4. Make sure to include at least 1 pop item, to fit the stage.
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  • Girl88

    Aikatsu8 Stars ver.

    May 28, 2017 by Girl88

    Hello!!! XD Well, maybe is too soon to make big units, and I don't remember someone doing this here...So I thought why not? Which idols would you like to include for your own Aikatsu8? Mine would be:

    1. Laura 2. Lily 3. Tsubasa 4. Yozora 5. Kirara 6. Ako 7. Mahiru 8. Yuzu

    Of course that with more episodes and characters appearing, I will edit this. For now, show me yours!! (I wanted to include Rey, but she hasn't debuted as an Idol)

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  • Chrismh

    I thought for this one it'd be fun to pick a random stage and see what you guys can come up with :3 let's pray you get a good one~

    • hits button to randomize stages*

    Ho hum...

    Okay, this is what I got! Let's see what sorta story I can come up with...

    The day of your band performance at the Rock Fes. has arrived! But just as you're preparing to go to the stage you find to your horror that your coords have gone missing! A rivaling team has STOLEN them! With the time winding down you are quickly given spares and leftover coord pieces nobody else wanted; Cute, Sexy, and Pop coords! It's up to you to transform the goods into cool coords in their own right before your band hits that stage!

    1. Accessories aren't manditory, it's up to you.
    2. COOL pieces are no…

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  • Suni-re

    Guess the coords XD

    May 25, 2017 by Suni-re
    I'm not done yet but guess the coords XD it should be easy with that bow XD

    PS: i'll be having a performance on 28th should I post it here?

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  • Lilyshirogane2201

    1.Kurebayashi Juri - Spain

    Um...She dance Flamenco so she remid me much about Spain

    2.Hikami Sumire-France

    She is grace and elegant right

    3.Kitaoji Sakura and Fujiwara Miyabi - Japan

    Two real Yamato Nadeshikos.

    4.Ichinose Kaede- America


    5.Kasumi Mahiru-China


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  • Suni-re

    HELP! HELP I NEED TRANSLATION FOR THIS.. I submitted my Yume's Design to Photokatsu and NOW THEY PRIVATE MESSEGE ME! @@ 



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  • Vchanfan

    Has anyone else tried out this Aikatsu Stars Sorter? They have a sorter for the idols, songs, and brands. Here are my results!

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  • Tugomer


    May 18, 2017 by Tugomer

    everybody want Koharu-chan without glasses

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  • Kasumi Yozora112


    May 17, 2017 by Kasumi Yozora112

    I'm not angry or mad if you might have guessed after reading my title, but I'm just....................just.......impressed.I'm sorry but I'm just at a loss for words right now.Ugh okay, now I'm starting for real.

    Firstly, I have a complaint to make. Everyone....okay, well not everyone, but some people in the wiki are being very inconsiderate of the real anime of which the whole wiki is focused on. Instead, some of the people just want to edit and earn badges, while not paying attention to what really should be written.I'm not saying that I wasn't like that. I used to do the same things and not pay attention to the real anime, although after a good number of reports, I started to think twice about things. But there are some new people in th…

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  • ВинКсения

    Dramatic Frill Corset = Dolly Star Corset = Rose Garden Lacy Tops

    Flower Feminine Bolero = Flute Mystery Top

    Pink Paris Ribbon Top = Tinkle Bell Top

    Ruby Pitch Black Skirt = Beaune Premiere Skirt

    Arabian/Black Lace/Night Sky Blouse = Black Bijoux Chiffon Top

    Arabian/Black Lace/Night Sky Top = Pinky Rose Cut Sewn Top

    Lovely/Marble Night/Blue Frill Skirt = Brown Cowgirl Skirt

    Lovely/Marble Night/Blue Jacket = Setup Tweed Jacket

    Unfinished yet.

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    I'm also the editor of Aikatsu franchise wikia. There are four known idol types: Cute, Cool, Sexy, Pop. I don't know what type of person the idol is when using a brand.

    In my opinion.

    1. Cute - Lovely and girly girl.
    2. Cool - Boyish or masculine girl (if I know right)
    3. Sexy - Mature and feminine
    4. Pop - Cheerful, childish, immature

    Is that true?

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  • Chrismh

    In hopes of encouraging customers to the recently opened Suite Cakes Cafe, Idols have been tasked with coming up with a sweet coord befitting of their inspiring cupcakes.

    1. Accessories are mandatory this round.
    2. Given the musical theme, there should be some sort of musical gimmick or accent on the outfit
    3. Pants, shorts, and sneaker-type shoes are not allowed. The coord has to be big, frilly/fluffy, and girly looking. 
    4. Any brand or type is allowed despite the above rule.
    5. Be sure to describe what type of cupcake your coord would be, and as such, try to make the colors match your description. Will you make a mature and warm red velvet, or maybe a creamy and delicate vanilla cake or something totally wacky like orange sherbet?!

    Have fun baking~

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  • Cure Fairy

    Hi Guys This Is A Special Contest and All people In The Wiki Can Play It.

    To win In the Tournament You Have To select Your Type And Your Brand Next A Premium Rare Dress (Also Star Premium Dress But Whithout Any Wings,If Your Live Is Good,The SPR Get Wings)And A Song making the Perfect Conbination

    Name:Cure Haruno Type Of Idol:Lovely/Sexy(idk xD) Brand:Berry Parfait My Little Heart Or Romance Kiss. Coord:

    • Cute:Première Berry Coord
    • Sexy:Daylight Festival Coord(-wings)


    • Cute:STARDOM!
    • Sexy:Summer Tears Diary

    Class/Academy Four Star Academy Second Year,Wind Dance Class

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  • Lunastar24

    The daylight festival coord is a star premium card with wings base of planets. The wings are feathery gradiant with pale cream, pastel pink, and lavender which is decorated with gems and pearls. There's a smaller pale cream feathery base that is gold piece made of curling lines that shape part of the wing. The wings itself come from Neptune. 

    There's a thick gold headband with row of purple, lime,violet, crystal and orange gems. On the side is a glittering, red pair of lips adorned with with three pink gradiant feathers. Gold shards hanging beneath it with violets gems hanging from the front. It includes a  violet gem earring with three gold shards hanging from it, beneath it is a garnet gem. One earring begins to shrink the garnet gem when…

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  • Melody0101

    Part 1 About idols

    Yume: Her effort against her Rainbow Power is admirable! And she can encourage Lily-senpai when Lily-senpai is uncertain about things…(like ep 39 Lily-senpai thinks other's help is unnecessary but sometimes it is needed; and ep 42 Lily-senpai thinks that she will overshadow Yuzu if performing together…)

    Rola: I love her growth! At first she is a little bit… competitive and arrogant. She struggles on her lost to Yume, but later Lily-senpai tell her about what Aikatsu should be and she become more mature since ep 33! She now focus on how to give the best performance to fans and  just like a professional!

    Mahiru: I would say she is  a little bit meh (don't scold me…) on her background that she was angry about Yozora leaving he…

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  • Lucy554

    Hello everyone! Today, I decided to pitch an idea to the wiki that I've been thinking about for a while! I noticed how popular Good Coord Competitions are, so I thought "Okay, tons of people already do those! How can I change this and make it my own?" And so, the idea of the FanCoord Competition was born! Information on the idea is below:


    The basic idea is that all users participating create an original brand, which is Round 1. This brand is to be used throughout the entire competition, and you cannot switch to another original brand or use a brand from the show unless the round specifically stating that you may. In each round, the competitors create and draw, model, make or do whatever they like to create an original coord for their…

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  • Sumire-tan

    guys this is probably totally crazy, but hear me out. Remember back in the sky girl/yuzukosho episodes how yuzu was all like DOWN WITH S4! And like, how badly she wanted lily to be in s4? WHAT IF this whole venus ark situation was actually orchestrated by her as a way of letting her and lily take over 4 star academy? After all, it was her idea at the end of episode 54 to send half of S4 over to venus ark, plus the vice president of the student council...

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  • Lunastar24

    The Sweet Dream coord is base of dreams on night and day except this coord is actually at night. The sweet dream wings has a pale blue angel styled wing shape of a cloud with different accessories of  colourful with bows, balloons, shooting stars, dots, hearts and crescent moon. The wings itself is based on the planet called Mercury.

    The headband has a blue bow with a middle a yellow star accented by beaded chain with light purple headband with stars and bow sewn together. The earrings itself are blue dangle attached by light pink or purple stud. The light purple has a star at the bottom while the other has a hot pink sphere with a thin silver line circle.

    The top has a pale pink blouse within the middle sewn together is a star with angel wi…

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  • Melody0101

    Hi I am Melody, a new user to Aikatsu Stars! Wikia. I have watched the anime, and I want to share my thoughts here(don't know if it is allowed…)

    Season 2 is nice, and later I would write about it~ Anyways it cuts into chase and unlike Aikatsu season 2 that the 2 Rival school will not be Friend.

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  • Kasumi Yozora112

    Season 2

    May 8, 2017 by Kasumi Yozora112

    Hi Everyone!

    You must know that Season 2 is out and it is all over the wiki. You must be living under a rock if you didn't know this.

    Anyways about the actual season itself.A few episodes have come out already but the main thing that everyone is talking about is none other than Elza Forte and Venus Ark.The plot of the story is very interesting.Most of the predictions that the community made are either wrong or yet to be answered.

    At first, I did not at all like Elza.Her personality sorta creeps me out.But after seeing her perform I actually liked her.She is way better than Yume or Laura(or Rola, whichever way you call her)in matters of performing.Most of the community hate her but I love her PERFORMANCE, not her personality, although by Episo…

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Please like my wiki. Here: Pretty Country wiki.

    That wiki is like Aikatsu! with strong mix of Polandball/Hetalia. It has no comments since 1 year making. It's my personal website and I'm the founder of PC wiki.

    Personal website.

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  • TakaShiba

    There's to much hate going on for Elza, so I want everyone (Even haters) to write a good opinon about her, what you like about her. Not what you hate about her and what makes you mad, but what you like about her. Since shes also a aikatsu character and has a unique personality I think Its okay to do this once In awhile!

    My Opinon On The Purrfect Elza

    Okay so, Elza may have some weak points that lots of us hate, but I mean she's unique. Shes stunning, will she change. Will she learn to accept other people, we've never seen a character like her before, so lets just give Elza a chance, since anyone can change. Maybe she can too, and even If she doesn't she'll still be kinda good, I think she's just not good at expressing her feelings and all, b…

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  • JakeWils22

    ​*Quartet Star Coord

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  • Tugomer

    next week

    May 2, 2017 by Tugomer

    can't wait for Rei vs Mahiru

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