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  • Yumesuzuki

    Hello, long time no see. I think all of you had Aikatsu hard, right?

    Oh there is another live coming up. There is a poster let go and see.

    Spring Flower Girl Spring is on it way, Hotaru Yukino's flower shop are going to choose an image girl for her store. Rules 1. Something light (you know it spring, so choose a Coord that is fresh and colorful) 2. Remember it still spring it still little cold outside, so don't choose something you will wear for the summer. 3. Songs - You don't have to choose a song that is on the wikia, be creative. 4. Stages - Also you don't have to choose a stage that is on the wikia, be creative.

    This is mine Coord for the competition.

    This blog is not…

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  • Lunastar24

    My little heart brand theme on Lovely rainbow dream coord consist of hearts, stars and ribbon(bow). I believe the lovely rainbow coord is suitable for parties because the way the coord looks like it makes me think it should be use to go out for occassions. 

    The coloour ful rainbow on both top and skirt makes it magical, that it seems you make you crazy, while the valentine hearts are really cute and the way there are different bows make it adorable, that it makes it cuter. The sandals are really good with its strap to make it look sexy doesnt make it worse off with its colourful colours. It make sense why its called the lovely rainbow dream coord because of the colour rainbow. 

    Yume wore this during her S4 selection while performing against …

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  • Lunastar24

    The sailor moon outfit in general is cute and easy to wear easily during the winter seson, which is why its good outfit. 

    There also includes the school emblem on the left of the chest of golden crown with red on it and four stars with a blue shield and a corn flour both sides of the blue shield with a red ribbon on the middle. 

    The dress itself is pale blue with navy blue collar,tie,cuff and inner pleat. There's a yellow accent of diamond on the tie, cuff and colour with blue and white bottom of the skirt. A white frilly petticot sewn at the bottom. 

    The shoes in particular is stylish and cute the way it looks by its described as elegnt. The white shoes and navy blue sole back of its foot.A light indigo ribbon ties of the navy at the middle …

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  • Lunastar24

    The unit name I came up with is good for both pairs and three unit.

    Heart skips: Can be a pair unit or a three unit. Heart skips name is based off the fact that you heart keeps beating which is why it skips. 

    Fly Dream: Three unit.Fly dream is where your dreamin that you are flying.

    Star Dash:Two unit. Star dash is when you are trying to dash to get the star or the star is dashing towards the night sky(shooting star).

    Aurora sky: Three unit. Aurora sky is when you see an aurora durig the night sky that it entranced you.  

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  • Lucy554

    Hello everyone! Today is the last post for this season of Aikatsu! Reviews, and I'll be making an announcement at the end, so please either read the whole thing, or at least scroll down to that! With that, let's begin!

    Aikatsu! Reviews: Season 1 Main Characters

    To clarify, this does not mean every single main character. This refers to the main four, Lily, and S4.


    Let's face it: Yume's singing voice is way too childish. I'll listen to it once and I'll like it, and then I'll come back and be like "this sound like she's way younger than she is!" It's like they thought the other protagnaists weren't childish enough! Overall as a character, Yume shouldn't have made S4 in the first season. Her signing overall is not at all up to scratch with Lu…

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  • Chrismh

    I decided not to do too much detailing with this one, not even sure you guys like that roleplay element I normally provide, so lets get on with this round!

    You're going to the beach, make sure to pack the right clothes!

    1. This coord must be practical. You're going to the warm, summery beach so you don't need super covering/thick/heavy clothing (jackets, long skirts, boots, long-sleeves)
    2. Shoes and accessories aren't manditory. But if you choose to include them remember to keep them beach practical.
    3. This isn't a performance coord, so be sure it's casual!
    4. For bonus points, tell me what you'd be doing on the beach.
    5. Think of your own idol type and incooperate that into the coord. It doesn't need to entirely be based on it but you need to include at lea…

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  • Lunastar24

    If you were in the aikatsu world what would be your self-create brand?

    Rock n' roll is a brand of an image girl of music. The motif would be the different type of music and musical notes, with frill and laces. It also has all "around the world theme" as its motif to create a diverse outfit suitable for girls who's into music

    .Heartful dreams is a brand for girl image of a dreams girl fulfillment to achieve something or dreams base on fictional and non fictional. The motifs would be ribbons, hearts, stars and rainbows and use of vivid colours.

    Romantic queen is based on the high class and royalty of a image girl who wants to be princess. The motifs would be gold jewellrey, crowns, necklaces, and even old fashion vintage.

    Retro pop is base off t…

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  • Lucy554

    Aikatsu! Reviews: Brands

    April 22, 2017 by Lucy554

    Hello everyone! I had been taking a break from this series, and just the blog in general to work on my novel, but now I'm back! Today I'll be reviewing brands from the first to season! To clarify: In order for a brand to be on this list, it must have at least 1 PR in the anime or the game within the first season!

    My Little Heart

    To be honest, this is not my favorite of all the brands. each collection is blatantly copying one of the cute brands from Aikatsu! And, while I don't blame for this, the other brands were not a blantant with their realtions. While Spice Coord copied Swing Rock, it had it's own look, with different colors and motifs. This brand is nice, and it certaintly has a wide variety of dresses, (I'm partial to Girly Antique dre…

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  • Chrismh

    Okay! I finally got an idea in mind. Actually its one I had been thinking about for quite some time now for the other wiki, but oh well.

    "With the new snack brand Yummy Sweets officially premiering you decide to enter the Sponsor Girl competition to determine the spokes-Idol and Mascot for it! The winner not only receives the title "Miss Sweets" but gains all sorts of yummy snacks and treats

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  • Lunastar24
    •  A white kitty with pink ribbon walking around her with fuchsia glitter and sakura flowers surrounding her. With a glow of bubble gum pink on her body and beneath her feet a sakura flower translucent pink.
    • Aurora surrounding her with yellow bright shooting stars going left and right, with a hidden rainbow up above her head. Beneath her feet is a lilac circle and she is glowing of a purple.
    • Her aura has as a magenta arch with orchard flowers and second arch with skyblue with cyan blue ribbon. She herself is covered with baby pink glow alongside rainbow glitter.  Her aura still has a magenta arch with orchard flowers but this time the second arch has a rainbow colour, with rainbow glitters. Her progression aura would be an explosion of orchard…
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  • Chrismh

    I've been thinking about this for quite some time, would you guys be interested if I was coming up with some fun coord customizing games? You know, where I list details and you have to pick coord pieces to suit it?

    It's always been so much fun when we did it on the original wiki, but with how the coords worked this series I wasn't really sure if it was going to be that great or not.

    Anyway I would like to do this, and would have no problem with a "test" round to see how it goes, but before I waste effort doing that I kinda wanted to see, how many of you guys would be interested in playing this fun game if I did it? Enough interest leads to the "test round".

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  • Nightmarehalloween97

    Hello Aikatsu Fans, I am a fanatic of this anime, and certainly I would love to see what you, the audience, being up and why. As we can see we have seen three of the new Star Premium Rare Coords, or also known as SPR; Rosetta Thorn, Sweet Dreams and Blooming Queen.

    Each SPR Coord comes within the idea of the brand, and also they all have a crest in which has the name of a specific planet.

    Gothic Victoria has gracefully took Pluto (now considered a dwarf planet, roaming around the solar system). This particular planet, in which I think, is perfect for the Tundra Diva. Both cold but also well recognized by society. Being alone they still have along way through to become stars (Sorry if it became a bad pun.) Perfect Queen, who selected Venus, i…

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hi everyone!

    I decided to make my current ranking of the idols featured in the Characters section on the homepage (excluding M4).

    1. Laura Sakuraba
    2. Mahiru Kasumi
    3. Tsubasa Kisaragi
    4. Yume Nijino
    5. Ako Saotome
    6. Yozora Kasumi
    7. Yuzu Nikaido
    8. Lilie Shirogane
    9. Hime Shiratori
    10. Rey Kizaki
    11. Kirara Hanazono
    12. Elza Forte

    Maybe I should comment it a bit:

    • Lovelike a lotlike / quite like, neutral / don't care 
    • It's crystal clear that I still don't feel the Venus Ark idols so far, but thier arrival made me (somehow) like Lily a bit more than I used to. And I have to say that thinking about Venus Ark  as bunch of villains makes it a bit easier to accept their personalities. (In other words it saves Elza from being in the list of characters I dislike.)
    • If I had to add Koharu she would…
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  • Chrismh

    Happye (late?) Easter!

    April 17, 2017 by Chrismh

    Hello everyone :3 As one of the representatives of this wiki, as well as a friend, I wanted to wish everyone who celebrated a happy easter.

    Did you guys do anything today? Did you get anything? Feel free to share the experience or maybe an Easter memory that you might recall~

    Today was typical easter for me. I made dinner with my mom (which was difficult considering my knees still hurt from when I scraped them gardening yesterday when I tripped and landed on the cement, and our oven caught on fire last month so we had to use our neighbors...). But the food came out fine, and I made a dessert this morning so at least we didn't have to throw something together at the last second...

    Anyway, I got a bunch of candy (I insistsed I didn't want it, b…

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  • MeritC

    Hi, everyone - this is to all other "writers" who are into the Aikatsu Stars! anime adaption (as well as the Aikatsu! franchise as a whole in the anime department).

    As some (or most) of you know, I... used... to be a certain anime board's "lead Aikatsu! anime adaption supporter" writing synopses for the Aikatsu! anime and the majority of the Aikatsu Stars! episodes for the previous season as the English dialogue TLs get posted for them. Repeating what I just stated on another person's blog entry here, thanks to certain "events" at that board there, although I have not given up my dedicated "synopsis writing activity process" entirely, this has me in need to search of a new "home" besides here.

    But to the chase, for those who did see some synopses of mi…

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  • Lunastar24

    Brand theme Part 4

    April 16, 2017 by Lunastar24

    Winter themes                                                                                                                                                       My little heart theme on winter are sweets, cakes and candies as their theme. The melty whip coord is a good dress to use for valentines since the coord designed sweets has a heart on its top, and the skirt is decorated with chocolate, hearts and ribbons. Next is the sweet shop coord where you can be a waitrose roller skating around to serve orders of sweets and cakes, biscuits as shown by the coord itself. Last not least is the creamy cake coord which I believe its suitable to wear on valentines day to show the lover that you love someone by giving chocolate. This coord also ha…

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  • Lunastar24

    Brand theme Part 3

    April 16, 2017 by Lunastar24

    Autumn theme    

       My little hearts theme would be books, diaries and fairytales and stories shown by the coord of secret diary coord which locks your heart those that are precious to you when you write in your diary, marchen coord base of fairytale stories that you write using your imagination, heartful book coord talks about the lover that you love to write in your book, fresh books coord starting off the beginning of a new start to write and royal book coord where the princess writes about her daily life as a royal family. Not only that the theme is also antique going back to the 60s or 70s thats what I think. 

    Spice chord theme now is based off pirates and school uniform which gives off the vibe of british and rock as shown by the coord…

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  • Lunastar24

    Brand themes Part 2

    April 16, 2017 by Lunastar24

    Spring theme                                                                                                                                                        My little heart spring theme would be princess, picnic and tea time. The theme makes me think during spring time you should have a cup of tea and cakes, what you call british as shown by the tea time coord and its for partying as well shown by the dress itself. The mint tea time coord, citrus tea time and peach tea time coord which is based of blue, yellow and light pink. Next is the happy picnic coord where you go out with a family outside to dine and have some sandwhiches which makes it deliciously good with the checkered patterned dress and the hat accessory.It has four colors…

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  • Lucy554

    Hey everyone! This is a short post, but it's important, trust me! Anyways, only keep reading if you're interested in writing in the Aikatsu/Stars Universe!

    Okay, so, since I've been seeing a ton of interest in Aikatsu Writing, (in other, fictional, academies as well) I decided to get to know other people that want to do Aikatsu writing! If you're interested, follow this link to the Aikatsu Stars: Project Maho No goggle community! From there, we can write, talk, and have a good time! See you there!

    Join Project Magical!

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  • Chrismh

    Easter Coords

    April 14, 2017 by Chrismh

    I was kind of disappointed they didn't seem to release any, so I was thinking about this, "what if they did?" and while tending to the garden I was trying to imagine what those sorts of coords would be, like who would wear them, what they might look like, what brands got what, etc.

    No answer is wrong, just tell us what ideas you come up with x3

    I could imagine Cute Idols with bunny and chick themed outfits, pop would have candy or colorful easter eggs, cool would have some fun bunny and chocolate dipped coords, sexy would have coords based on the colorful decorations~

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  • Lunastar24

    Brand themes

    April 14, 2017 by Lunastar24

    Summer theme

     My little heart's theme consists of butterfly and fairies as there theme shown in the aurora butterfly coord and sweet fairy flower coord, which makes sense as it's summer due to the fact butterflies come out to get something inside of the flower, thats basically they were trying to say or fairies come out which would be a fairytale. Both the coord would be good filming on set to make a fairy theme movie as shown in episode 13. 

    The spiritual aqua coord is based off a dress theme of spirituality meaning spirits, ghosts as shown by the dress itself with its varied colors which is pink, magenta, and emerald green. 

    Spice chord theme on summer would be the girls flag coord would be suitable to wear during the summer to watch a car …

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  • Lunastar24

    Flower brands

    April 13, 2017 by Lunastar24

    I thought maybe we should try flower coords as for the brand, you know to be creative.

    Here's what I thought:

    My little heart-Daisy gerbara ot fuchsia

    Spice chord-Hyacinthus

    Romance kiss-Bell flower

    Shiny smile-Daffodile

    Berry parfait-Impatiens

    Perfect queen-Rose

    Fuwafuwa dream-Forget-me-not

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  • Mikari Suzuki

    Aikatsu Stars!

    April 13, 2017 by Mikari Suzuki

    My character srory:

    Mikari came from Japan, Tokyo, trained herself to be a super idol (which she is now, and BTW, a super idol is greater than a top idol), and prefers her self-created brand, Crystal Star. 

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Now you have been in the academy for a few days and you are thinking to hold your first live. Of course you will have to choose a song, a coord, and also stage(give it a name and describe how it look like.)

    There it's mines

    Song- Start Line or Popcorn Dreaming(I can't really decide)

    Coord- Willow Bell Coord(from my own brand: Cinderella Dream) (If the Coord is from a self create brand please describe how it look like. )

    Willow Bell Coord- a long sleeve, it get wider on the middle and to the bottom of the sleeve. The main color of the dress is white color with a few bells in the background color of sliver. In the top middle of the dress there are three gold stripes sew from top to the middle of the dress. The collar have lace sew on to it. On t…

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    I've always found it puzzling that compared to most other anime franchises, Aikatsu Stars! has never been given the luxury of airing OVA's (original video animations). Basically, OVA's are ciphers for detailed plots and character-development which can result from the greater creative freedom offered to writers and directors in comparison with other formats. This also allows for animated adaptations of manga/ light novels/ visual novels to reflect their source material more faithfully. Since OVA episodes and series have no fixed conventional length, OVA directors can use however much time they like to tell the story.

    Why am I pointing this out? Well, let's just say that the Aikatsu anime adaptation has been going strong for quite a couple of…

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  • Chrismh

    I really don't have any ideas for this one... my creativity has been traded for wiki-work focus, I'm pretty drained these days...

    Actually, that JUST inspired me with an idea!

    Let's say you were tasked with performing a "cheer up energizing celebration!" to perk up a nearby hospitals patients. The only rule, they ask that you wear a Popping, energetic outfit!

    So keep hitting that random button until you get a pop coord!

    Luckily for me, I got it on my first try. I got the night safari coord- which I was excited about because I really like this one. It's not my first or second favorite from Shiny Smile, but I'm pretty sure it's my third or fourth.

    Now it's your turn guys! If you get your pop coord on your first try then high five!

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  • Lucy554

    Aikatsu! Reviews: Stages

    April 12, 2017 by Lucy554

    Hi everyone! In the last post for this series, which took me three days to write, I reviewed all of the season 1 songs! Today I'm going to be reviewing all of the stages! I won't be reviewing drama stages, for the sake of simplicity. Here we go!

    Aikatsu! Reviews: Stages

    Start Line!

    One thing I noticed about this series is that they didn't take the time to name the stages, which is a bummer. Whatever. Considering this is the first stage we saw, I was super impressed by it. The beatiful fountains and pastel color scheme combined to make a beautiful stage! When I first saw this one, I was wondering exactly how the system could produce such a realistic stage, complete with real water! The stage completely reminds me of My Little Heart's princess …

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  • Lunastar24

    Lilie's developement durig the series, we only see her appear when Yuzu gone to her house telling us that she has a weak body yet she can overcome it by performing showing that she is not frail as she can be, but she does pass out, it also shows that Yuzu and Lilie are childhood friends during the series since they are best friends. During the time she took part a competition of "brand designer audition" after the four star academy was out of money, during the brand design audition she took part in tasks to complete, one by one eliminated, it was until she got sick that she didn't give up on her brand design getting her to be in first place despite being sick with a cold. Lilie is shown to be mysterious and cold towards others, she even qu…

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  • Lunastar24

    Hime's development during the series was that she tell s she is kind, mature and ladylike. She is also suspicious as to why the headmaster ask Yume to have her own stage live, as she is only lack experience, however she does all she can to help Yume by giving her advice showing her mentor side. She also helps Yume overcome her problem being frightened on stage after finding out that she had an ability to have a rainbow aura while performing but she was anxious about the fact of losing her voice like the headmaster's sister, which she later overcome. She gave Yume advice to be herself and not be like Hime. Hime has been an idol at a young age so she knows the hardship of the aikatsu idol world. She's the only idol to have more experience du…

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  • Lucy554

    Aikatsu! Reviews: Songs

    April 10, 2017 by Lucy554

    Hello everyone! Today I'm taking a break from the mysteries series and starting a new, smaller series which will released in packs of episodes at the end of every season. In this series, I'll be reviewing everything released in the past season! (I won't be reviewing individual coords because it'll take too long.) Today's issue is songs, which I'll be doing in order of release in the anime! Tomorrow will be stages, then brands, and then I'll finish it off with main characters. (If I was to do all of the side characters as well, we would be here for ages.) Here we go! (I'm not including We Wish You a Merry Christmas because it was originally released in the Aikatsu!)

    Aikatsu Reviews! Season 1 Episode 1: Songs!

    Start Line!

    This was the first song …

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  • Lunastar24

    What's your character name?

    Which school will she attend, will it be four star academy, Venus ark, starlight academy and dream academy?

    What is her first brand?

    If so yes you creates a brand what will it be the name of it and what type?

    What's your type? Cute, sexy, cool or pop

    What's her goal to be? 

    What will be your outfit coord?

    Will you form a unit? If Yes put a name of the unit and who would it be?

    Who would be your rival?

    What will you do beside being an idol? Fashion designing, modelling, films, weather forecast, and acting.

    What will be your aura and describe it?

    Will you be a top idol?

    What will you looklike and describe it? 

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  • Lunastar24

    Yume's character development during the series was that she was scared of losing her voice halfway through the series due to the fact that her aura was full of rainbows, it was only when Hime help her out to not use that aura a lot during her performance. She also has a rival called Laura(Rola) to compete against her aikatsu despite being friends, they still continue to get a long. Yume has support with her bestfriend Koharu and many of her fans and friends to make her better at aikatsu. Yume even joined Yuzukoshou to bring her confidence back to her aikatsu after realizing her fans are still supporting and the fact that she had her own live despite little people she had fun. 

    Laura's(Rola) developement when she loss to Yume on an audititon…

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  • MeritC

    Hi there again, everyone - this blog entry is for anyone here at this wiki who also has an active account at the GameFAQs' forums area.

    As some of you here know, I also run a "community board" on the GameFAQs forums talking about all things related to the Aikatsu! franchise as a whole, which of course, includes Aikatsu Stars!. However, it's not on a "public listing" because there is criteria to be met in order to gain access to that board; but I wanted to let you all on this wiki know that the board exists - if you also have an active account and want to gain access, let me know and I'll get back with you on your wall and/or other legitimate means so we can get you to join in on the fun there. We need all the positive discussion we can get, espe…

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone!

    In today's blog, I'll be talking about the coords from the S4 Selection Campaign, and were featured in Episodes 47, ​48 ​and 49.

    First, we have the Colorful Cat Coord!

    The Colorful Cat Puff Sleeve is a chiffon blouse with white ruffles going down the center of the chest and lining each sleeve with a pink strap adorned by a single, sky blue button. Three buttons are sewn to the torso flap. Two are sky blue, and one is yellow. Sewn to the top is a pale melon ruffled cloth that resembles a pair of suspenders with a print of blue and white bows, white, purple, and pink dots, white, gold, pink, and lavender stars, and gold cat heads with a tiny red bow. The collar is lavender with white lining and a girly cat head pinned to the corner. Bene…

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  • MeritC

    Hello, everyone; it's me again. Once again, as some of you know (which might now be everyone on this wiki! *laughs*), I have been (and still determined to be) a dedicated synopsis writer for the Aikatsu! anime adaption episodes, which yes, includes Aikatsu Stars! on the anime discussion board at the GameFAQs' forums area. I enjoy every single minute of writing the synopses for each episode as we wait for the TLs for them to get posted.

    First, to still start this on a positive note, I'm curious to know if I'm not the only one who does this kind of thing on the respective anime forums that you all go to. I'm sure that we all can agree that anime shows like this definitely deserve this treatment because it's just that good and the target audience …

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  • Lunastar24

    I watched episode 51 Aikatsu stars and thought it was interesting to see, yet I disapprove Elza forte's behaviour towards  Yume when she said she was going to scout her, even worse for Ako since her brand was given away to Kirara. Good news that Yume got her new brand called Berry Parfait and the fact that she is the muse. I just hope her design work out for her. As for Elza forte's performance it was actually perfect, added with her blooming coord. I'm not going to spoil the ending for you those who already watch episode 51 Aikatsu stars. 


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  • Yumesuzuki

    Stories continue

    April 7, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    Let continue from last time. Now I know your names so we can be friend, so let tell me your background. Of course everyone have stories behind them. So share them.

    Name: Yume Suzuki

    Background: I come from Paris,French. I born in Paris but my parents are from Japan. I been study in a designing school for a few years, so I have designed my own brand I call it Cinderella Dream. I have a friend in the designing school, her name is Kosai. One summer, I saw a famous idol from Japan come to Frence for a tour so Kosai said let go to see her live. After I see her live, I determined to go to Japan to study in Four Star Academy. Also my friend Kosai agree to come with me.

    Ok this is my character's background. How about yours? Please tell me.

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  • Lucy554

    Hello everyone! Today I'm continuing trying to explain the insane complexity of the Aikatsu System with Fitting Rooms! While it seems to be a lot harder explain these devices than Cards (read my last post for explanation on that!), let's start!

    Mystery 2: Fitting Rooms

    Let's start with everything we know about fitting rooms! Fitting rooms were present in both series, while the design of them drastically changed. While both design serve the same purpose, to dress up the idol using them, the iside and outside designs of the device are nowhere near the same. The fitting rooms the the original Aikatsu! are pink boxes with a crystal on top. The user inserts their cards, and the dorr opens, allowing them to enter. It was revealed in Episode 13 of …

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  • AngelicFeathers

    Your Aikatsu!

    April 7, 2017 by AngelicFeathers

    If you are on Aikatsu Stars! World, how is your looks and idol type?

    (。・ω・。)ノ♡ ᗰYᔕEᒪᖴ

    " An Elegant and lady like idol who is trying to be the best.

    Favorite Brand :

    ▪ Perfect Queen ( Temporary ) ▪ Dreaming Princess ( Self Created Brand )

    Type : Sexy

    💟 Dreaming Princess 💟

    An Brand that will makes you looking like a princess on the wonderland. Not too sexy but not too cute either, the smoothly is suites in yourself 🌸

    Affiliation :

    I'm a bit confused with this seriously, since Venus Ark catches my attention.
    Four Star Academy : Flower Song Class

    Please freely to give a comment, my first blog.

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  • Lucy554

    Hello everyone! For anyone who read my previous blog post, you know that some of the mysteries and the Aikatsu! franchise frustrate me. A lot. And, while I used to be fine with leaving them untouched, I'm sure I'm not the only person who is left frustrated by the insane complexity of the Aikatsu technology. Today, I'm going to try to explain it! Even though it's likely we will never get a proper explanation for the Aikatsu System unless the creators of the franchise reaveal it to us, it never hurts to speculate!

    Mystery 1: Aikatsu Cards

    Aikatsu cards have been present in the Aikatsu! world even before there was an anime adaption! They were present in the opening episode of both series, and, as of now, we have never met an idol who has been c…

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  • MeritC

    Hey all, as some of you may already know, I am also a member of the GameFAQs Forums who has been passionately writing synopses for each episode of the Aikatsu! anime adaption, which includes Aikatsu Stars!.

    Now, I've already given some of you a "heads-up" on your respective walls saying that the synopsis itself for Aikatsu Stars!, episode 50 (Season 1 finale) has been posted since the English dialogue for it was just put up (however, I seriously wished that I had the chance to post it at another "board" I check out on the same forums; but thanks to "outside work" getting in the way, a "nemesis" got the upper hand to shut me up there like no one cares about the "details" setting up the S1 finale; how lame is that?!). Anyway, ranting aside, if anyon…

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  • SingMeloetta

    It's really been a year already, can you beleive it? 

    For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it ws exactly one year ago today when we said goodbye to Starlight (and our likeable protags, IMO) and got introduced to Four Star.

    So, to celebrate (or just bring back the tears in my case) I have some questions, along with my responses!

    • Which is better, Original or Stars?
    • Who's your favorite Original idol?
    • Who's your favorite Stars idol?
    • What's your favorite Original brand?
    • What's your favorite Stars brand?
    • What's your favorite Original song?
    • What's your favorite Stars song?

    And now, for my answers!

    1. Original, by far! Stars just dosen't seem to have the charm...
    2. Mizuki Kanzaki, the beautiful moon!
    3. Mahiru Kasumi (It took me a while to find my b…
    Read more >
  • Lucy554

    Hello everyone! I just watched the season 2 advance screening, so I thought that this would be a good idea! Before anything, I must inform everyone that nobody has released an english subbed version of it, so I had to simply go off of the visuals. Here we go!

    The Episode Overall

    After watching it, I noticed two very important factors about this. First, there was no opening and ending. Second, there was no live show. I suppose that both of these factors caontribute to the running time of 10 minutes. While I found the entirety of what I saw intriguing, there was nothing that kept me extremely interested other than finding out more about Venus Ark. While I was extremely interested in Elza going after Yume, there was one very important factor th…

    Read more >
  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa


    Anyways, remember me. It's okay if you forget me but I'm here to tell you my reactions after seeing the advance screening for season 2 (of none other than Aikatsu Stars! duh xD). So, it goes...

    • Yume and Koala Alarm Clock: Wow! I love Yume's new hairstyle and the S4 uniform does suit her very well. She looks so mature. Her room looks so cute.
    • The New S4: Oh yes! After seeing the rest in S4 uniforms, they look so cool! The designs of the 1st years are cool too. So, it's Yume, Ako and Mahiru's turn to get a taste of the luxurious black cars. xD
    Read more >

    New Songs!!!

    March 30, 2017 by Jo SHININGSTAR

    Alright world, the full short version for the new songs have finally arrived!!!!!!......................

    I uh think uh I uh just want to stay in the chorus version of things...................... 18:11, March 30, 2017 (UTC)

    Read more >
  • Yumesuzuki


    March 29, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    I was bored, then I came up with an idea and think it will be fun.

    Tomorrow will be your first day at Four Star Academy. You are so excited, you have been waiting for this for years.

    Wait... Before everything what will you look like and what your name? Please tell me.

    Mines will be like this...

    Name:Yume Suzuki

    Hair color: Caramel Cream Brown

    Hair Style: A braid cross the forehead and rest of the hair in a mid side bun

    Eye color: Raspberry

    Height: 161cm

    Birthday: Feb. 14

    Class: Flower Song Class

    Personally: Always have a angelic smile on the face and always look at the bright side.

    Read more >
  • Chrismh

    Fruit Coords

    March 26, 2017 by Chrismh

    Boredom leads to creative blog ideas once again. Besides animals and various other attributes, having fruit themed coords has always been an exciting prospect to me.

    So what I was wondering was, what fruit do you think each brand would do a coord of. For example, I could see My Little Heart doing a peach coord :3 and Gothic Victoria would probably handle the Blackberry, Romance Kiss would have something unique like a Dragon Fruit, or maybe something more on the sexy side to fit its theme, like a Passion Fruit (I realize that might be a terrible pun...)

    Anyway just have fun with it. This is just a fun little blog idea after all.

    Read more >
  • Black Snowflake

    The content of this picture is : a new song for "old S4". The song will be released in this summer. Let's wait for it.

    Read more >
  • Yumesuzuki

    Birthday list

    March 24, 2017 by Yumesuzuki

    I have made a list for Aikatsu wikia and I was thinking I should make one for Aikatsu Star wikia also. Because of the anime have not finish yet, I may not have every character's birthday. There it is...


    • Yūki Subaru - 1/13
    • Shirogane Lilie - 1/22


    • Igarashi Nozomu - 2/18
    • Shiratori Hime - 2/26


    • Nijino Yume - 3/3
    • Kira Kanata - 3/16


    • Nanakura Koharu - 4/15


    • Kasumi Yozora - 5/13


    • Nikaidō Yuzu - 6/23


    • Kisaragi Tsubasa - 7/25



    • Saotome Ako - 9/25


    • Kasumi Mahiru - 10/28


    • Sakuraba Laura - 11/4


    • Kasumi Asahi - 12/2
    Read more >
  • Harudori

    Aikatsu Stars! Dub

    March 23, 2017 by Harudori


    As some people may have seen my blog post from awhile back (probably not lmao) there is an Aikatsu Stars! Fandub that has been mentioned to be released on April 3rd, 2017. 

    I'm so excited!!!!!!! :o

    Are you guys excited? Although it's a fandub, there's still a dub gunna be released!

    What are your opinions on a dub? Do you think it will make the anime better or worSE? xD

    Read more >

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