Song Aikatsu☆Step!
Idol Type Cute
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Episode 1


A stage that appears to take place up in a bright blue, cloudy sky. A large rainbow stretches across it, while colorful balloons and bubbles float around. A large, pearl and gold display for the audience to stand floats before the performance area, with streaks of color alternating between the pearl and gold sections.

The performance takes place on a round pink and gold stage with a white top adorned with silver dots and a colorful, gold sparkle accented rainbow. Behind the stage are four banners to match the stage, along with four, rounded speakers of gold with a bow and wings attached to them, coming in purple, lime, blue, and cherry. The screen behind the idol is a large gold monitor that alternates between a blue, dreamy scene, light blue with green and sky blue stars, pale purple striped with pink hearts and the Idols name written in her signature color on a gold flower, and video of the performer herself.

Anime Appearances