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The first volume of TV Anime "Aikatsu Stars!" DVD series.

This page lists DVD releases for the TV Anime Aikatsu Stars! anime series.

Season 1


Main article: Aikatsu Stars! Franchise DVD and BD Releases/1st Season/DVD

The DVD series of Aikatsu Stars! 1st Season includes 9 volumes. The jacket arts shall be illustrations of the main characters wearing Premium Rare or Rare Coords. The consistency of episodes per DVD is currently unknown.

Blu-ray BOX

Main article: Aikatsu! Franchise DVD and BD Releases/1st Season/BD BOX

The BD series of Aikatsu! 1st Season includes 4 boxes. Containing 12 episodes in each set, the BD Boxes also contains more bonus content such as posters, and some items may differ depending on the seller.

Rental DVD

Main article: Aikatsu! Franchise DVD and BD Releases/1st Season/Rental Edition

The jacket arts are modified main DVDs' jacket arts and the back illustrations, with exceptions made sometimes.

Aikatsu Stars! The Movie

coming soon...

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