Anna Hibiki
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Kanji 響 アンナ
Romaji Hibiki Anna
Gender Female
Occupation Idol (formerly)
Affiliation Four Star Academy
First Appearance
Anime The Beginning of a Dream
Seiyū Akemi Kanda

Anna Hibiki (響アンナ) is a teacher at Four Star Academy. She is the teacher of the Flower Song Class and the homeroom teacher of Yume Nijino and Laura Sakuraba.



Anna has sharp blue-amethyst eyes and short purple hair worn with the right side much longer to partially cover her eye. She wears red lipstick and has multiple piercings. She wears a dark red top over a white top, worn beneath a black leather jacket to match her boots and patched denim pants. She has a white belt on and wears a black choker with a silver cross hanging from it.


Anna is a very energetic and loud woman. She is very keen on the importance of idols self-producing themselves and is passionate in general.


Hibiki () means sound or echo. In verb form, it also means resound or resonate.

Anna (アンナ) is the Latin form of the Greek name "Ἅννα" and the Hebrew name "Hannah", which means "Favor" or "Grace".


"You simply need to shine in a way only you can, compete by doing things in each of your own ways. That's what it means to be true rivals."

– Anna to Laura


  • Anna has a very similar personality to Johnny Bepp from the original Aikatsu! series.
    • She calls her students "Babies", just like how Johnny calls the students "Honeys".
  • In Episode 27, it is revealed that Anna was a student at Four Star Academy, and a member of S4.
  • She shares her name with Anna Tachibana from the original Aikatsu Series.
  • It was revealed in Episode 62 that Anna used to be a muse of Spice Chord.


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