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"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Asahi Kasumi
螢幕快照 2016-07-07 下午10.43.43
Kanji 香澄朝陽
Romaji Kasumi Asahi
Gender Male
Age 13-14
Birthday December 2
Occupation Student
Affiliation Four Star Academy
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Anime The Sky of My Color
Seiyū Shun Horie

Asahi Kasumi (香澄朝陽) is a student in the Male Division at Four Star Academy. He is part of the idol unit M4.



Asahi has blonde hair with his bangs mostly parted to the right and a tuft of it falling between his eyes which are purple. He is mostly seen wearing a white and mint striped undershirt and pink cardigan over. He also wears white trousers, and white and light blue sneakers.


He has a bubbly and playful personality.


His father is the CEO of a clothing company and his mother is an active world supermodel.


Kasumi (香澄) Ka () means incense, perfume, or fragrance, and Sumi () means clear or pure.

Asahi (朝陽) Asa () means morning, and Hi () means sun.


Fellow member of M4.
Fellow member of M4.
Fellow member of M4.
Asahi's sister. He has a very thorough understanding of Mahiru's mindset.
Asahi's eldest sister.
He seems to have a crush on her after she repaired his broken umbrella in episode 25.


  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • He is the third known male idol student in the entire Aikatsu! Franchise.
  • Like Yuzu, Asahi is the only member out of M4 to be in the second year of middle school, whereas the other members are in their third year thus making him the youngest member of the group.
  • Asahi and his sisters' names all represent a time of the day, with "Yozora" refers to the night, and "Mahiru" referring to the day, and "Asahi" referring to dawn.
  • His given nickname by his siblings is "Morning", which refers to his name when translated in English.
  • He resembles Nagisa Hazuki from Free!.
  • The detective drama he stars in, Pinky Cat, is most likely a reference to The Pink Panther, a comedic movie series about an inept police detective.


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