Created under the official Bandai Namco name, the Aikatsu Stars Official Shop produces merchandise not seen elsewhere.


Three alternate double-sided pillows or decorative cushions. Two includes the character names written somewhere near them on the front, along with a pastel gradient designed with white sparkle markings. The back has a pink, blue, gold, and purple stained glass design on the back with a streak depicting the same characters. The styles include:

  • Yume and Laura over a gradient pattern of blue, purple, and pink and a matching argyle pattern. An ornate star rests at the top left corner with a pale pink, blue, and purple rainbow streak attached to it, adorned with small blue and gold stars. On the back Yume and Laura are traced in dark blue on a light blue star and streak.
  • S4 on a gold gradient background. Their star and streak is pale pink.
  • S4, Yume, and Laura in alternate poses on a gradient pastel rainbow background. The back is light blue striped with a blue ornate star design. Aikatsu Stars is written in shiny gold font over a white line. Beneath it is each girls silhouette with glitter coating, including an indigo Tsubasa, pale blue Hime, pink Yume, purple Laura, lilac Yozora, and yellow Yuzu.



Six badges themed after the main chararacters. Each has a pale glittering gradient background of lilac and pale blue, designed with a line of white dots and a large gold ornate star with the Idol depicted before it. Her name is written to the side. The border is a stained glass design fitting the Idols colors. Included:

  • Yume - Various Pinks
  • Laura - Blue and pink
  • Hime - Turqoise and light shades of purple and pink
  • Tsubasa - Various Blue shades
  • Yuzu - Variety of Green, pale blue, and gold
  • Yozora - Various purples


Clear Post Cards

Post Cards depicting an Idol over an oval-shaped window lined with a gold ornate border. The border surrounding the Idol is a stain glass design with silver and gold stars, along with a gold star with her color and name on it. These include:

  • Yume - Frame is hot pink, pink, and light blue. Her background is a gradient of pale pink and her star is accented with pink.
  • Laura - Frame is dark blue, light blue, and pale pink. Star is pale indigo to match the background.
  • Hime - Purple, light blue, and pink frame. Background is pale blue while the star is soft powder-blue.
  • Tsubasa - Indigo, blue, and powder-blue frame to match the powder-blue star and background.
  • Yuzu - Dark melon, golden-orange, and sky-blue frame. Background is a light gold gradient while the star is yellow.
  • Yozora - Purple, amethyst, and fuchsia frame. Star and background is lavender.


Colored Papers


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