Aikatsu Stars! Accessory Collection is a set of Gachapon collectables released June 2016. In total there are 5 possible accessories and miniature cards to collect.


  • Price - 200


  • Accessory x1
  • mini-card x1


Yume Nijino's Bow

A hot pink bow-shaped hair clip. On the top left corner is Yume's name written in light blue, surrounded by pink and white, along with hot pink sparkle shapes and a light blue ribbon.

Little Bunny Keychain

A pale pink bunny made of rubber with gold line detail. At the center of its bow is a light blue gemstone. The "My Little Heart" logo hangs from the side on a separate piece.

Laura Sakuraba's Scrunchie

An amethyst scrunchie with several designs coming in black, pink, and white. Including stars, Laura's name, and music notes.

Hime Shiratori's Ribbon

A sky-blue hair band with a plastic lace bow attached to it. On the left corner is Hime's name, written in purple and white.

Miss Romance Keychain

Miss Romance is depicted on pale purple rubber material with gold detailing on the front to match the Romance Kiss logo attachement. On her tail is a diamond gemstone.



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