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The Aikatsu Dress Charm is a set of merchandise that originally released July 9th. On Sept 19th, the second collection came out. In November 2016, the third collection were added.

The dress charms cost between 1300 and 1400 yen and include separate pieces for mix-and-match capabilities. The player can also scan their QR codes to upload them into the Arcade Game.


Each charm is in two pieces, the top and skirt of the dress or outfit, hanging from a chain of pearls alternating with clear beads and two beads that are shaped and colored depending on the brand. My Little Heart has pale pink hearts, while Spice Chord has pale blue stars, Shiny Smile has yellow stars, and Romance Kiss has lilac hearts.

As each charm doesn't have the original shoes from their respecitive coord, their QR codes can only be obtained via the Official Fanbook.


My Little Heart

Spice Chord

Romance Kiss

Shiny Smile



Official Art


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